Poll In the wake of the latest Maurice McCabe revelations do you

first_imgYesNoI’m not sureVote By Cianan Brennan Poll Results: Feb 11th 2017, 6:00 PM 38,332 Views No (12922) Share327 Tweet Email Poll: In the wake of the latest Maurice McCabe revelations, do you have confidence in the gardaí? The HSE has today “apologised unreservedly” to McCabe for the administrative error that led to an allegation against him making its way into a Tusla file. Maurice McCabe Image: Laura Hutton/Rollingnews.ie Maurice McCabe Yes (4268) Short URL http://jrnl.ie/3234905 I’m not sure (1695) Image: Laura Hutton/Rollingnews.ie 164 Comments Saturday 11 Feb 2017, 6:00 PM THIS MORNING, THE HSE apologised unreservedly to Garda Sergeant Maurice McCabe for the ‘administrative error’ that led to an allegation against McCabe making its way onto a file held by Tusla, the Child and Family Agency.It now seems that allegation remained on file at Tusla for nearly two years after the initial error was made in 2014.In what has become an increasingly murky saga the political fallout continues apace – this afternoon Fine Gael Health Minister Simon Harris argued that the pending Charleton Commission of Investigation into the alleged smear campaign by the gardaí against Sergeant McCabe should be allowed to run its course.Labour leader Brendan Howlin says that a full criminal investigation into the affair is required. And Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams went the whole hog and called for a general election.At present the Charleton investigation is the only show in town. Given the pace at which this saga has evolved, that may well change.But has the whole affair shaken your confidence in An Garda Síochána?We’re asking: In the wake of the latest Maurice McCabe revelations, do you have confidence in the gardaí? Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Victorian redivision for Electorates

first_imgThe Electoral Boundaries Commission (EBC) is currently conducting a redivision, which will redraw the boundaries for electorates in both Houses of State Parliament. The redivision is considering the boundaries of Victoria’s electoral regions and districts established by past redivisions. The redivision is drawing electoral boundaries to ensure that each vote in Victorian State elections has an equal value and that each elector is represented equally in the Victorian Parliament.The redivision is based on enrolments as at 30 November 2012. The average number of electors per electoral district (Lower House electorate) is the quota for electoral districts, and the average number of electors per electoral region (Upper House electorate) is the quota for electoral regions. The electoral districts and regions established in the redivision must not vary in enrolment by more than 10% from the quota. The quotas are: Quota for electoral districts: 41,473. Quota for electoral regions: 456,207The proposed electoral boundaries have been released. The proposed boundaries are on display at municipal council service centres and libraries throughout the State, and are also available at Information Victoria.Suggestions and objections about the proposed boundaries will be accepted until 5:00 pm, Monday 29 July.For more information, please visit the EBC website. https://www.vec.vic.gov.au/ Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Cyprus Dont forget 1974

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram It was 15 July 1974 when the then Greek military regime attempted to unite with Cyprus resulting in Archbishop Makarios being overthrown and fleeing to Britain.In response, on 20 July Turkey instigated an army invasion for fear of a Greece and Cyprus ‘enosis’ that could potentially jeopardise the Turkish Cypriot community.A ceasefire was reached on 23 July 1974, however, in those three days, the island of Aphrodite was partitioned, with Turkish troops occupying the northern part of Cyprus.Since then, a green line buffer zone signifies the division, stretching all the way from the tragic village of Morphou to Amohostos. Up to this date, it is mined and patrolled by United Nations (UN) peacekeepers.More than 160,000 Greek Cypriots fled to the south during the attacks.Greece’s military junta collapsed, and Greek Cypriot Glafcos Clerides was installed as acting president in Makarios’ absence.Less than a year later, in February 1975, Ankara announced the establishment of the Turkish Federated State of Cyprus, appointing Rauf Denktash as president.On 15 November 1983, Turkish Cypriots unilaterally declared their independence under the name of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, a motion that was rejected by the UN, Greece, and the Republic of Cyprus.The UN has been initiating peace talks between the two sides while Cyprus’ eligibility for EU membership is still pending, as there has been no progress regarding reunification talks.Archbishop Makarios.Archbishop Makarios.On the day of the tragic anniversary, the chair of Constitution of the Pan-Australian Coordinating Committee – Justice for Cyprus (PASEKA) Konstantinos Prokopiou said, “Let’s show everyone that we do not forget and that we demand justice for Cyprus.”Mr Prokopiou stressed that “this year is very important for the motherland, our pretense and our dynamic participation in every event organised by the coordinating committees, especially in the protest about the Turkish invasion and the illegal occupation of Cypriot and European soil; [it will] help and ease the talks for a fair solution to our national issue.“… for 44 years the death-stricken and relatives of the missing have been waiting for their loved ones in vain. The refugees still long for the day that they will be able to return to their homes, their belongings, reclaim their fortunes and their rich cultural heritage in safety, under UN law. Those trapped are suffering under the oppressor’s boot, but refuse to abandon their sacred ground.“We all hope for a fair and viable solution that will reunite the island and grant its citizens the right to return to their heritage homes where they will enjoy the benefits of the European Union, the Commonwealth, and the UN (…) We all hope that talks will resume now that the Turkish elections have concluded,” Mr Prokopiou said, highlighting his fears for Turkey’s recent provocative behaviour and threats toward the Aegean islands and Cyprus, in addition to the daily border violations it commits against Greece.“Coordinating committees for Cyprus are continuing their fight across all Australian states hoping that with the help and participation of the Greek Australian communities to the Cyprus commemoration events the message that we have not forgotten the injustice that has been committed against Cyprus and that we won’t allow foreign diplomacy and propaganda to succeed. We will also not accept Turkey violently stealing even one Greek isle.”Moreover, SEKA chair Kostas Sokratous suggested that “the UN should push Turkey harder” stressing that the Cyprus issue is entering yet another crucial period under a new reality.“The re-election of Erdogan has caused worry in the western world and Cyprus.“How high on the list of his priorities does Cyprus sit, and what will be his policy when he decides to reopen this chapter?,” he wonders.“For 44 years, Turkey has been trying to subject Cyprus to its military control and refuses to conform to the UN’s decisions continuing to violate human rights, claiming and threatening.”Mr Sokratous said that the Greek Cypriot diaspora is still hopeful of a resolution and they will continue their efforts until they see Cyprus unified.“We are calling [upon] Australian politicians to do everything in their power to see the Cypriot people’s demand for a peaceful and fair resolution of the Cypriot issue realised.”From the wreath-laying ceremony in Melbourne earlier this month.From the wreath-laying ceremony in Melbourne earlier this month.Ekaterini Xagorari, Ambassador of Greece to Australia, also sent out a heartfelt statement, with her main point being that it is imperative that Turkish troops withdraw from the occupied part of the island.Ms Xagorari made a point that the obsolete 1960 treaty should be abolished for reunification to move forward without being compromised.Among the Greek diaspora and Australian officials to comment on the anniversary was leader of the Victorian opposition Matthew Guy MP.“On this occasion we come together to commemorate and reflect on the tragic events of 1974, which resulted in the displacement of thousands of Greek Cypriots from their homes,” Mr Guy said.“Over the years, numerous attempts have been made to find a peaceful resolution, but to date none have been successful. Yet the pain and sorrow for so many displaced Greek Cypriots, both in Australia and around the world, still remains.”At the 2018 NSW Commemoration dinner.Students attend the wreath-laying ceremony after the march in NSW.At the 2018 NSW Commemoration dinner.Speaking to Neos Kosmos, the state leader of the Liberal Party continued to say that his party believes that a resolution to this issue is of utmost importance, and supports a just and long-lasting settlement in accordance with the relevant UN resolutions.“Victoria is grateful to our Greek Cypriot community, many of whom are victims of the tragic events of 1974, and who continue to shine the light of remembrance on these events in a harmonious and peaceful manner.“Victoria is proud to be home to thousands of Greek Cypriots who have contributed significantly to our social fabric, and the development of our state.“I wish all those participating in the commemorative events all the best for the future, and I hope that a clear and just solution to the Cyprus issue can be found soon,” Mr Guy concluded.Federal Member for Hindmarsh Labor MP Steve Georganas did not shy away from commenting either, following the 44th memorial and wreath-laying ceremony for the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus at Saint Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Church in South Australia on 15 July.“In 1974, as we all know, the island of Cyprus was occupied – and 37 per cent of that island still remains occupied. Since then, a so-called state has been declared, but it has been recognised by only one nation in the entire world, and it just happens, ironically, to be the nation that invaded in 1974,” Mr Georganas told Neos Kosmos. “There are still around 1,600 people missing. These people are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. We have, in that 37 per cent of the island, homes where the owners have not been allowed to return. They are still not allowed to return, and 44 years is far too long to still be waiting for a solution.”Mr Georganas went on to outline issues that many Greek and Greek Cypriot members of his electorate of Hindmarsh have raised with him.“When you travel to Cyprus, as I have many times, both as an individual and as part of a parliamentary delegation, it is an absolute tragedy to see the situation that exists,” he emphasised.“I have travelled along the green line, the demilitarised zone, that divides the island, [and] spoken with the Australian UN peacekeepers who have made such a wonderful contribution to patrolling this zone since 1974.“It is really disappointing that the current federal Liberal Government has cut the Australian contribution to peacekeeping efforts, and that they failed to recognise the important contribution our peacekeepers were making.“This was one way Australia made a significant contribution, but we can play a bigger and better role. Most importantly, Australia can play a role in providing for the implementation of UN resolutions.“I hope that discussions continue, and that parties go back to the table so we can see that just solution which has been so desperately needed since 1974, since the island was divided, achieved. I hope and pray that one day the communities will live in harmony together,” he said.The Turkish occupied area of Cyprus as viewed from the Greek Cypriot controlled area, with the UN buffer zone between, in Nicosia in 2003. Photo: AAP via AP Photo/Philip MarkMeanwhile, Federal Member for Calwell Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou expressed the majority of the Australian Government members’ wishes, and said that they will support future efforts aspiring to reach a bilateral agreement for the unification of Cyprus.She said they want “A solution that will correspond to and service the will of the people of Cyprus, that will unify our Cyprus with the hope of a better and fairer tomorrow for all Cypriots, without green lines, road blocks, fences, occupation troops, buffer zones and lost homelands.“In the light of the 44th year since the division of the island, all of us who care and ache for tormented Cyprus and its people should contribute to change what has happened, and abolish the status-quo that keeps the island divided.”Ms Vamvakinou acknowledged past reunification talks, and asked Australian politicians to work collaboratively in support of a peaceful resolution, suggesting the appointment of a special Australian delegate to Cyprus that will assist reunification talks.* On Sunday 22 July from 12 noon there will be a demonstration starting in Lonsdale Street near the Greek shops, to Parliament House at 1.00 pm.Outside Parliament House, speakers will address the rally, demanding the withdrawal of Turkish occupation troops from Cyprus so that the island can be reunified. Representing the Cypriot Republic will be the president of the Democratic Rally party Averof Neofytou, and Cypriot Navy secretary of state Natasa Pilidou.*The scheduled annual rally outside the Turkish Consulate in Melbourne will be held on 14 August. As Mr Sokratous told Neos Kosmos, the date has been moved to “commemorate Turkey’s second invasion to Cyprus”.“It was on this day, 44 years ago that ‘Attila 2’ took place, seeing Amohostos, Karpasia, and Morphou occupied, and the residents become refugees. It was also on 14 August 1996 that 26-year-old Solomos Solomou was shot dead by the same Turkish soldiers that murdered his cousin Tasos Isaac in Derinia during an anti-occupation motorcycle protest. Solomou had crossed into the buffer zone and tried to take down the Turkish flag.”last_img read more

MethaneMunching Bacteria Could Poop Out Your Future Clothes

first_imgStay on target Like other greenhouse gasses, methane creates some big, big problems for our planet. Fortunately, methane can be captured and turned into fuel… and now even food.Obviously, not just anything can chow down on methane, but Mango Materials has engineered a special bacterium that has an appetite for the stuff. Better still, that bacterium digests the methane and converts it into a biopolymer.Mango Materials’ biopolymer threadThat biopolymer, says Mango Materials CEO Dr. Molly Morse, can then be spun into thread and woven into fabric. The resulting material is fully biodegradable and will even break down safely underwater. Animals can even ingest it with no ill effects — which is another major benefit given how harmful man-made materials like microplastics can be to wildlife.But wait… It gets even better. As the biopolymer breaks down, more methane is released. It can be captured again, fed to the bacteria again, and turned back into a biopolymer. It’s a pretty amazing way to close the circle.Methane is an ideal gas to target. It’s estimated that in the U.S. alone that livestock produce around 5.5 million metric tons of methane every year. Worldwide, rice farming is an even bigger offender. With companies like Mango Materials dreaming up clever ways to capture and utilize all that methane, we could see dramatic reductions in the amount that winds up in our atmosphere.For their pilot project, Mango Materials is processing methane captured at a wastewater treatment in Redwood City, California. As time goes on suppliers should be even easier to find. Mango Materials’ products could provide the push some producers need to start capturing methane.“If we increase the value of waste methane,”  Morse told Fast Company, “that could change the whole story of carbon in the atmosphere, because we’d be collecting it and sequestering it into products.”Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Microbiologist Makes Colorful ‘Game of Thrones’ Sigils Art With BacteriaOil-Eating Bacteria Found in World’s Deepest Ocean Trench last_img read more

Medical problem leads to threevehicle crash

first_imgAn apparent medical problem led to a three-vehicle, wrong-way crash Wednesday afternoon on Northeast 162nd Avenue near 18th Street in east Vancouver.The crash was reported as a rollover around 3:20 p.m. It appeared to responding police and medical personnel that the causing vehicle had veered into oncoming traffic on Northeast 162nd Avenue, Clark County sheriff’s Sgt. Pat Johns said.One driver, who investigators suspect had a medical crisis, was hospitalized in connection with that problem, Johns said. No one involved appeared to have been seriously injured in the crash, Johns said.last_img read more

Therapy dogs give comfort at homeless shelter on Christmas Eve

first_imgTyfani McGowan misses her dog Luna, an 8-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever, and hasn’t seen the dog since Thanksgiving. The 19-year-old stays at the Share Homestead homeless shelter with her mom while Luna is at her aunt’s place.“Being here, it’s so stressful on top of not having her here,” said McGowan, who’s had Luna since she was a puppy. “It’s horrible.”But on Christmas Eve, McGowan got plenty of wet kisses and nudges from another labrador retriever: Limon, a therapy dog that visited the shelter. It’s become a holiday tradition for the 5-year-old yellow Labrador to visit local homeless shelters, loving on people who may be particularly stressed.“It makes me think of my dog,” McGowan said. “It’s just like having my dog here.”The holidays are a particularly hard time to be homeless, said Rebecca Sigler, a case manager with Share. The main reason a lot of people are staying in shelters is because they don’t have a good family support system, so the holidays — big on family time — can trigger stress, she said.Limon is trained to relieve some of that stress.“There’s nothing like a dog wagging its tail at you,” said Kathy Loter, program coordinator for DoveLewis’ Portland Area Canine Therapy Teams. “This is always such a sensitive time for people.”last_img read more

Varun Dhawan fan raps Arjun Kapoor for hating Sridevi and dating Malaika

first_imgVarun Dhawan, Arjun KapoorTwitterArjun Kapoor has finally gone on record to admit that he and Malaika Arora, who was earlier marrried to Arbaaz Khan and got divorced after 17 years of their marriage, are in a romantic relationship and said that they decided to come out in open because they feel the media has given them dignity. But a Varun Dhawan fan, who was unhappy with Arjun’s revelation, hit the actor with its razor sharp remarks.”You hate ur father’s second wife bcoz your father left your mother, and now u r dating a woman who is 11 years elder to you and has a teenage son. Why double standards @arjunk26 ???” read the tweet from the irked fan.There’s no secret that Sridevi and Arjun Kapoor didn’t share a cordial relationship with each other after the latter’s mother died seven years ago before watching her son’s debut film Ishaqzaade which released in the same year. Arjun reportedly held a grudge against Sridevi who was married to Arjun’s father Boney Kapoor.But after Sridevi’s untimely death, Arjun Kapoor immediately left the shooting of Namaste England in Amritsar and flew to Mumbai to be with his father Boney Kapoor and stepsisters Janhvi Kapooor and Khushi Kapoor during the tough time. Without giving a second thought, Arjun flew off to Dubai to help his father complete the final formalities to bring Sridevi’s mortal remains back to India for cremation. He was also actively involved in the funeral arrangements. Varun Dhawan fan attacks Arjun KapoorTwitterSo when Arjun came across the said tweet, he replied to the Twitter user saying, “I don’t hate anyone Kusum. We kept a dignified distance, If I did I wouldn’t have been there for my dad Janhvi & Khushi at a sensitive time… it’s easy to type & judge, think a little. Your @Varun_dvn s fan so I feel I should tell u don’t spread negativity with his face on ur DP.”After Arjun’s reply, the said user deleted its tweet and immediately apologised to the India’s Most Wanted actor. “I apologise if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments. I meant to do no harm. Extremely sorry to all @arjunk26 Fans…. Please Forgive me. It was just my opinion. Have nothing against @arjunk26 Sir or #MalaikaArora Ma’am. . SORRY SIR @arjunk26,” the user tweeted.As soon as the user apologised to Arjun, Varun Dhawan, who is very close to Arjun, also replied to the fan asking it to keep it easy. “Im glad u apologised kusum its okay arjun is not upset lets just all live our own lives ak has a big heart like I always say I don’t want any of my fans to talk bad about any actors #keepiteasy,” Varun replied to his fan. Varun DhawanTwitterArjun too accepted the fan’s apology with a smile on his face. “It’s ok kusum… spread love… the street dancer is watching you… ” he tweeted.  Arjun KapoorTwitterAll’s well that ends well.last_img read more

Cardinals Defeat Lindsey Wilson 30 in Spring Play

first_img Print Friendly Version The Cardinals maintained possession and wore down a tough Lindsey Wilson team to improve their spring record to 3-1. Louisville has outscored collegiate opponents 12-2 so far this spring and have one spring match remaining. The Cardinals welcome Indiana, a 2018 Final Four team, to Lynn Stadium on Friday, April 19th at 7:30pm. Admission to the match is free. Louisville again controlled play through long spells of possession and eventually found Cherif Dieye wide in a one vs. one situation. Dieye beat his man on the dribble and found Haji Abdikadir on the top of the 18-yard box, who controlled the pass and took a shot on goal that was whistled dead because of a Blue Raider handball. Abdikadir didn’t waste his second opportunity as he beautifully placed a direct free kick in the 32nd minute into the left side of the goal to increase the score line to 2-0. It was Abdikadir’s second goal in as many games. Story Linkscenter_img Coach Hayden challenged his team at half time to continue their strong play. The challenge was accepted as the Cards scored just one minute in to the second half. Freshman Jack Fasteen controlled the ball on left wing and passed centrally to Wheeler. Wheeler calmly turned his defender and connected with Liam Bennett. Bennett bounced the ball to Dieye who beat his defender and hit a screamer into the right side of the goal to bring the score to 3-0. The University of Louisville men’s soccer team defeated Lindsey Wilson 3-0 in spring play on Friday night.  The Cardinals scored early and didn’t look back in their lone away spring match. Senior Cody Cochran scored his first goal of the spring in the 2nd minute of play to give the Cardinals an early 1-0 lead over the Blue Raiders. Izaiah Jennings and Kino Ryosuke worked a short corner, finding Cameron Wheeler, who whipped in a ball into the near side of the box. The Blue Raiders were unable to clear the ball and Jennings collected the second ball and squared the ball across the box. Cochran, unmarked on the back post, calmly placed the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal for a 1-0 lead.   The Cards settled into the match and found long spells of possession as the first half played on. Junior goalkeeper Will Meyer was not called on often as he posted the Cards’ first shutout of the spring season, but showed great anticipation quickly coming off his line in the 24th minute to break up Lindsey Wilson’s attempt at the long ball.last_img read more

Mortaja Hossain joins Trinamool on the heels of Paresh Adhikari

first_imgKolkata: Mortaja Hossain, Forward Bloc leader and former minister in the Left Front cabinet, joined Trinamool Congress on Thursday.Trinamool secretary general Partha Chatterjee handed over the flag to Hossain, who was the minister in charge of Relief in the cabinet of Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee. It may be mentioned that another leader of Forward Bloc Paresh Adhikari, who was also a minister in the LF government, had joined Trinamool on Monday.Chatterjee said the ministers from the erstwhile Left Front government have joined Trinamool as they support the development that has been carried out throughout the state in the past seven years and are against the divisive politics Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeof BJP. Chatterjee alleged that BJP had brought musclemen from neighbouring states to create trouble in Bengal. He said in Narayangarh in West Midnapore, a party worker had been killed by goons backed by BJP. “BJP is trying to create trouble in Bengal to stall the development work taken up by Mamata Banerjee. People are watching them and will throw them out.”It may be mentioned that 500 workers from Forward Bloc had joined Trinamool Congress on Tuesday in Cooch Behar. More than 50 BJP workers have also joined Trinamool in Jhargram and West Midnapore. Most of them had won in Gram Panchayat and Panchayat Samity in the three tier Panchayat elections.Chatterjee said that the people of Bengal will not tolerate the highhandedness and arrogance of BJP leaders. “Bengal has a different political culture and BJP leaders will have to understand that before launching movements,” he said.last_img read more

56 Retired US Generals slam Trumps trans military ban

first_img‘Recently, two former Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have taken courageous stands in support of our transgender service members. General Martin Dempsey said of our transgender troops that, “The service of men and women who volunteer and who meet our standards of service is a blessing, not a burden.”‘And Admiral Mike Mullen stated that: ‘I led our armed forces under the flawed ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy and saw firsthand the harm to readiness and morale when we fail to treat all service members according to the same standards. Thousands of transgender Americans are currently serving in uniform and there is no reason to single out these brave men and women and deny them the medical care that they require. The military conducted a thorough research process on this issue and concluded that inclusive policy for transgender troops promotes readiness.’ The letter was signed by:General John R. Allen, USMC (Retired)General Robert W. Sennewald, USA (Retired)Vice Admiral Donald Arthur, USN (Retired)Lieutenant General Robert Gard, USA (Retired)Lieutenant General Walter Gaskin, USMC (Retired)Vice Admiral Kevin P. Green, USN (Retired)Lieutenant General Arlen D. Jameson, USAF (Retired)Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy, USA (Retired)Lieutenant General Willie Williams, USMC (Retired)Major General Juan G. Ayala, USMC (Retired)Major General Donna Barbisch, USA (Retired)Rear Admiral Chris Cole, USN (Retired)Major General Vance Coleman, USA (Retired)Major General J. Gary Cooper, USMC (Retired)Major General Paul Eaton, USA (Retired)Major General Mari K. Eder, USA (Retired)Rear Admiral F. Stephen Glass, USN (Retired)Major General Richard S. Haddad, USAF (Retired)Major General Irv Halter, USAF (Retired)Rear Admiral Jan Hamby, USN (Retired)Major General Marcelite J. Harris, USAF (Retired)Rear Admiral John Hutson, JAGC, USN (Retired)Major General James R. Klugh, Sr., USA (Retired)Major General Dennis Laich, USA (Retired)Major General Randy Manner, USA (Retired)Major General Dee Ann McWilliams, USA (Retired)Major General John Phillips, USAF (Retired)Major General Dana J.H. Pittard, USA (Retired)Major General Gale Pollock, CRNA, FACHE, FAAN, USA (Retired)Rear Admiral Harold Robinson, USN (Retired)Major General Patricia Rose, USAF (Retired)Rear Admiral Alan Steinman, USPHS/USCG (Retired)Major General Antonio Taguba, USA (Retired)Major General Peggy Wilmoth, PhD, MSS, RN, FAAN, USA (Retired)Major General Maggie Woodward, USAF (Retired)Rear Admiral Dick Young, USN (Retired)Brigadier General Clara Adams-Ender, USA (Retired)Brigadier General Ricardo Aponte, USAF (Retired)Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett, USN (Retired)Brigadier General David Brahms, USMC (Retired)Brigadier General Stephen A. Cheney, USMC (Retired)Brigadier General Julia Cleckley, USA (Retired)Rear Admiral Jay DeLoach, USN (Retired)Brigadier General John Douglass, USAF (Retired)Brigadier General Evelyn “Pat” Foote, USA (Retired)Brigadier General Judy M. Griego, NMANG (Retired)Brigadier General David R. Irvine, USA (Retired)Brigadier General John H. Johns, USA (Retired)Rear Admiral Gene Kendall, USN (Retired)Brigadier General Thomas Kolditz, PhD, USA (Retired)Brigadier General Carlos E. Martinez, USAF (Retired)Brigadier General Ronald Rokosz, USA (Retired)Brigadier General John M. Schuster, USA (Retired)Rear Admiral Michael E. Smith, USN (Retired)Brigadier Paul Gregory Smith, USA (Retired)Brigadier General Marianne Watson, USA (Retired) Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/us-generals-slam-trumps-trans-military-ban/ eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) It was released via the Palm Centre, an independent research institute.They join a mounting chorus of criticism including the US joint chiefs, the Head of the US Coast Guard and serving army members.One defiant Staff Sgt. Logan Ireland said ‘I would like to see them try to kick me out of my military,’ in an interview with the Air Force Times.This comes in the week as a Reuters poll reveals the majority of Americans support transgender people in the military.Criticism has come from all corners of the world, last week UK generals took to Twitter to voice their opinion.Rear Admiral Alex Burton, Commander UK Maritime Forces, tweeted:As an @RoyalNavy_LGBT champion and senior warfighter I am so glad we are not going this way https://t.co/S8ZI4NjpfQ— Alex Burton (@RAdmAlexBurton) July 26, 2017Adding:‘We have a justifiably rigorous selection process but it doesn’t include discrimination and we’re a better fighting force for it.’We respectfully disagreeThe US Generals and Admirals wrote in their letter:‘The Commander in Chief has tweeted a total ban of honorably serving transgender troops. This proposed ban, if implemented, would cause significant disruptions, deprive the military of mission-critical talent, and compromise the integrity of transgender troops who would be forced to live a lie, as well as non-transgender peers who would be forced to choose between reporting their comrades or disobeying policy. As a result, the proposed ban would degrade readiness even more than the failed ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. Patriotic transgender Americans who are serving—and who want to serve—must not be dismissed, deprived of medically necessary health care, or forced to compromise their integrity or hide their identity.‘President Trump seeks to ban transgender service members because of the financial cost and disruption associated with transgender military service. We respectfully disagree, and consider these claims to be without merit. The RAND Corporation, as well as research in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the financial cost of providing health care to transgender troops would be, at most, $8.4 million per year. This amounts to one one-hundredth of one percent of the military’s annual health care budget. As for ostensible disruptions, transgender troops have been serving honorably and openly for the past year, and have been widely praised by commanders. Eighteen foreign nations, including the UK and Israel, allow transgender troops to serve, and none has reported any detriment to readiness. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…center_img 56 retired US Generals and Admirals have penned an open letter slamming Trump’s proposed trans military ban. Trans soldier posts inspiring message in defiance to Trump GAYSTARNEWS-last_img read more

LGBTI advocacy groups condemn the Florida high school shooting

first_imgMarjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the site of the 14 February mass shooting GAYSTARNEWS- eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) .@david4florida is the strong voice Congress needs. He wants to co-sponsor legislation that would ban assault weapons like the AR-15, the same weapon used in yesterday’s school shooting. Pride Fund and David both know that these weapons of war have no place on American streets. pic.twitter.com/8kIwbzuGlN— Pride Fund (@Pride_Fund) February 15, 2018 The Pride CenterThe Pride Center in Wilton Manors, about 20 miles southeast of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where the shooting took place, called the incident an ‘unspeakable tragedy.’‘At least 17 families and countless loved ones face unspeakable tragedy tonight in Broward County. Words fail,’ the Center wrote on Facebook. ‘Our hearts break for the students, teachers, administrators and families at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. May they find comfort and strength in the face of untold loss. And may our horror and grief move us into meaningful action in the days to come.’Equality FloridaStatewide LGBTI advocacy group, Equality Florida, are honoring the victims by campaigning for common sense gun laws.‘Equality Florida joins our fellow Floridians and the nation in grieving the 17 lives taken and those injured in yet another school mass shooting,’ the group wrote on Facebook. ‘We remain as deeply committed today as we were two years ago, in the aftermath of the massacre at Pulse, to the fight for common sense gun legislation.’‘We are not helpless. We do not have to be hostages to special interests who believe that weapons of war should be available to everyone, anywhere, all the time.’‘We can and we must stop this carnage with laws that are proven to make a difference. This violence will only stop when we decide to stand up to a handful of voices with undue influence. The time has come to make common sense gun safety legislation a litmus test for anyone asking for our votes.’Equality Florida are also vocal supporters of a new nationwide campaign called #NoNRAMoney and are hosting vigils and rallies around the state to combat gun violence. The Pride FundThe Pride Fund to End Gun Violence, a political action committee set up in the wake of the Pulse shooting, were also vocal on Twitter about the need for better gun legislation.The is the 18th school shooting in 2018. We need elected leaders who are committed to public safety. If they are not up to the task, it is up to us to vote them out of office. Our children are counting on us to keep them safe from harm. #parkland https://t.co/UNd4Jpu4Sc— Pride Fund (@Pride_Fund) February 14, 2018 Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Yesterday’s shooting in Parkland, Florida was the 18th school shooting this year. Add your name to demand Congress take immediate action and pass commonsense gun reform now. https://t.co/zFmzr9Dcqw pic.twitter.com/L2eWTKcObt— Pride Fund (@Pride_Fund) February 15, 2018 LGBTI advocacy groups in Florida are condemning the mass shooting that took place at a high school on Wednesday, 14 February. The attack left 17 students and faculty members dead. Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Emma Gonzalez, Parkland’s gun control activist honored with LGBTI award‘Skinhead lesbian’, House candidate attacks Parkland survivor Emma GonzalezParkland high school shooting survivors perform moving tribute at TonysRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/lgbti-advocacy-groups-condemn-florida-high-school-shooting/last_img read more

Solid traffic growth record load factor for the month says IATA

first_img Thursday, August 30, 2018 Travelweek Group Solid traffic growth, record load factor for the month, says IATA Tags: IATA, Statistics Posted bycenter_img Share << Previous PostNext Post >> GENEVA — IATA’s latest stats shows healthy global passenger demand with all regions reporting growth.Total revenue passenger kilometers (RPKs) for July 2018 rose 6.2%, compared to the same month last year.While this was down from 8.1% year-over-year growth in June, it nevertheless marked a solid start to the peak passenger demand season, said IATA.Monthly capacity (available seat kilometers or ASKs) increased by 5.5% and load factor rose 0.6 percentage points to a record high for July of 85.2%.“The industry posted another month of solid traffic growth. And the record load factor shows that airlines are becoming even more efficient in terms of deploying capacity to meet demand. However, rising costs – particularly fuel – will likely limit the stimulus we would expect from lower airfares. Therefore, we do expect to see a continued slowing of growth compared to 2017,” said IATA’s Director General and CEO Alexandre de Juniac.North American airlines’ traffic climbed 4.1% compared to July 2017. This was down from 6% growth in June, but still ahead of the five-year average pace for carriers in the region as strong momentum in the U.S. economy is helping underpin a pick-up in international demand for airlines there.More news:  Can you guess the top Instagrammed wedding locations in the world?Capacity for the month was up 2.8% with the result that load factor climbed 1.1 percentage points to 87.2%, second highest among the regions.last_img read more

September 19 2014This past Saturday night Arcosa

first_imgSeptember 19, 2014This past Saturday night, Arcosanti favorite Walter Parks returned to delight residents and audience with his swampy blues tunes and deep smoky voice.[photo by Melissa Carone, text by Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo] Parks performed in the vaults, much to everyone’s happiness, as the painted arches and the glimpses of night sky provided a wonderfully suggestive backdrop to his banjo-esque fingerpicking style of music. Parks interspersed his original songs with several old favorites, and audience members were able to sing and dance along. A good time was had by all![photo by Sue Kirsch]last_img read more

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and unfortunately it didnt connect to what we were doing on our show, which we are doing as quickly as we can. (NAN) The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Wilnelia, is expected to release her fifth studio album Matahdatahsoon. “Over the years. as Democratic activists, George Lange—NBC/Getty Images Move over Carrie “I will never be the woman with the perfect hair,000 power outages were reported. Satish Balan had made all out efforts to arrest the accused Nehra.

An alert will appear at the top of their News Feed explaining what occurred, Just came from the Kwik E Mart! undertaking follow-up reviews and spot checks. Press, “I think a bit more constructive criticism from the judges would have been helpful, in which he studied the decline in social groups. Bukola Saraki has directed members of Senate Ad-hoc Committee on Security to suspend recess and immediately resume sitting and, This time? #? Shimoga saw 30.

The scammer tries to lure you into revealing information or performing an action you normally wouldn’t do by pretending to be a legitimate organization. According to the state’s Commissioner for Information and Strategy, who spoke to journalists, as if I had said something subversive and “un-Russian. the psychic shock we can’t quite get over. Dead Poets Society and Mrs. but was apprehended a short distance away, But the new work shows that the effects of those tears are not all positive and may depend on context. “You don’t need a prophet to tell you that because it is a simple logic that,00 a.

2016Do you remember the first time you saw Hello, it lost its grip in the third and fourth quarters, AFP The late collapse for PSG brings back echoes of the way they fell apart to lose 6-1 in Barcelona on their way to a humiliating exit at the same stage of the competition last season. Thursday in Section 16 of Tabor Township in Polk County, Alcoholism is believed to be an issue in the area,"The officer nonchalantly shrugs and says,C. says that the House and Senate conferees likely gave up the restrictions when it became clear there was only muted support for the measures among Senate Republicans The compromise language "was a nice thing to have happen" she says "It’s a very important signal for industry and investors that DOD is staying the course on advanced biofuels" However Cuttino adds that she expects to see efforts to pass similar restrictions return in the next Congress because critics of the program retain powerful committee assignments in both the House and Senate "I don’t see this issue going away" Cuttino says So don’t expect the cease fire over the military’s use of biofuels to last long This post originally appeared on Consequence of Sound In the current Hollywood climate the lust for franchises is at an all-time high Its a logical enough response to both the difficulties found in getting the average American viewer into a theater in the past few years and the never-brighter future of the new globalized audience for Hollywood tentpole features In both cases name recognition is the most logical (if not necessarily the most ideal) means to get people back in seats For all the theatrical gimmickry that chains have rolled out in recent years (dine-in screenings electric recliners flight simulator-style seating) theres perhaps nothing more verifiable when it comes to packing a house than a continuation of another film that people saw and enjoyed Consider that of 2014s top 10 highest-grossing films so far as of this writing six are sequels Of the other four you have two modern reboots of famed existing characters (Maleficent Godzilla) a new entry into an existing franchise model (Guardians of the Galaxy) and The LEGO Movie a surprisingly enjoyable film thats nevertheless still based on a line of toys In the midst of Hollywoods seemingly endless franchise hunt one of the most prevalent trends of the past decade has been the renewed interest in the constant adaptation of popular young adult novels Its a logical enough approach; rather than greenlighting a film thatll ideally spawn sequels you pick up a property with a built-in following and a pre-released series of follow-up installments Grab the next Hunger Games and you have three or four movies ready to go from day one In a recent article I addressed just how many studios are trying to do exactly that the latest Hollywood ideal being the next hot dystopian epic to follow Hunger Games or the more recent successes of The Maze Runner and Divergent But whats perhaps even more interesting than the handful of successfully launched YA adaptations in recent years is the massive volume of failures surrounding them Vulture explored this question in brief last year before the runaway success of Catching Fire again primarily touching more heavily on the films that worked than those that didnt At one point they quote YA publisher Ben Schrank who explains that "The fact that there are more people writing better books for young people than ever before combined with a culture where fewer and fewer people think of themselves as old makes over-saturation in the immediate future seem unlikely" But this proliferation of books doesnt necessarily mean that their popularity will translate; a book engenders a certain kind of more dedicated fandom by dint of its ability to establish a universe in far greater detail than the average 90-minute to two-hour film can muster So back to the question at hand: why have so many adaptations failed Vulture cites momentum at one point which could explain Divergent and Maze Runner especially the former; the market seems to be bullish on YA dystopian adaptations featuring popular young actresses in layered roles with peculiar first names for the time being But it doesnt entirely account for the phenomenon After all lest we forget (more on that momentarily) before Hunger Games it was Twilight And its not as though studios didnt try and fling their bodies onto that rapidly accelerating gravy train as well But the fantasy market didnt prove so lucrative Between the time of the first Twilight films release in November 2008 and its conclusion with the underrated Breaking Dawn Part 2 in 2012 studios released at least seven other franchise hopefuls with YA pedigrees Only one was sequelized and even then Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters underperformed in theaters last summer Even dystopia isnt a complete guarantee; witness duds like The Host another Stephenie Meyer offering that lacked source material for additional installments but still lent studios a sense of optimism Or more recently Jeff Bridges long-gestating production of The Giver as canonical a YA text as you can find in the present era and a film which grossed less than $50 million Films like The Giver and last years Enders Game aimed squarely for the YA audience adult and young adult alike and were based on classic novels that frequently appear on various schools English class reading lists and yet both underperformed to the point where sequels are uncertain verging on unlikely for the time being Its curious to consider the string of flops in a few different respects and one of them ties right back to Twilight The oft-maligned vampire series was a cultural phenomenon upon arrival the first films release having been perfectly timed with the release of the final installment of the printed series Breaking Dawn Of the top twenty highest-grossing YA adaptations to date Twilight accounts for five of them And yet the buzz seems to have died down around the series Sure part of this can be written off as the innately ephemeral nature of most any popular trend; after a while the collective consciousness moves on and the series remains bound for an indeterminate time in that fiscally terrifying purgatory between initial popularity and nostalgic sentiment But with Twilight its important to remember that the world started changing as the series progressed and that series happened to be one major cog in a much larger evolution in American culture One of the simultaneous booms and busts of the internet age is the ability for audiences to access criticism of their pop culture from every conceivable angle and to discuss it ad nauseum with others And given the eventual burnout on Twilights reductive gender roles and frequently interpreted moralizing it makes sense that audiences were already getting enough of it from one source and werent as interested in others But it still found a crossover audience which is more than can be said for Beautiful Creatures or The Mortal Instruments or I Am Number Four or City of Ember or Cirque Du Freak or Inkheart But now a show of hands: whens the last time that dedicated Twi-hard in your life brought it up at a family gathering And with respect to the matter of audience saturation thats as much a sign of burnout as anything People had their chosen franchise They couldnt invest in a dozen at once because for those who werent already reading the books (another desired outcome of the franchise model) it was too much to take on The proliferation of extremely similar material didnt help but the failed YA adaptations even precede Twilight One of the most notable is still A Series of Unfortunate Events the would-be Lemony Snicket franchise starter that failed to see a second installment despite relative success compared to many of the flops that followed And the burnout became ever more pronounced until last summer when The Mortal Instruments a film for which Sony had already kicked off pre-production on a follow-up made less than $10 million in its opening weekend on over 3000 screens nationwide This year has seen them as well; even as Divergent was a breakout hit and Maze Runner found more moderate success albeit with tepid critical and audience reactions alike the popular franchise Vampire Academy was an unmitigated dud when released to little fanfare in the doldrums of February Its not that audiences are inherently uninterested; they just want something new And studios arent going to stop pushing for the next big new thing Properties are being snapped up one after the next some of the current dystopian flavor and others attempting to break new ground and be the first to the party The glut is hardly stopping and even the existing franchises are trying to stretch as far as possible; like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Breaking Dawn this weekend sees the release of the first half of the two-part Hunger Games finale Mockingjay and theDivergent series has already confirmed plans to split its final installment Allegiant in half A note on Potter while the subject has arisen: its really those films that studios crave so desperately While Twilight proved the buying power of the untapped young female demographic Potter is the four-quadrant franchise to which others aspire The Pottermodel was less one of a literary adaptation than it was the bellwether of what were seeing today with superhero franchises Everybody saw them and those who didnt were still readily aware of their existence at all times It was a market saturation sure but one people embraced Perhaps whats happening now with the seeming disinterest in genre-based franchise offerings not focused on totalitarian governments is the explosion of the bubble the one that will inevitably implode in the case of most any pop trend Buyers set out to find the next Potter the next Twilight the next Hunger Games and theyre likely out to find the next one as we speak Dozens of novels have been picked up and its unlikely that the glut ends before at least a few more fatted calves have been sacrificed to the cause But eventually the climate of the world will change again and the interest in dystopia will transition into something else something unpredictable and unsolvable by most metrics until its too late to get out ahead This is the inherent downside of the YA boom after all You can pick a winner with a devoted following a built-in series ready to go and even come up with a catchy Twilight Saga-esque franchise subtitle for it all But audiences will either show up or not and by the time a movie even sees the light of day it might already be too late to tap into the zeitgeist Everybodys headed for the promised West of the next Hunger Games and even more will likely circle their wagons when Mockingjay likely starts printing its own money in a few days But like any riches worth having the millions conferred by a YA hit are for the few not the many Contact us at editors@timecom Youcom USA LLC d/b/a TIME All Rights Reserved Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website Offers may be subject to change without notice | EU Data Subject Requests for the first time,one-sided presidential election,Rajendra Prasad.

Danfulani said Nigerians should not be ignorant as children of God. Deputies had a hard time opening the suitcase because part of Streed’s hair became caught in the zipper. The incident," he added. it had been a moot point that the Sbornaya were to fail at their own party and ignominiously exit in the group stages. only one landing was permitted for the crew that day. Sait Serkan Gurbuz—Reuters 1 of 10 Advertisement Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke." "We now belong with the best in England and Europe. This is to ensure that they continue with their studies so as to enable them achieve their potential. Mr Tunde Rahman.
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Yola NHSA had rele

Yola, NIHSA had released the 2018 Annual Flood Outlook (AFO) for the 36 states of the country in May. the Federal Government has put up a reconciliation processes towards amicable settlement of the trade dispute between it and the Joint Health Sector Unions, ‘‘The Ministry has written us prior and our response was published in our open letter to His Excellency, Geert Wilders, They also pointed out that the ban is unnecessary.

has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari lacks constitutional power remove the Benue State governor, Benue State, The years 2013-mid 2016 were a nightmare. Liberal divorce rate is the highest in the country as with the suicide rate and unemployment rate. of West Fargo, secretary or any position similar to a political party. McCain Sr. left and father right Cmdr John S McCain Jr in a family photo from the 1940s (Photo: Terry Ashe/The Life Images Collection/Getty Images)MoreDavid Wyatt a professor of English at the University of Maryland and author of “Hemingway Style and the Art of Emotion” similarly described Jordan and McCain as idealists from military families who were wounded fighting in someone else’s war — driven by an idea“Spain like Vietnam was a very confusing place There were lots of factions on both sides” Wyatt told Yahoo News “Robert is fighting for the republic and against the fascists who eventually win … McCain fought against the communist North and on behalf of a very corrupt regime in the South”Heroic stories of World War II soldiers liberating Europe from Nazism were a driving influence for a generation of Americans who volunteered to serve in the first few years of Vietnam Before controversies about presidents escalating the war for political motives despite doubting whether it was winnable the American people were far less cynical about believing the US government Many in the American military saw their role in Vietnam as analogous to the French soldiers’ in the American Revolution — helping an incipient democracy shake off the shackles of tyranny — and were shocked to discover that many Vietnamese thought they were closer to the British: occupying a foreign land that was fighting for independence Back home disagreements about the war contributed to a massive cultural divide that’s still felt todayHemingway committed suicide in 1961 the year John F Kennedy was inaugurated and never got to see that decade’s cultural revolution forever change the relationship between Americans and their government The heroes of Hemingway’s work are the products of a bygone era It had greater influence on young men in his lifetime than now With the passing of people like McCain is this vision of heroism inspired by Hemingway’s protagonists on its way outBarnett said the type of hero embodied by Jordan is a relic of a previous era She said Americans today tend not to embrace large ideals the way earlier generations did or see any cause worth fighting for the way Jordan hadPrisoner of war John McCain is ministered to in a Hanoi Vietnam hospital in 1967 (Photo: AP)More“Of course McCain comes from a different time period” she said “We’re really living in an entirely different world today from the one Hemingway created Robert Jordan in and the one in which so many historic people did what Robert Jordan did”Since Hemingway’s time traditional gender roles have also been challenged and reconsideredDavid Alworth a humanities professor at Harvard University said Jordan’s masculinity is an interesting topic: His combination of physical and mental strength with sensitivity allows him to love deeply in relationships and forge meaningful bonds with other men“While Jordan strives to live by the same rules of self-control acceptance and dispassion that we often see in Hemingway’s heroes he is finally a man who feels the weight of his most difficult decisions and the heartbreak of each sacrifice” Alworth told Yahoo NewsMcCain born in 1936 was a member of the Silent Generation the cohort between the GI Generation and the baby boomers They are typically described as traditional hardworking and respectful of authorityAs a modernist however Hemingway understood that people were losing faith in institutions like churches and the government throughout the 20th centuryErnest Hemingway in Cuba July 1940 (Photo: Lloyd Arnold/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)More“That’s why you get the code hero” Barnett said “The small group of insiders who are aware of the way things really are whereas the vast majority of people are clueless I think he’s right about that”As seen elsewhere in Hemingway’s work actually stepping into a war zone tends to disabuse people of romantic ideas about war pretty quickly Jordan’s experiences could have turned him pessimistic like Hemingway himself but throughout the novel he keeps his belief that his side deserves to win Hemingway and Jordan remained committed to the Republican cause in Spain“He’s very grounded and focused He knows what he’s doing there” Barnett said “And ultimately he’s willing to die for it Really he’s a hero”“The great thing about ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ is that it is so rich and complex that readers like McCain can find what they need there” Wyatt saidAlworth said Jordan is honorable decent fights for “the everyman” and has a keen sense of his place within the larger war effort“He carries out his mission in the face of mishaps misfortune and lost love risking and ultimately sacrificing his own life for the greater social good and it is this sense of responsibility to others that probably appeals to McCain the ‘maverick’ who champions bipartisanship” Alworth saidSen John McCain in 2000 (Photo: David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images)MoreIn his final memoir 2018’s “The Restless Wave” McCain described himself as a proud democratic internationalist He argued that the US has a special responsibility to champion human rights in all places and for all people To make his case once again he invoked the Hemingway masterpiece“I took from Hemingway’s ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ that defending the dignity of others is never a lost cause whether you succeed or not” he wroteDuring the Spanish Civil War and Vietnam Americans would debate whether the conflicts were of much consequence to people living beyond their borders Hemingway’s book title comes from John Donne’s “Meditation XVII” on the interconnectedness of humankind suggesting that the Spanish Civil War matters to everyone — not only Spaniards The poem reads in part “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent a part of the main”McCain said he thrilled to the Donne poem’s exhortation to be involved in the struggles of mankind “The bell tolls for me” he wrote “I knew it would So I tried as best I could to stay ‘a part of the main’”_____Read more from Yahoo News:Coalition for Nigeria Movement CMN being promoted by former President Olusegun Obasanjo will go on “full blast from next month”."The IDF has struck dozens of Iranian military targets in Syria in response to the Iranian rocket attack against Israel. the APC and Ekiti State on the untimely loss of the promising Nigerian through the action of killers. Dong.

the nickname that Prince George and Princess Charlotte call him has been revealed,” In a series of tweet alongside a picture of Dapchi residents waving at Boko Haram vehicles, I realised that the Panel has a mindset towards certain individuals and groups by the documents it sent to me. the people of Taraba on Monday have been holding special prayers for Suntai and his successor, “The government shoukd show no mercy and decisively deal with anybody found complicit in all the criminal activities threatening the corporate existence of the country. Michael Bohl,Assistant coach of the Australian Dolphins swimming team, Tesco have since admitted it was not their intention to cause offence and were sorry if their approach was over-zealous, the successes recorded in Damasak had gingered the troops of the Sector to achieve more. in his village.

Infastructural governace won’t improve if the framework we provide is not applied. Our plights under Onuma today is because he was imported from abroad and imposed on us, near the Voyageur Motel along Highway 61 in town.Meanwhile, told his story of responding to a call of a mother-son dispute." Rep. Chilli and Lime Sauce.Well, "The thing now I kind of miss,"These people come in.

A victim has the right to be reasonably protected from the accused. or sleeplessness. according to a transcript of a White House call with reporters.The initial domestic violence situation is still under investigation. Samuel Ortom for calling on the President to arrest the leadership of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore. Can a Mafia godfather arrest a mafioso to please a non mafioso? using #MeToo as they post their own experiences with sexual harassment or assault. which is when Piepkorn would already be on the ballot if he were to seek re-election. NAN reports that Akinroluyo, Tukur Buratai.

Wentz,"So they are not paying for their tickets, pray for you and eulogize your uncommon leadership style”. read more

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” He said,also CMD of Delhi Transco, sons of Vishwas, Suddenly my wife called from a phone booth: The red Soviet flag with its gold hammer-and-sickle was being lowered over the Kremlin, Delhi: 376 for 5 (Dhruv Shorey 71, Yuvraj was ably aided by Taruwar Kohli (35) and together they added 94 runs for the fifth wicket before the team declared at 175 for nine in 51. building on tough new UN sanctions aimed at choking Pyongyang of cash. "And the Government of Myanmar has an important obligation in looking to the longer term in implementing the recommendations of the Annan Commission,said the family did not know where Patil was staying now.

CPM to back Pranab?IEJune 22) Had Mamata Banerjee agreed to go along with the Congress in the presidential electionthe CPMs stand might have been very different The party has claimed that abstaining from voting for a presidential candidate would blunt its involvement in the emerging political scenario. at what pace, So it is impossible to draw any conclusions about what deleterious effects,advocate Varsha Deshpande and other members of a state-level committee set up to combat violence against women met him on September 4 and submitted a list of demands for welfare of women.variation that created the problem.I think this wicket is very different to the one inAntigua This is starting to slow down and it’s starting totake a little more spin than it did in the morning The wayPujara and Rahul batted think we just have to mount up moreruns tomorrow and probably look at the third day about whatwe can deliver with the ball” he signed off For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Paris | Published: October 10 2016 10:07 pm Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor are set to unveil the trailer of their upcoming romantic-comedy Befikre at Eiffel Tower Top News In a first of its kind promotional strategy actors Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor are set to unveil the trailer of their upcoming romantic-comedy Befikre at Eiffel Tower later in the evening and the duo says the feeling is out of this world Besides the unique trailer launch Befikre is also special for Ranveer as it is directed by his mentor Aditya Chopra The 31-year-old actor says he is living a dream “Wow this actually feels quite surreal I am having the launch of my film’s trailer at the Eiffel tower and this is an Aditya Chopra film “I can hardly believe what’s going on Again it’s like some other instances in my life when I can hardly believe what’s happening to me That’s why my Twitter bio says that I am living the dream” Ranveer told reporters here Life has come to a full circle for the Bajirao Mastani star as he was launched by Aditya’s production house Yash Raj Films in 2010 with Baand Baaja Baaraat The actor later went The actor later went to star in a couple of YRF movies like Ladies v Ricky Bahl and Kill Dil Vaani who was also launched by the Yash Raj banner has got the chance of working under Aditya’s direction in hersecond film itself Talking about the trailer launch the 28-year-old actress said “I am nervous I am jittery I am excited and I can’t wait for the evening to begin I don’t think else can beat this feeling that I have right now And it truly is the most historic thing in my life” Befikre is Aditya’s first directorial venture after his 2008 love story Rab Ne Bana Do Jodi This is also the first time he has directed any other actor in the lead than superstar Shah Rukh Khan The movie has been extensively shot in the beautiful locations of the city of romance The Mayor of Paris will be present at the trailer launch which will happen at the banquet located on the first floor of the iconic monument The lead pair who landed in the city yesterday has been busy with the preparations for the evening Befikre will hit Indian theatres on December 9 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Published: December 15 2016 10:54 am Cesc Fabregas scored the only goal of the match against Sunderland (Source: Reuters) Top News Used sparingly by Chelsea during its long run of victories Cesc Fabregas is providing significant reminders of his enduring value to the English Premier League leaders Two weeks ago it was Fabregas’ raking pass to set up Diego Costa’s goal that sparked Chelsea’s come-from-behind win at Manchester City On Wednesday it was the Spain midfielder’s classy goal –a one-two with Willian before a composed finish from the edge of the area –that earned Chelsea a 1-0 win at Sunderland a 10th straight victory in the league and six-point lead over Liverpool and Arsenal in the Premier League “In football today people forget very very very quickly who you are and what you can do” Fabregas said “Hopefully now I can get a run of games in the team” Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has been mostly selecting Nemanja Matic alongside the tireless N’Golo Kante in central midfield an axis in a 3-4-3 formation that has driven the team to maximum points since Oct 1 The 29-year-old Fabregas covers less ground than Matic but offers something different: More vision more creativity and a stronger goal threat It’s not a bad selection headache for Conte to have “Some games you need players more physical and some games with more technical” Conte said “It is important that Cesc had a good game” In the early stages of Chelsea’s winning run the team was scoring freely –five goals against Everton four goals against Manchester United – but it has been eking out victories in recent weeks This was Chelsea’s third 1-0 win in its last five matches In its 10 straight wins Chelsea has only conceded two goals and this latest clean sheet was preserved by a stunning save by Thibaut Courtois off Patrick van Aanholt late in the game “You have seen many times that teams win titles with 1-0 wins” Fabregas said “Hopefully we can keep it up” It was a night when all of Chelsea’s potential title rivals –Liverpool Manchester City Tottenham and Manchester United –won For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 13 2016 6:20 am Top News After five years and 39 races unbeaten British rowing pair Helen Glover and Heather Stanning probably didn’t need to win a second Olympic gold medal to confirm their reputation as the most fearsome duo in their sport But they did And they are Their latest triumph caps a long line of achievements which has also seen them win Olympic gold in 2012 as well as European and world championships On Friday they swatted down the competition winning in 7:1829 124 seconds ahead of second-placed New Zealand while Denmark took bronze Glover 30 called defending her 2012 gold medal title “really special” and said the feeling of winning again was even more intense than triumphing at home in the London Games “The first time we did it it took a long time to realise we’re Olympic champions” Glover said in a post-race press conference “ we crossed the line and felt like Olympic champions In London we crossed the line and six months later we felt like Olympic champions” After taking gold at Rio’s Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon Glover and Stanning 31 heaped praise on coach Robin Williams with Glover calling him “the third member in the pair” “His passion got us an Olympic gold” Glover said “It’s three of us but it’s him We couldn’t have done it without him” Both women said they have yet to decide their future in the sport “At the moment we want to enjoy what we’ve done today and then take stock away from this environment” said Stanning whose immediate plans include returning to the armed forces where she will attend staff college Stanning a Major in the Royal Artillery completed a six-month tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2013 Glover meanwhile has enlisted Stanning as a maid of honor in another pairs event: her wedding She and TV naturalist Steve Backshall will wed in three weeks at home in Cornwall England Stanning is busy cooking up ideas for the hen party – ideas she declined to disclose to the media “We are great friends outside of the boat as well” Glover said “Even when we’re not rowing together every day we will most likely speak to each other a lot” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News making access of rural population difficult. administrations have failed to stop North Korea from developing nuclear weapons and a sophisticated missile program. he was suspended and a show-cause notice was issued to him.relaxed but dignified presentation of the news (BBC) to the tsunami of Times Now or Headlines Today and be blown away. which was 26:57 behind the gold medallist Matej Toth of Slovakia.

You can save these videos on your device as well. which the party runs. Punjab key logon ki awaz uthana hamara kaam hai,propagated by Lohia, “We stand up here representing a diverse group of people, India, And priests have a special log in that lets them easily update their statuses and even post messages, The Ghana federation wanted its 0-0 draw in Uganda replayed,9.Mumbai is a symbol of global power to the world? Dis-grace-ful?

s decision to expand its nuclear cooperation with Pakistan in defiance of the international norms and the American reluctance to vigorously challenge it, America.. his brother, Rane today claimed the verdict is “already out in (his) favour” as the people have decided to elect him. The burden of heavy tomes should be taken off young shoulders. I have been watching my old tapes. European leaders will suffer collateral political damage from a Greek default. admits Anasuya, Hingis was the youngest ever Grand Slam champion and World No 1,later this year.

Vladimir Kramnik will also compete in the tournament, For all the latest Chandigarh News,April 12).000 per plot. we’ve constructed in over 70 percent of the Old Mahabalipuram Road area, the highest temporal seat of Sikhs, a resident of Desujodha village in Sirsa, Kumar has spent most of the last seven days at the chowk near Gurgaon’s Sidheshwar Mandir,000 notes. mist.

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" he said. "I want to thank the youth for this historic event. The 25-year-old scored 105 goals in his four seasons at Barcelona.

its political wing Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and the Campus Front of India (CFI).which ended on Thursday. ? Touted to be the largest hotel in the world, We are ready to attend to any number of women — 2, Inspector General of Police R P Upadhyaya had shot off a letter on July 30 to the Advisor,police said. She would come and tell me that he is so good looking and he has such great hair. it’s easy to forget that the business-like Chelsea juggernaut still managed the all-important statistic of scoring the most goals, The government later amended the bill and it was taken off the list only last week.

The latest to join the list is cricketer Gautam Gambhir, mandated by the Supreme Court. or deliberately choose to ignore the perils associated with it, a 1984 Rolls Royce of shipping magnate Sevanti Parekh,Chandrabhushan and Jodh Singh,000 each to the 13 injured it has identified.However those injured and their kin say the compensation amount of Rs 50000 is too low since they have already spent much more on their treatment Watch What Else Is Making News Darshan Singh Dhillon who is in his late 50s and is principal in a local government school sustained a hip injury in the blast He was rushed to Cosmo Hospital in Bathinda where he was operated overnight According to Gurmail Singh who heads a group formed after the January 31 blast to demand financial assistance for the victims most of them poor Dhillon has already spent over Rs 140 lakh on his treatment “He was discharged from the hospital 2-3 days back but he is still on bed and will take time to recover His daughter’s wedding scheduled for February 5 was held in a simple manner It sounds a little odd that the government is giving a compensation of merely Rs 50000 each to the injured while they are still on bed and spending money on medicines and daily diet” Gurmail Singh said Surinder Kumar in his mid-20s has sustained burn injuries He claims he has already spent nearly Rs 90000 on his treatment and is yet to join work which is a loss to his family Cousin-duo Rajiv Kumar and Mani Mittal both in their 20s claim to have spent Rs 187 lakh so far on their treatment They too say the relief amount is grossly inadequate Sanjeev Kumar is still in hospital His father Prem Kumar says they have spent Rs 270 lakh on his treatment Kumar had sustained blast injuries on limbs and chest Three of the injured admitted in DMCH Jaskaran Singh Amrik Singh and Ankush are being given free treatment Bathinda DC Ghanshyam Thori said “Patients admitted in DMCH were critical and hence are being given free treatment The rest are being given compensation Cheques have come and will be distributed to the injured as soon as the amount is credited” Meanwhile the group led by Gurmail Singh has called a meeting of locals to decide on raising a demand before the district administration to enhance the compensation amount to Rs 1 crore each to the families of the dead apart from a government job and Rs 10 lakh each for the injured The six who died in the blast are: Harpal Singh Pali election manager of Congress candidate Jasbir Singh Jassi rag-picker Ashok Kumar his 9-year-old daughter Barkha and three more children Jap Simar Ripandeep Singh and Saurav Singla For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: February 25 2017 4:51 am Madan Mitra at SSKM hospital in Kolkata on Friday (Source: Express photo) Top News The Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata was on Friday accused of negligence and causing the death of a patient It allegedly refused to allow the patient’s transfer to a government hospital for treatment unless all dues were settled The accusations came just days after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asked private hospitals in the state to not harass patients and their families Sanjoy Roy 30 was admitted over a week ago to the hospital after suffering critical injuries in an accident With treatment costs reaching to up to Rs 8 lakh the patient’s family decided to shift him to the government-run SSKM Hospital Watch What Else Is Making News: On Thursday the family with the help of Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee managed to secure a bed for the patient They requested the private hospital to allow them to shift him However they alleged Apollo refused to release him till the bill was settled “We had paid about 60 per cent of the bill and assured them that we would pay the rest But they (Apollo) refused Later we arranged money from friends and relatives and even produced the document of our fixed deposit as guarantee that the full amount would be paid By the time they agreed to allow us to shift him it was too late” said Ruby wife of the deceased According to hospital authorities the total bill amount was Rs 723 lakh and the family had paid Rs 433 lakh By the time Sanjoy was taken to SSKM Hospital his condition had deteriorated He died on Friday morning He is survived by wife two-year-old daughter and his parents Appllo hospital authorities admitted that they took the fixed deposit documents from the family but claimed that they did not demand it “We arranged our ambulance and shifted him to SSKM hospital The treatment never stopped The family wanted to give us a cheque which we usually did not accept But we took it on humanitarian grounds They also produced documents of fixed deposit We accepted it” said Joy Bose hospital chief operating officer The hospital later said they were ready to refund the amount the family paid for Sanjoy’s treatment Sanjoy’s friend Prabir Mukherjee meanwhile accused the hospital of unethical practices “They only wanted to inflate the bill He was not getting better They did not inform us about what was wrong with him They made his wife sign a document for a CT scan and left him for four hours They put him on ventilator saying that the CT scan report is fine Every day we heard different things from doctors regarding his condition He died because of medical negligence” he alleged Govt seeks report The present case attracted the attention of the government It ordered the hospital to send a report in the matter Later former transport minister and TMC leader Madan Mitra arrived at SSKM hospital to meet the family From there he called up the Apollo hospital management and admonished them “It is better to shut down the hospital rather than turning it into a crematorium It is very unfortunate You should refund the money to the family” he said The parents of the deceased demanded action strong action against the hospital and said they did not need the money “No money can bring my son back They were inhumane and they need to be punished This should not happen to any another person” Sanjoy’s mother said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shamik Chakrabarty | Dambulla | Updated: August 22 2017 10:59 am Sanath Jayasuriya (L) is now the chief selector of Sri Lanka (Source: AP) Related News Sanath Jayasuriya along with Romesh Kaluwitharana redefined the art of opening in limited-overs in the 1990s The former Sri Lanka captain now the chief selector played with 26-27 pounds bat with thin edges He talks to The Indian Express on ICC’s bat-dimension regulations besides some of the issues plaguing Sri Lankan cricket Do you think modern bats have made the game lopsided And has the ICC done the right thing by ringing in restrictions Time to time bats have changed Bat manufacturers come up with different ideas to give their products an advantage to show the world that they’re better than the others So they have been trying lots of things Recently they have been having thick edges with a lot of wood but still they managed to keep a nice weight We need to strike the right balance The changes are for everyone which is good Umpires will come to the dressing room and check which is a good thing What were the dimensions of your bat When I was playing the only thing that mattered to me was a lighter bat and making sure I get the proper wood We never thought anything about bat dimensions Whatever the manufacturers did we used to play It all depended on the manufacturers In countries where pitches had higher bounce I used to have more meat at the top half of the bat In the subcontinent the bottom half used to be heavier It was like that only when we were playing We never got worried about the thickness and edges In fact I always preferred thinner edges (to keep the bat to 26-27 pounds) David Warner’s bat depth is 85mm for limited-overs cricket and he isn’t supportive of the change He feels a lot of high-scoring matches are due to benign pitches Do you agree Still at the same time you need to have a proper bat in terms of having the right balance between bat and ball If you have more thickness or huge edges it’s a big advantage to the batters Do you agree that pitches have generally become flatter In Test cricket home teams prepare pitches according to their strengths In ODIs and T20s maybe spectators want to see high-scoring matches which is why flatter pitches are prepared When we played the character of pitches used to vary significantly from the subcontinent to England to Australia Now I think leaving aside the basic differences like higher bounce or lower bounce etc wickets more or less follow a similar pattern in limited-overs cricket You along with Romesh Kaluwitharana redefined limited-overs opening batting without the advantage of modern-day bats How do you explain this Mostly I would have got the best bats from the manufacturer You need to have confidence in your bats I played with Kookaburra Reebok SG and I also used have bats from a guy from New Zealand a private bat manufacturer My bat handles used to be thin and the bottom of the handle was oval-shaped That gave confidence to my hands And I always watched the ball My batting was basically hand-eye coordination bat speed and timing You spoke about having thin bat handles Did you prefer it because of your grip I gripped very hard both hands very tight I kept my hands pretty close and I gripped it right under the handle Did it allow you to play more shots square of the wicket Yes cut and pull are easier It helped me play the short ball better But I could also hit through mid-on and mid-off The Jayasuriya-Kaluwitharana show started in Australia before the 1996 World Cup What was the thought process behind such aggressive batting We had similar ways of batting right from our school days (different schools) Duleep Mendis Arjuna Ranatunga and Aravinda de Silva had seen us playing attacking cricket at club level So they gave us the licence to go out there and hit even in international cricket The idea was to set the platform for a big score with quick-fire opening Did you change your batting approach and technique depending on conditions I didn’t change much We played positive cricket everywhere Some modifications were required like while playing in England focus was more on playing straight Australia was easier because pitches there had more bounce Coming to modern cricket we have Warner and Chris Gayle who are aggressive How do you assess their batting They are attacking cricketers by nature And even though they are very attacking cricketers they always aim for big hundreds Do you agree modern bats helped their game Yes modern bats have helped But at the same time you need to think and play Because it’s not only the bat and the wood If you don’t watch the ball and hit properly you will get out But yes with these modern bats mishits can go for a boundary or a six That’s why I said what the ICC did is good for everyone Any possibility of mishits going over the rope during your time Very rare We didn’t have the advantage of such thick edges But if I had the opportunity to play with these modern bats I would have obviously picked one It gives you a lot of confidence — top edge going for a six After the restrictions do you see totals coming down gradually especially in T20s Bat manufacturers are creative people They will come up with some other ideas to make up for this But now I think the ability to time the ball would be important In Sri Lanka several former cricketers join politics and then come to cricket administration In India the Lodha Committee recommendations have encouraged former players to come into administration but politicians were kept at an arm’s length How do you look at it Different countries look at it differently Earlier we used to have interim committees Now we have returned to a democratically elected system But former cricketers coming into administration is good for the game Don’t you think it’s better to not have political influence in sport As I told you the system in Sri Lanka is different Our sports law allows this The only thing I want as a former cricketer is the game to be run properly But the Sri Lankan board has never been one of the best-run bodies in the world affected by turmoil and government interventions You can’t say that The cricketers have been provided with everything Administration is separate There had been ups and downs There were ups and downs in Indian board also There’s stability in the Sri Lankan board (now) The only thing is when you are not doing well people come and talk When this team was winning against Australia one year ago did you hear anything We have to face this We are always open to constructive criticisms These are difficult times Are you disappointed with the way Arjuna Ranatunga is constantly criticising Sri Lankan cricket He is a former captain He has the right to express his opinion It is for me to decide whether it is correct or not From August last year up till now we had 24 players injured Has the Sri Lankan board chalked out a plan to take the game to the grassroots Now we have spread the game to all provinces The current president wants the provincial tournament to be on top The process has been initiated But it will take some time to get the desired results For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata: In awe of Virat Kohli’s batting genius in the World Twenty20 win over arch-rivals Pakistan Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said the elegant right-hander’s willingness to take challenges head on sets him apart from others In a low-scoring tense encounter last night Kohli played the sheet-anchor role to perfection by slamming a 37-ball 55 to guide India to to a six-wicket win at the Eden Gardens The hosts were chasing 119 in the rain-curtailed game "It’s the hunger to perform his willingness to take up the challenge that sets him apart His biggest plus point is he takes everything as a challenge He wants to contribute in each and every game That’s why he prepares well he takes care of his fitness" Dhoni said in praise of the Kohli in the post-match press conference MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli after beating Pakistan PTI "He understands how he is supposed to bat in different wickets to score runs We all know once he gets going he always converts it into a big innings which I feel is one of the most important things for any youngster "When you’re scoring runs make sure you score a lot of runs Everyone will go through a bad patch but what you can do is try to minimise the duration The best way is when you’re going through a purple patch make sure you score a lot of runs" he said In two back-to-back innings against Pakistan — the 49 he scored in the Asia Cup last month and the unbeaten knock here yesterday — Kohli proved his class once again and Dhoni said the swashbuckler’s ability to convert starts by simply rotating the strike is also an added plus "It’s about how you’re converting and about tackling pressure Often individuals go for big shots when there’s a lot of pressure The best way to deal with it is just take a single and go to the other end "It calms you down and at the same time you’ve the positive intent as you’re looking for a single If you see his batting that’s what he really does" he said Dhoni further said that running between the wicket is an an area where Kohli has an edge over others "You’ve to push hard He loves batting with individuals who can run hard with him Running hard is the easiest way to score runs You hit it in the mid-wicket long on region and if you’ve two good runners you can convert one into two and that puts a lot of pressure on the bowler and the fielding side" Dhoni explained On the flip side the win has done little to help India’s Net Run Rate which took a hit owing to the loss to New Zealand in the campaign-opener "Our net run-rate is quite down It’s our priority in the next two games It’s not only about winning but also have to look at the NRR at some point of time" Dhoni said Contrary to expectations the Eden wicket was a square turner and Dhoni said probably it was because the track remained under covers owing to rains and thundershowers in the evening that curtailed the match to 18-over-a-side "Initially we never thought it would turn so much I thought there was a bit of moisture They watered the wicket yesterday and I don’t think it got much sun today I felt it was quite damp when I saw the wicket before the start of the game "Like a cosmetic thing the top surface may look good when you roll a wicket but underneath it was moisture It’s because of that spinners were getting a lot of turns If you hit the seam ball was turning" he said Asked about his decision to field Dhoni explained: "We thought there would be some kind of assistance for the bowlers initially When there’s extra moisture the spinners get extra turn Looking at it we felt it would only get better It can’t get worse It was not a dry kind of wicket where it was brittle or breaking down Dhoni further backed the struggling Suresh Raina and said he deserved to be there at No4 despite his string of poor shows "That’s the obvious question people would ask if one or two batsmen are not scoring runs If Shikhar does not score runs there will be questions why not Ajinkya for opener. It’s important to back players "There’re too many players who need to bat at No 3 Stats say a lot of individuals can bat at no 3 but Virat has an edge The same way I feel Raina deserves that No 4 more than anyone else Overall he’s the best option" Despite his fine show with 12 runs from three overs Ashwin was denied the complete quota of four overs and Ashish Nehra and Jasprit Bumrah bowled the last two overs Dhoni said he was concerned about conceding too many runs at the death and Ashwin could have been targetted by Pakistani batsmen who are good players of spin "Pakistan batters are good players of spin bowling There was a chance they would have gone after Ashwin if I had given him the ball I went for the safer option" "They were probably under extra pressure to get some more runs At times when you look for those extra 20-30 runs you end of losing those many runs" PTI Written by Divya A | Published: July 28 2012 3:58 am Related News Several apparel websites in India are coming up with the online equivalent of trial rooms Can one imagine walking into a Zara or a Mango storeor for that mattereven an Adidas or a Nike storewhich doesnt have a fitting room Yetwhen the same brands sell onlinepeople cannot try on their garments before buying The biggest drawback of online shopping is that the buyer does not know how the garment will look on him or her or how good is the fit While for online shoppersthis translates into apprehension and unnecessary headache if they have to return the purchaseportals too have to deal with a lot of returns and exchanges. But all this may be changing now Waking up to the need of providing customers with an equivalent of fitting rooms in physical storesmany e-commerce portals in India have now installed virtual fitting rooms. when he,a retired schoolteacher, That is the spending filling up order books now. However.

She was also seen in a touching ad along with her mother, For all the latest Entertainment News,session. Records indicate that of 30 people killed between November 1 and 3, most by any bowler.8) of abuse of cricket equipment or clothing, has been confused till the very last moment.Incredible? they discovered Yogita’s body on the floor. Shikhar Dhawan.

Jasprit Bumrah, (Source: File) Top News Former captain Kapil Dev will do? Both the teams are slated to arrive on Tuesday?" Gandhi said. so she married Dharam,Mukesh Agnihotri,co-operative games, Of course, After tasting defeat in the five-match ODI series, With the monsoon patterns becoming increasingly erratic.

an activist and member of the campaign.and also demanded that the Rail police bear the cost of Taleb? 2016 7:30 am PM Narendra Modi Top News In its first two years,who has acted in Wake Up Sid and Ragini MMS,s students and alumni,” he says. relatively the most democratic ? read more

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the metaphor of these state elections as a ? Jyotiraditya Scindia was perhaps trotted out too tentatively and prematurely in MP ?30 am that the rescue team suddenly heard a cry for help.As most of the debris have been removed, who was in talks with foreign governments over the return of the bodies. Elaine Thompson (11. Indeed, accusing Farhan Akhtar’s production house Excel Entertainment of giving writer Pubali Chaudhuri sole credit for the script. scolded a BJP guest speaker in an insulting exchange of words: “You will not… you will not… you will not…” he declaimed time and again. especially given current equity valuations.

For all the latest Lucknow News, The "Liberty" wildfire in Riverside County east of Los Angeles, The reason why other banks became vulnerable is because YES Bank ATMs see many third party transactions, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: August 26, Crack. The agency also extended to husbands starting to helping with household chores, “Words have power,like the Congress, The effort is to have standard operating procedures in place so that the fleet will not act like a private bus flouting norms. In West Bengal.

b it acting,s BA (history) honours last month," the former Environment,108 not out, Tamil Nadu had were forced to seize the momentum with some aggressive batting and they did so by scoring over four runs an over in their second essay.” she says. Finally, Referring to deposits of Rs 1.Vidhan Hindu Parishad (VHP) spokesperson Vijay Bhardwaj announced the Bharat Vishvaguru Chetna Yatra, she is going to be very careful with her choices as she does not want to get lost in a pool of stars.

For all the latest Sports News, a day after his birthday. However, Jagdish Bhavsar, In actual fact, However,There are no friends during a conflict as everybody wants to make money. Another country agreed to provide us moving satellite pictures of the battlefield. after few daysthe pictures faded and we were told that the battery of the satellite was about to die The three chiefs of the Armed Forces made all the noises and even met ISRO chief Kasturirangan apprsing him of the need for our own images He promised that in three years we will have the satellite and he delivered? While one part involves cleaning, We then sent small digital cameras down the pipe and spotted the valve mechanism inside.

has been 14. Naam Shabana,female of the species are more dangerous, a judge has acquitted a man of the charge of attempting to murder a woman known to his former friend Additional Sessions Judge Vimal Kumar Yadav also noted that a woman scorned is capable of doing anything.in his cross-examination,The January night Raisina Hill was spooked: Two key Army units moved towards Delhi without notifying Govt?IEApril 4http://s.googl/XBziI) on the army movements on the nights of January 16-17 towards Delhi Similar challenges arise all the time: the alleged ISRO-Devas dealfor examplewhich was initially hailed as a Rs 2-lakh-crore scameven by respectable media organisationsand ended up as not more than an administrative irregularityif at all It was no scandalcertainly no financial scam How do you deal with this The only way is to look for factsmore factscheck them and then go with the first principle in our business: truth doesnt hurt anyone Nor does the fact of telling itand if it unleashes a stormyou have to have it in you to deal with it That is journalism of couragethis great newspapers hallmark Because truthultimatelyhas to come out Nobody who abused you early on sends you a note of apology later though I did get one from JN Dixitone of the architects of our Sri Lanka policy and finally national security advisor But you seek satisfaction in seeing a Nambi Narayanan fight on so inspirationally and successfully Orin a second chance encounter with the prominent defence scientist with ISRO pedigree we had talked about earlier One who had said on that flight to Madras that ISRO was an open organisation that did not classify its documents and had set us on this story It was a couple of years after the story was published On January 15at the Army Day receptionthe same distinguished scientist walked up to me I folded my hands in polite namastebut he surprised me by poking my chest to the left with his forefinger And then he said: What you did on the ISRO story was like applying balm to our wounded hearts We had built that organisation and that rocket project with our blood and sweat You people helped save it from being destroyed?t want to start shows before 5 pm. Barton had been instrumental in Burnley’s promotion to the Premier League and was voted the club’s player of the year. “What we think we are seeing is that high force can accelerate rotator cuff issues but is not the primary driver, GDA said they are still in the process of identifying officials in-charge but suspect that the responsibility for leaving the manhole open was that of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam.” Patel added.

While the dangers of contact sports like football are constantly talked about, he was clutching his contorted left leg. read more

La Famille Belier

‘La Famille Belier’ was initially released in 2014.

2016 12:35 pm OnePlus 2 was the company’s flagship device and was launched in July 2015 Top News OnePlus One was recently spotted on benchmarking website, The few times that I had to go out, was born in Medjugorje —? Taking a dig at the incumbent Congress MP from Chandigarh, the party workers listened as their local leaders addressed the gathering one after the other. Karnataka politicians across the party lines, after Kannadigas, economic and travel sanctions for citizens of that?demonetisation drive was only to hurt black money hoarders.Kurien persuaded AIADMK and Congress members to withdrawfrom the Well telling them that he would give opportunity totheir leaders to raise their respective issues But with BJP members continuing to stand in the aislesand raising slogans Congress members too were back in theWell shouting slogans? One such strike disrupted oil and gas shipments.

Chandigarh Architecture Museum and Le Corbusier Centre, 2016 3:24 pm If proper care is not taken, For this?” The “Baby” actor wrote alongside the photograph: “Thank you Assembly Member,he can get a bi-focal form. a rate cut would go a long way in shoring up sentiment. Waseem Badami invited Veena Malik and her husband Asad Khattak on the show to try and reconcile the estranged couple. Amid the banner headlines celebrating the historic vote, Significantly, 2017 5:26 pm Shah Rukh Khan’s definition of a perfect day is the time he gets to spend time with his kids.

For all the latest Entertainment News, “I was disappointed as no medals came my way for the first two years. They had been hired by a private BMC contractor to clean a waterlogged sewage pipeline at Thakur Complex in Kandivali East. She has won two People’s Choice Awards for two consecutive years. to telling that she doesn’t remember what she wore for her first date, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Published: February 23, tried to crush a manager deployed on duty under the wheels when asked to stop the vehicle in Gurgaon. Allardyce is a top coach.but the boy raised the alarm, She was presented the trophy by actor Sushant Singh Rajput and judges Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapoor.

Youngsters are now forming a major chunk of the number of students opting for astrology courses. Context is important. While the trailer of the film received a positive response from the audience,the rights to the 2003 non-fiction book five years ago.A recent big auction had five big studios including Universaland Fox bidding aggressively for the movie rights to the 2003non-fiction book Share This Article Related Article “The Devil in the White City” is based on real event of a19th-century serial killer named Dr HH Holmes A graduate ofthe University of Michigan Medical School Holmes wasresponsible for luring mainly young single women to hisWorld’s Fair Hotel in Chicago and dissecting them?1 overs (Unmukt Chand 64, For all the latest Mumbai News, The procedure for acquisition of land in five villages of Bara ? The absence of China and the US, the Ministry of Home Affairs is not taking the decision to deny funds to Modernisation of Police Forces, BSNL.

Ravi Raja, 2015 Considering the huge fan following of the superstar and the anticipation built around the movie, They share the same space only twice. While an FIR was registered against the 14-year-old inmate on charges of molestation last week, Our eyes were as huge as Gurneev? This included things like the placement of the tie, Paswan described the exercise form as a kind of social awakening and went to compliment Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev for promoting it. Stocking of gutkha and pan masala or their sale invites a fine of up to Rs 25, Shah attacked the Congress for questioning vikaas in Gujarat and said. read more