Bozinovic: Self-isolation is being abolished for those entering BiH

first_img“We are in the stage of dancing with the virus, we analyze on a daily basis. The EU is likely to come up with recommendations, these talks are ongoing today. We are likely to liberalize the border crossing regime to some extent when it comes to EU citizens and our neighboring countries. This will mean entering the Republic of Croatia in a way that all those who enter adhere to epidemiological measures, would no longer mean the obligation of self-isolation for those who come from BiH. I expect it tomorrow at the latest. “, said Bozinovic. Minister of the Interior and Head of the National Civil Protection Headquarters Davor Bozinovic announced today the opening of borders towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, ie the abolition of mandatory two-week self-isolation for those coming from BiH, and the decision should be made tomorrow, reports Source: Index.hrlast_img read more

Europe sets sights on dud antibody tests amid COVID-19 free-for-all

first_imgMuch is on the line, even beyond the potential for fraud.Governments and companies are relying on these tests to measure how widely the virus has spread as they rush to get their economies and employees back to work and avoid a second wave of infections, even if they do not prove immunity.False results could undermine that effort.Many people have also been using kits, also known as serological or blood tests, at home or for personal checks in clinics. Topics : Since April the number of antibody kits carrying the region’s CE mark of quality doubled to more than 200, according to a list compiled by the EU Commission, the EU executive.Some of these kits are unreliable, half a dozen national regulators and industry sources across Europe told Reuters. A dozen tests have been subject to regulators’ warnings for mis-selling, including in Spain and Sweden.At least nine of them are no longer allowed to be sold in the United States, according to a Reuters analysis of public data from the Food and Drug Administration, which clamped down on the sector last month.The EU Commission is now looking at changing the self-certification regime that allows test-makers to label their products with the CE mark themselves, an EU official and two European regulatory sources told Reuters, declining to be named as the plans have not been made public.Among changes being examined, companies could be required to have tests reviewed by independent watchdogs before placing the CE mark on them, the sources said.That would mark a significant toughening of the current regime, whereby makers merely self-certify compliance with EU safety rules and supervisors can subsequently penalize them if their claims turn out to be false.Guidance setting out minimum performance criteria for tests could also be adopted, the two regulatory sources told Reuters. Under current rules, kits can carry a CE mark regardless of their accuracy.When asked about the plans, a spokesman for the Commission, the EU executive, said it was “currently considering the best way forward”.”We are assessing a number of different instruments available together with member states to see which action is the most appropriate,” he added.’Spending lots of money’Scientists have not yet definitively proven whether or how long COVID-19 survivors are immune to new infections, even if they developed antibodies.Nevertheless, many people are willing to pay for the tests – and many don’t come cheap, selling for anything from a few euros to more than 150 euros in some private clinics in Europe.It’s a potentially lucrative business: testing about 450 million people in the EU would cost billions of euros based on such prices.”People might be spending lots of money for nothing,” said Pauline Constant of BEUC, a European consumer organization.Severin Schwan, CEO of Swiss drug giant Roche which has its own antibody test, sounded an alarm in late April, when he said some tests on the market were a “disaster”. The World Health Organization also warned that tests on the market were not sufficiently reliable and could not prove immunity.Such comments were backed up by a study conducted by the Dutch regulator who found in May that none of 16 reviewed tests were trustworthy.”The test results are not reliable. The percentage of false positive and false negative results is too high,” the study concluded, without naming the manufacturers.”Those tests are quite meaningless,” said a spokesman for the Dutch Health and Youth Care Inspectorate, a part of the health ministry that supervises public health.Despite the poor results, clinics and labs in the Netherlands are still allowed to offer these tests.Industry backs rule reviewIntroducing an independent review of products would bring forward an EU reform that had been agreed before the coronavirus crisis but was not due to take effect until 2022.In the absence of an EU performance standard for tests, France has already set its own thresholds. About 60 kits have met the country’s requirement of at least 90% of correct positive results, a measure known as sensitivity, and 98% of correct negative results, so-called specificity.Under current EU rules, overseen and enforced by national watchdogs, manufacturers must seek authorization before using the CE mark only for so-called home or self-tests, which are those who can be performed at home without professional advice.About a dozen antibody devices have been unlawfully marketed as CE-marked self-tests without prior authorization, according to the Spanish and Swedish regulators.Low performance is not in itself illegal and has been tolerated in Europe in the initial phase of the COVID-19 crisis because tests were rare. But companies cannot exaggerate the accuracy of their devices.An official at the Swedish regulator said the body had yet to start performance checks, while two pharmaceutical industry sources said such checks were rare in Europe.There is however a balance to be struck on regulation, according to industry experts who worry that if new rules are too strict or onerous they could delay the deployment of tests to conduct large-scale epidemiological surveys.But greater scrutiny could help improve the tarnished reputation of the sector.MedTechEurope, the trading body for medical technology firms including Abbott, Roche and Siemens Healthineers , backed plans to review industry regulations.”We support the intention of these plans, and would welcome the opportunity to provide the industry’s input into this debate on how to best ensure only well-performing tests are on the market,” it said.center_img The market for COVID-19 antibody tests is red-hot. It has ballooned in a matter of months as hundreds of products flood the world for people who want to find out whether they’ve already had the virus.The problem is, some of them don’t work properly.As a result, European authorities aim to tighten regulation of the new sector, to weed out tests that give consistently inaccurate results and crack down on companies that make false claims, three sources familiar with the plans told Reuters.last_img read more

CFA Institute ESG disclosures standard to be ‘broader’ than SFDR

first_img“It aims to help investors understand how and why ESG factors are incorporated in a product and investment strategy and how that may suit their needs, whatever those needs may be, which may go beyond environmental sustainability,” he said.With regard to the Eurosif code, Fidler said this was primarily for a retail audience while the CFA Institute standard was envisaged as being helpful for professional institutional investors and advisers as well.“Additionally, our standard will contain procedures for testing and assurance,” he added.ESG-related features, needsThe association intends that the standard it is working on apply to investment products, without extending to an asset manager’s organisation. This is arguably another difference with the SFDR, which foresees entity-level reporting for certain entities. A key concept of the envisaged standard is that of ESG-related features. CFA Institute said these were expected to serve as the backbone of the standard “in that they are a mechanism to connect investor needs and disclosure requirements”.Six such features are being proposed: ESG integration; ESG-related exclusions; best-in-class; ESG-related thematic focus; impact objective; and proxy voting, engagement and stewardship.The consultation paper sets out a proposed definition of each feature, which in turn consists of six components, including the feature’s function, the benefit, and “alignments” – how the feature’s definition aligns with other organisations’ definitions.The consultation paper does not set out disclosure requirements themselves, but for each feature identifies “types of issues to be addressed by disclosure requirements”.A series of questions are asked about each feature, such as whether the proposed definition is clear and, for certain suggested features, sufficiently distinct.As concerns ESG-related investor needs, CFA Institute has identified five, also distinguishing them from the motivation behind them. It has also proposed a ”matrix” showing the relationship between ESG-related needs and features (see below).Transparency, not ‘cheerleading’The problem CFA Institute is seeking to address with its standard is the inconsistency and variation in ESG-related terms, investment approaches and disclosures.“There is enormous confusion,” said Gary Baker, managing director of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at CFA Institute, during the media briefing. “The primary aim of what this standard is trying to do is bring a degree of order out of that chaos.”The consultation paper emphasises that the forthcoming standard would not be about defining what constitutes an ESG or sustainable investment product or strategy, or pronounce on the relative strength of different approaches.Instead, the intention is to provide greater transparency and comparability for investors by enabling asset managers to communicate more clearly communicate the ESG-related features of investment products with such features.“We are not trying to be cheerleaders on any this, we’re trying to offer full, fair information to people that can then utilise it to make their own decisions,” said Baker.In going for a disclosure-based standard CFA Institute is leaning on its experience with its Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). Fidler said the standard is “distinctly different from other standards that seek to establish disclosure requirements for corporate issuers, prescribe requirements for the labeling or rating of securities or investment products, or define best practice for a particular strategy or approach”.The consultation paper was developed with input from 15 investment professionals working as volunteers in the context of an ESG working group that was formed in January year.CFA Institute is now looking for volunteers to support the next phase of the standard’s development. It is looking to form two committes, a verification committee and a technical committee.The consultation paper and response reform can be found here.CFA Institute’s proposed ESG-related features-needs matrix#*#*Show Fullscreen*#*# To read the digital edition of IPE’s latest magazine click here. It has identified two other regulations or initiatives in this category: the SFDR, which is one of the regulations that has resulted from the European Commission’s 2018 sustainable finance action plan, and the Eurosif European SRI Transparency Code.Fidler explained that the CFA standard would be different to both. About the SFDR, he said its requirements were “geared to help investors understand the sustainability of investment products” but that the CFA Institute standard would be broader.center_img The ESG disclosure standards that CFA Institute is working towards will be “broader” than the EU’s sustainable finance disclosure regulation (SFDR), the lead on the former’s project told journalists yesterday afternoon.Chris Fidler, senior director, global industry standards at CFA Institute, was speaking during a media briefing about the launch of a consultation paper about the investment professionals association’s proposals for the scope, structure and design principles for the envisaged standard.It is looking for feedback on these aspects by 19 October, with a plan to publish an initial version of the proposed disclosure requirements for the standard in May next year.In pursuing the development of a standard, CFA Institute has taken the view that, despite a wealth of existing and developing ESG-related regulations, standards, labels, and initiatives, there was, according to Fidler, “still a place for CFA Institute to contribute, specifically in the establishment of specifications for investment product disclosures”.last_img read more

Bill targeting loan sharks clears first hurdle 27 Sept 2013Legislation targeting unscrupulous money lenders has had its first reading in Parliament and although it has been generally welcomed across the political spectrum, some question the time it has taken to reach this stage.The Credit Contracts and Financial Services Law Reform Bill had its first reading on September 17.The bill has been referred to the Commerce Committee.The bill rewrites the rules for consumer lending with the aim of offering greater protection to those who are more vulnerable to  loan sharks.Minister of Commerce Craig Foss says vulnerable consumers often have limited financial literacy and lack knowledge of their rights.“This bill is about protecting vulnerable consumers,” Mr Foss says.“We know that, unfortunately, all sorts of people can be vulnerable because they lack financial literacy. read more

2014 Decatur County Fair Baby Show Results

first_imgBonita Hellmich with the Decatur County Extension Office has released this year’s Decatur County Fair Baby Show results:Twins1st – Jack & Henry Dwenger, sons of Jason & Michele Dwenger2nd – Kylee & Kinlee Schutte, daughters of Julie & Gary Schutte3rd – Jazmyne & JaydeAnn Hendershot, daughters of Kevin & Shanna HendershotGirls 0-3 MONTHS:1st – Abbigehl Comer, daughter of Michael & KayLynn Comer2nd – Zoey Elaine Coomer, daughter of Morgan Fasbinder & Ty Coomer3rd – Serenity Farless, daughter of Kayla Farless3-6 MONTHS:1st – Norah Lynn Francis Pinson, daughter of Rebekah Pinson2nd – Abigayle Meyer, daughter of Jody & Justin Meyer3rd – BraeLynn Dawn Balser, daughter of DarinRae & Brandon Balser6-9 MONTHS: 1st – Skyla Moore, daughter of Christina & Derek Moore2nd – Brittany Bridgewater, daughter of Jeremy & Angela Bridgewater3rd – Grace Hensley, daughter of Brandon & Sam Hensley9-12 MONTHS: 1st – Baylen Palmer, daughter of Briana Palmer2nd – Maci Marie Kelley, daughter of Heather Branstutter & Daniel Kelley3rd – Allison Jo Miller, daughter of Courtney Nichols & Zachary Miller12-15 MONTHS: 1st – Anna Gatewood, daughter of Jennifer & Darian Gatewood2nd – Harper Ogden, daughter of Natasha & Scott Ogden3rd – Maddi Jo Koors, daughter of Jodi & Randall Koors15-18 MONTHS: 1st – Lia Edmondson, daughter of Sasha Edmondson2nd – Nora Rathburn, daughter of Crystal & Jeremy Rathburn3rd – Sophia Lea Nowling, daughter of Lean Nowling18-24 MONTHS:1st – Jaylee Roth, daughter of Taneisha & Matt Roth2nd – Lilly Morton, daughter of Ashley & Eric Morton3rd – Rebekah Henson, daughter of Brianna & Rick HensonMOST FEMININE:Navy Rayne Class, daughter of Allison ClassBoys 0-3 MONTHS:1st – Parker Schneider, son of Kody & Jackie Schneider2nd – Jacob Lee Crowell, son of Nathan & Lynsey Crowell3rd – Jasper Williams, son of Robin & Charles Williams3-6 MONTHS:1st – Louis Little, son of Helen Macaluso & Cody Little2nd – Ayden Davidson, son of Tyler Davidson3rd – Timothy Porter, son of Gary & Jenny Porter6-9 MONTHS:1st – Jax Thompson, son of Kayla Ortman & John Thompson2nd – Samuel Cole Black, son of Elizabeth Bowman & Cody Black3rd – Jake Wright, son of Brandon & Heather Wright9-12 MONTHS:1st – Brett Carl Noah, son of Scott & Brandi Noah2nd – Gus Lane, son of Michelle & Charles Lane3rd – Landon Matthew O’Dell, son of Matthew & Cheyenne O’Dell12-15 MONTHS:1st – Xavier Vires, son of Becky Vires2nd – Bentley Underhill, son of Josh & Heather Underhill3rd – Owen Jones, son of Daniel & Lindsay Jones15-18 MONTHS:1st – Landon Lee Dwiggins, son of Jenna Dwiggins2nd – Logan Rouse, son of Chassidy Hubbard3rd – Nathan Allen Bowen, son of Angel Hopper & Chad Bowen18-24 MONTHS:1st – Aaron Abplanalp, son of Brett & Amber Abplanalp2nd – Jonathan Arnett, son of Stephanie McConnell & Tyler Arnett3rd – Kyle Beltran, son of Paige BeltranMOST MASCULINE:Markus Friend, son of Megan & Lyle Friendlast_img read more

Greensburg street overlay schedule released

first_imgGreensburg, In. — As part of the 2018 Greensburg street overlay program these street closures will take place between Wednesday, October 3 and Friday, October 12:West Washington Street from Ireland Street to West StreetKathy’s Way from N. Michigan Avenue to Neil Solgere WayWilder Street from Main Street to S. Michigan AvenueMacy Lane from E Greenview Drive to Freeland RoadThe following street closure will take place beginning Monday, October 8th and last through Friday, October 12th:Davidson Street from Main Street to Central Avenuelast_img read more

Payne, Ursetta, Frye are night two winners at Las Vegas

first_imgLAS VEGAS, Nev. (Nov. 8) – Jeremy Payne and Dominic Ursetta were IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modified winners during a record-breaking Duel In The Desert program Friday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.The three-time and defending Duel winner, Payne paced the first of two qualifying features on the LVMS half-mile Dirt Track while Ursetta topped the second race.Tyler Frye scored the IMCA SportMod checkers.Both Modified features paid $777 to win, the SportMod feature $500. An event record 320 entries, including 247 Modifieds and 73 SportMods, have now competed at the 16th annual event.The top four finishers from each Modified qualifier advance to the outside row of Saturday’s $7,777 to win main event.Dustin Boney, Travis Sherfick and Zane DeVilbiss followed Payne across the stripe. Benji LaCrosse, Paul Stone and Tim Ward completed the top four behind Ursetta.Ward made his way to fourth from the 20th starting spot. Dean Abbey flew from 11th starting to second in the SportMod feature. Last-chance races will add the final 12 Modifieds to that starting grid. Another round of $777 to win action is on tap for the SportMods as well.Eleven states and one Canadian province are now represented in the Modified main event.1st Modified feature – 1. Jeremy Payne, Springfield, Mo.; 2. Dustin Boney, Gower, Mo.; 3. Travis Sherfick, WaKeeney, Kan.; 4. Zane DeVilbiss, Farmington, N.M.; 5. Robert Hellebust, Minot, N.D.; 6. Tony Kinkade Jr., Pahrump; 7. Brad Pounds, Bakersfield, Calif.; 8. Russ Dickerson, Boone, Iowa; 9. Bob Moore, Sioux City, Iowa; 10. John Hansen, Brush, Colo.; 11. Joe Antonetti, Santa Cruz, Calif.; 12. Richard Papenhausen, Chico, Calif.; 13. Jared Hoefelman, Columbus, Neb.; 14. Rob Sanders, Bakersfield, Calif.; 15. Stacey Mills, Webb, Iowa; 16. Jesse Williamson, Coburg, Ore.; 17. Jeremy Frenier, Fort Morgan, Colo.; 18. Mike Mullen, Seymour, Wis.; 19. Johnny Scott, Las Cruces, N.M.; 20. Will Brack, Mead, Colo.; 21. Jason Beaulieu, Campbell River, B.C.; 22. Eddie Belec, Arvada, Colo.; 23. Mike Densberger, Lincoln, Neb.; 24. Alex Stanford, Chowchilla, Calif.; 25. Ryan Heger, Hugoton, Kan.; 26. Kevin Fitzgerald, Bakersfield, Calif.; 27. Jeremy Mills, Garner, Iowa; 28. Mark Wauge, Jacksonville, Ore.; 29. Brian Mullen, Seymour, Wis.; 30. Bradley Shelton, Fort Morgan, Colo. 2nd Modified feature – 1. Dominic Ursetta, Arvada, Colo.; 2. Benji LaCrosse, Green Bay, Wis.; 3. Paul Stone, Winton, Calif.; 4. Tim Ward, Gilbert, Ariz.; 5. Joe Cleveland, Delphos, Kan.; 6. Jimmy Reeves, Hanford, Calif.; 7. Tim Setzer, Archie, Mo.; 8. Ryan McDaniel, Olivehurst, Calif.; 9. Bobby Hogge IV, Salinas, Calif.; 10. Nick Nelson, Farmington, N.M.; 11. Spencer Wilson, Minot, N.D.; 12. Dustin Andersen, Omaha, Neb.; 13. Troy Foulger, Martinez, Calif.; 14. Cody Gearhart, Turpin, Okla.; 15. Chett Reeves, Bakersfield, Calif.; 16. Riley Simmons, Susanville, Calif.; 17. Chase Allen, Midlothian, Texas; 18. Jake Donnelly, Rigby, Idaho; 19. Ryan Ruter, Kanawha, Iowa; 20. Kevin Lisafeld, Lampman, Sask.; 21. Travis Hagen, Williston, N.D.; 22. Alan Sharpensteen, Amarillo, Texas; 23. Mitchell O’Patik, Lima, Ohio; 24. Brandon Blochlinger, Concordia, Kan.; 25. Mason Daughters, Polo, Mo.; 26. Shawn Anderson, Minot, N.D.; 27. Kellen Chadwick, Oakley, Calif.; 28. Jay Sears, Reno, Nev.; 29. Kevin Larkins, Greenwood, Neb.; 30. Chris Abelson, Sioux City, Iowa. SportMod feature – 1. Tyler Frye, Belleville, Kan.; 2. Dean Abbey, Waco, Texas; 3. Wayne Dotson, Bakersfield, Calif.; 4. Jake Krone, Beloit, Kan.; 5. Ben Kates, Tonganoxie, Kan.; 6. Chad Dolan, Gibbon, Neb.; 7. Chuck Delp, Rock Springs, Wyo.; 8. John Piker, Bakersfield, Calif.; 9. John Reid, Loving, N.M.; 10. Matt Mueller, Stamford, Texas; 11. Darren Thomas, Atwater, Calif.; 12. Clay Money, Penokee, Kan.; 13. Kruz Griffith, Bakersfield, Calif.; 14. Varion Hutle, Underwood, N.D.; 15. Allen Montgomery, Fort Worth, Texas; 16. Gauge Smith, Roosevelt, Utah; 17. Jordan Eddleman, Farmington, N.M.; 18. Robert Elliott, Clinton, Okla.; 19. Daniel Gottschalk, Ellis, Kan.; 20. Blain Petersen, Essex, Iowa; 21. Nick Spainhoward, Bakersfield, Calif.; 22. Jerry Hoffman, Oronogo, Mo.; 23. Shawn Harker, Nebraska City, Neb.; 24. Austin Theiss, Hockley, Texas.last_img read more

Everton close in on Arsenal

first_imgEverton continued to snap at the heels of the Barclays Premier League top four after plundering three second-half goals at Craven Cottage that nudged Fulham closer to relegation. Having seen Fulham dominate the first 45 minutes, the Champions League-chasing Toffees responded with strikes from substitutes Kevin Mirallas and Steven Naismith and an own goal by David Stockdale. It was Stockdale’s unfortunate 50th-minute error that enabled Roberto Martinez’s men to open the scoring, and although Fulham rallied with an outstanding strike from Ashkan Dejagah, they were quickly overwhelmed. Press Association A rare moment of panic in Fulham’s defence came when Gerard Deulofeu crossed but the ball sped to safety with no Everton player able to reach it in time. The final chance of the first half arrived just seconds before the interval, but Dembele was unable to convert Lewis Holtby’s delicate chip. Fulham were left to rue the missed opportunity as just five minutes into the second half Everton edged ahead with a large slice of luck. A corner reached Naismith, who had replaced the injured Ross Barkley at half-time, and he drilled a low shot towards goal from the edge of the penalty area. The ball struck Fulham defender William Kvist before being diverted into the net by the blameless Stockdale, who had been deceived by its sudden change in direction. Everton went within a whisker of extending the lead when Romelu Lukaku narrowly missed Leighton Baines’ cross. Just as Fulham looked in danger of being swamped, they responded with Dejagah’s superbly taken goal that saw the Iranian cut inside two defenders from the left flank and beat Tim Howard at the near post with a powerful 20-yard effort. Inspired by Dejagah’s brilliant intervention, the Cottagers pressed for a second goal with Johnny Heitinga and Pajtim Kasami denied by successive saves from Howard. Instead, the next goal came from Everton with Howard pumping the ball upfield to Aiden McGeady who released Mirallas with a precise pass. There was still plenty of work for Mirallas to do, with the Belgium winger holding off Hangeland and planting the ball into the bottom left corner. Fulham’s defence was in disarray and could have conceded a penalty when Heitinga hacked down Mirallas, but the ball still squirted to Naismith who put the result beyond doubt. Only four points separate Everton from fourth-placed Arsenal – the rivals meet at Goodison Park next Sunday – with the Toffees also benefiting from having a game in hand. The result leaves Fulham rooted to the foot of the table, five points adrift of safety and with just six games to secure a 14th successive season in the top flight. That prospect appears bleak, even though Norwich, Hull and Crystal Palace are due to visit Craven Cottage over the coming weeks. Despite the spirit on display against Everton, who were unchanged following their 3-0 victory at Newcastle, it surely leaves manager Felix Magath facing an impossible mission. Magath took the gamble of starting 17-year-old French striker Moussa Dembele and the teenager showed enough promise to suggest he was worthy of the German’s faith. Dembele was little more than a spectator as Fulham made a lively start, Everton clearing a dangerous ball from John Arne Riise before Brede Hangeland sent a looping header narrowly wide. A glimpse of the ability that convinced Magath to start Dembele was evident in the 22nd minute when the French teenager raced clear and supplied a perfect pass to Kieran Richardson. The vision he showed deserved a better outcome than Richardson’s weak shot that meant the best move of the half went unrewarded. last_img read more

Mignolet dropped “indefinitely”

first_imgBrendan Rodgers has told Simon Mignolet he has been dropped from the Liverpool first team “for an indefinite period.” Mignolet paid the price for his poor form on Sunday when he was dropped for Liverpool’s 3-0 defeat at Manchester United. Brad Jones started his first Premier League start since March 2013 and he will remain in goal until the Belgian convinces Rodgers he is worth recalling. Mignolet, signed to replace Reina at the start of last season, has made errors against Leicester and Ludogorets – among others – this term. Rodgers said the £9million former Sunderland stopper accepted the decision to drop him. “Simon has been fine. He is a really good pro,” Rodgers added. “I spoke to him and he accepted it. “I just felt after the Basle game that I needed to make the change. “We give the chance to every player. We had kept a few clean sheets but I felt it was something we needed to do.” Press Association When asked whether 32-year-old Jones was now his first-choice goalkeeper, Rodgers said: “Yes. I said to Simon it was for an indefinite period. Jones signed for Liverpool in 2010 after spells with Middlesbrough, Blackpool, Stockport, Sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham. The Australian went on loan to Derby the year after signing for Liverpool and played seven league games for Rodgers when Jose Reina suffered a calf injury two seasons ago. Rodgers has every faith in Jones and insists giving Mignolet a break from first-team action is the right thing to do. “It is something that can happen to keepers, taking them out of the firing line to give them time to reflect,” the Liverpool boss said. “Brad is very experienced and was always going to play in the (League Cup quarter-final against) Bournemouth (on Wednesday). “He has played in a lot of games and Brad in my first year came in and did very well. “(Against United) he didn’t have much to do other than take the ball out of the net.” last_img read more

Liverpool’s Lucas praises referee Mark Clattenburg after Chelsea win

first_img Mourinho declined to say so due to his ongoing disciplinary disputes with the Football Association, but the under-pressure Blues boss intimated he felt the Brazil midfielder should have been sent off for a second yellow card with more than 20 minutes to go and the game level at 1-1. Clattenburg gave Lucas the benefit of the doubt – something Nemanja Matic was not afforded at West Ham, leading to Mourinho’s dismissal the previous week – and Liverpool went on to score two more in a second victory for Jurgen Klopp. “It’s still a lot of things to improve, but it’s better improving and winning.” Liverpool next play Rubin Kazan on Thursday and then Crystal Palace next Sunday, with Lucas looking to make it four straight wins prior to the international break. He added: “It was a massive win for us. After a few draws we needed these three points and hopefully the next two games, the Europa League and the Premier League, we get good momentum before the international break.” Klopp praised Coutinho for his decisive strikes, having also done the hard work. The German said: “Phil is a very good example of our situation. He’s brilliant, everybody knows he’s brilliant. “But there are moments in your life where you have to work so that it looks easy. “It was not easy but he was still in the game. He helped us and then he made the difference. That’s very important.” “(It) will probably be talked about. It’s normal, especially when you lose a game,” Lucas told Liverpool TV. “Sometimes in my position you make fouls, more to stop the game. I think it was a good decision from the referee, he controlled the game very well. “Other situations as well with the Chelsea players he dealt (with) really well. “I think it was a fair game. People will say this could change this game. In the end we were the better team.” Liverpool were a goal behind after four minutes when Ramires headed in, but the response was impressive, with Philippe Coutinho scoring twice and Christian Benteke coming off the substitutes’ bench to net a third. “The last few months showed if we concede our body language wasn’t the best,” Lucas added. “After the Southampton game the manager spoke to us and said ‘you can’t think too much about a goal if you concede, you just need to get back in the game’. “That’s what we did. The goal came at the right time for us, just before half-time, but even first half I thought we were the better team. Lucas praised the performance of referee Mark Clattenburg in Liverpool’s 3-1 win at Chelsea after being the subject of Jose Mourinho’s fury. Press Associationlast_img read more