Entrepreneurship is difficult the most difficult is the idea of entrepreneurship

business, in many people’s imagination, is the two guys in the garage, or in the student dormitory, McCain out of an idea, and then find an investor or VC, after a few words to explain, VC clapped, within 10 minutes, decided on the spot, down $20 million then, the two guy recruiting work overtime, launched the products and services, the results hit the red one time, so the listing of the company, good writings make people copy them., between the two boys became overnight millionaires and billionaires…… Such a thing in real life is actually very rare, if everyone has such a luck to start a business, the business magazine to write a good story no one will read. read more

Chain industry is MLM teach you to distinguish authenticity

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth! read more

2016 is suitable for individual shop items

is now in 2016, we must also be in the new year in the plan, right? Do you want to start a business in 2016? What are the entrepreneurial projects that are suitable for individuals? Today, we sorted out a number of individual shops for the entrepreneurial projects, come and see.

puzzle shop

for nowadays a lot of people in pursuit of both personality and can bring fun leisure, can open a can make consumers for entertainment, but also can decorate the Home Furnishing gift shop, puzzle. Shopping malls in the large shopping center rent more than and 10 square meters of shops, plus decoration, personnel wages and cost of goods, the initial investment of about $50 thousand. It is worth noting that, at the time of purchase should pay attention to control the quantity, choose the varieties, each variety to purchase less quantity, to pull the consumption level, different levels to meet customer requirements. read more

Fuji Taiwan snack procedure

snacks to join what project? Fuji Taiwan snacks must be a good brand to join. Fuji Taiwan snacks under the Ji’nan Jingxin culture dissemination limited company, provide technical training for snack authority joining, snack equipment wholesale and snack ingredients and other special services.

company has more than 20 food and beverage industry authority lecturer, all from the local restaurant, working for 30 years, taught snacks variety, taste pure, fresh, fragrant, spicy hemp, lead a person to endless aftertastes ages. Fuji Taiwan snack cart, stainless steel body, no smoke and no pollution, convenience and energy saving, and internal closed mechanical structure, strong firepower, energy saving and environmental protection, the cooking speed is two times more than ordinary snack cart, fried, fried, cooked, fried, steamed, boiled, stewed, simmered, eight kinds of practice everything handy. Steamed buns, noodles, wonton…… Varieties of more than 160 kinds, thousands of flavors, a car in hand, make money without worry. read more

40 year old entrepreneurial success stories to share

we have a lot of life in the case of husband and wife entrepreneurship, the couple arrived at the age of 40, entrepreneurship is not impossible. The couple started the textile shop, can build up the family fortunes dream, today we will introduce to share 40 entrepreneurial success stories, come and see.

5 years ago, Zhou Zhibin and his wife try holding the mentality, to 2000 yuan started, opened a textile store. Today, his home textile store turnover has reached millions of dollars.

2000 yuan started a small shop read more

Graduated from selling dumplings for two years in the end is how the wealth of millions of buns sold

graduated from a famous university, a student of electronic technology professional, but graduated from selling dumplings, all wealth of millions of years! This steamed stuffed bun in the end is how to sell? As the top students of Tongji University, Chen Kai gave up his life in the big city office, and the choice of home business selling dumplings. The following is the entrepreneurial story Chen Kai sold dumplings for college students.

in Changning District Anxi road Anhua Road intersection, Jiang Rongxing steamed hall shop is very eye-catching, blue cards read "Jiang Rongsing" three words, there are a Chinese wearing traditional clothing of the boy’s head. This is a shop selling steamed buns, noodles, rice and other Chinese snacks, fast food stores, every meal time, attracted a large number of neighbourhood. read more

Fish dishes Hot pot fire characteristics Hot pot brand market development


Hot pot now as delicacy food and beverage industry’s most popular, popular development has been in the market have very high, with the current economic development continues to improve, people’s demand is also constantly changing, the traditional Hot pot has been unable to meet the needs of consumers in many rows, launch fish dishes on fire Hot pot, good to meet the current consumer demand, launched a special fish Hot pot products, the market has won a good reputation. Join the investment fish dishes Hot pot fire, harvest more successful wealth. read more

Do you have a market prospect

Liangshan one hundred single eight hero, this is the inside story of outlaws of the marsh, but to the heart with a classic character is Wu Dalang, because of the tragic fate of Chinese so deeply the sympathy of the people, at the same time we see the story of Wu Dalang is also very interested in Clay oven rolls. Now there is a famous brand of Dalang Clay oven rolls, by providing a fragrance for consumers naturally popular Clay oven rolls, entrepreneurs want to choose Dalang Dalang Clay oven rolls to join, join Clay oven rolls money? Here we give you analyze. read more

2015 entrepreneurial business through these small businesses to make money

we are also in the preparation of entrepreneurship? So, do you want to do what you want to do? If you want to start a business, then this article should be useful to you. Today Xiaobian to introduce entrepreneurship in 2015, these small projects allow you to win in the year of 2015.

2015 entrepreneurial business by: convenience supermarket

read more

How to bargain a of customers

for customers, as long as things will certainly buy a counter-offer, but for the owners, a lot of goods prices have been very cheap, the customer is still bargaining, people are very disgusted. However, if you can not be a scientific decline in customer counter-offer, I’m afraid it will lose more customers. So, how to decline the customer’s counter-offer?

for US retailers, in the daily operation of every hue will meet customers, the customers love to bargain because as a no lack of such people, buyers, everyone wants to buy the lowest price to the most suitable products, this is as unalterable principles. However, in the face of customer bargaining, different retailers have different ways to reject the counter-offer, of course, the results vary widely. read more

Do retail business also need to be diligent in accumulation

is different from some of the big shops, for the retail store, the shop owner himself is a shopping guide, direct and customer dealings. Now, it is no exaggeration to say that the retail store can see the blossom everywhere, the wrong way of retail stores. This will undoubtedly increase the competitiveness of the business, some retail bosses lamented business difficult to do. But in the fierce competition, there is still a lot of business owners made smooth, bonanza.

actually, it has a lot to do with the skills and skills of retail owners. Good business owners really put their hearts into the business, as a career to do it, always intentions, always use love. Of course, this performance in many ways, I think: diligent accumulation, good customer shopping guide is one of the very important aspects. read more

Chat to 2 million yuan to start the capital of college students strange venture

now in our country and our national government as a whole is very encouraging and supporting some college students entrepreneurship, at the same time, also developed a lot of different policies to achieve the objective of entrepreneurship and rich to help the students relaxed, there are now more and more students go on the road of entrepreneurship.

read more

What are the main methods of evaluating the franchisee Business

a franchise in the end is not worthy of our trust, which also requires us to assess from more aspects, and then can know the answer. In short, in the venture to join, choose to join the Lord is a very important thing. In the selection of franchisees, to join the main assessment work must not be less, because only to join the main correct evaluation, in order to obtain an important basis for the choice of joining, a basis can really choose the right to join the lord. Here to introduce how to evaluate the franchisee. read more

Chicken delicacy fast food brands the devil

year all have their own brand of opera was born, for example, now the catering industry is one of the devil in chicken. The chicken as a new small artistes fast food industry, in recent years has been slowly in the commercial street, snack street occupies a space for one person. Chicken devil called tomorrow’s fast food star, the development prospects are very impressive. As a businessman, you still hesitant what?. Open the road to riches, there is no need to hesitate. The following Xiaobian to learn about the chicken demon bar, look at how to join. read more

Yuan Fengjuan university graduates entrepreneurship pie earning million net

if you graduated from college with a stable job, would you quit and go to the streets to sell cookies? I think a lot of people’s answers are negative, however, the hero of this article is not the case! Girl quit working independent small business street, the monthly income of 10000 yuan sell scones. Despite their own business is very hard, but the girl is still optimistic about the face of Yuan Fengjuan, toward the dream of their own hearts.

and eat become attached to

own business selling cake read more

Steamed bun is good investment world

steamed stuffed bun, always very attractive. Steamed buns? High quality delicious, small venture worthy of trust. Steamed steamed buns? For the small business franchisees, no doubt, is a very good business opportunities.

steamed buns? Steamed bun is recognized by consumers of the brand, of course, is very good. In the process of making the product, which followed the traditional steamed stuffed bun production process, and in the traditional steamed stuffed bun production process has been improved, the selection of R & D team to develop the material package, so that the unique taste, unity. Filling fresh and fragrant, oil and not greasy, nutrient rich, three meals a day, men and women love to eat. The use of advanced baking technology, a fast speed, that is to buy instant meals. Products rich in varieties of North and South characteristics of flavor in one, so that consumers do not like the brand? read more

Shenzhen wild zoo staged Peacock

animals have been brought to the healing effect, a lot of people like to go to the zoo to play, with it, can bring more convenience to people. An interesting phenomenon occurred in a zoo in Shenzhen.

at the Shenzhen wild animal zoo rhino Park, a white rhinoceros is beside the manger eating breeder ready for its food, a bright color screen with the peacock tail rhino broke into the residence, cautiously approached the rhinos also attempt to grab a cup of soup". However, it seems that the rhinoceros is not willing to share their food with the peacock, the rhinoceros with his head on the peacock to the top of the body, not to let the peacock close. read more

China specialty Changji Museum launched successy in Xinjiang whole

The arrival of the era of the Internet

let us have a fundamental change in the way of shopping, online shopping has been more and more respected by the people, in the online shopping has become a common thing. Chinese specialty · Changji Museum "today’s successful on-line in Xinjiang County of Jimsar, Xinjiang Department of Commerce Party member and deputy director of congratulate fragrance, deputy governor of Xinjiang Changji Mo Weigang, Xinjiang Jimsar county Party Secretary Hao Yongjun, deputy secretary of Xinjiang, Changji business bureau Party Secretary Zhang Mingqing, general manager of Xinjiang western legend Li Luyu common light science and technology limited company crystal ball. read more

Litton keyless intelligent safety door to join a good brand friendsex

health and safety, to choose Litton keyless intelligent safety door? The quality of the project to choose the best choice for entrepreneurs, business with a small capital. Litton keyless intelligent safety door to the choice of the project, what are you waiting for? Hurry up!

no good Litton brand key intelligent safety door trusted. Today, the market a lot of smart security door, cohabitation. Litton keyless intelligent safety door with twenty years of industry experience, to Litton so that each piece is more excellent, durable, reliable performance, and in recent years, focusing on the research and development of high-tech intelligent safety door. Research and development of the industry’s new keyless intelligent security door, so that science and technology to change the lives of millions of families at ease. read more

Skipping ten brands list the whole

in a variety of sporting goods, rope skipping, although small, but it is a very high penetration rate of a commodity, and if used properly, the amount of exercise is also very large. Of course, no matter what the current market consumption of products, will focus on brand choice. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of rope skipping bar.


skipping brand ranking NO.1, Dragon Flower – Guangdong Shantou and athletics skipping-rope Co. ltd..

Professional Athletics skipping-rope R & D and production enterprises, the national outstanding patent products, skipping the ten brands, Guangdong and the Shantou athletics skipping-rope Co. ltd.. read more