Weather Eye Storms clear for sunny dads day

first_imgHappy Father’s Day!Skies cleared and the rain dissipated as we entered into the weekend and we will squeeze out a relatively pleasant Father’s Day. No worry though, another pesky upper level low is just off the coast and will bring a chance of showers or light rain Monday through Thursday before we repeat another dry weekend.The weather this coming week will be somewhat similar to last week weatherwise and, as always, it depends just where and how long that low pressure system hangs around. The showers should not be as intense, as the air aloft will be warmer.We managed to reach 80 degrees Saturday, which in my book is just about right for a summer day.While we cool down to the upper 60s or low 70s this week, Fairbanks Alaska will be basking in 24 hours of daylight with highs of 90 degrees. Somehow that doesn’t seem right, does it? Oh well, it is a little too hot to head south so maybe head north for the heat. I guess our dependable summer weather will arrive as usual after July 5.Vancouver picked up .94 of an inch of rain this past week including a record setting .55 of an inch Wednesday. Temperaturewise we are pretty much close to normal — about one half degree above average.The instability showers that rolled through the region Thursday deposited some large amounts of rain, nearly an inch in Kelso and spawned a tornado briefly in McMinnville, Ore. There were only four tornadoes reported in the United States on Thursday with one in Oregon. Several other funnel clouds were sighted in Oregon too. These are cold core funnels often seen around March and April.last_img

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