Operating jewelry stores need to pay attention to what

fashion jewelry no matter what time, are very popular, but the corresponding market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. So, we take the road of entrepreneurship, but also need to pay attention to many aspects of business problems. Since young people are fond of wearing jewelry, the jewelry market is very large, very promising, and the small jewelry stores investment is relatively low, very suitable for small business investment, then you want to shop if you should pay attention to what? read more

What money can not get early financing

early in the capital generally appear sleepy, many investors tend to look for investors to finance. But is financing really a 100 percent reliable way? Of course not, it is necessary to know that some money is not an early start financing. Specific what money, we can see from the following specific.

1, unequal terms

the early start can not finance what money? If in the investment agreement, the emergence of excessive shares, abnormal gambling, all kinds of strict supervision and other terms, or is to negotiate with investors, or may be considered appropriate for investors. read more

What are the hot pot franchise promotions

industry competition, businesses need to find ways to improve their competitive advantage. Hot pot franchise operators can start from the promotion. To attract more consumer attention with more appropriate promotional activities. If you do not know where to start, you can take a look at the small series of recommendations that can be useful to you.

a coupon promotion

under what circumstances is it appropriate? When the store turnover is declining, you can send coupons. Meet the competitor’s low-cost attack, in order to keep the old customers, you can send coupons. Just opened, in order to expand the influence, you can offer coupons in the surrounding area. In order to improve customer loyalty, you can also give the appropriate concessions to the old customers. read more

Qinghai Xining expand employment to create an integrated service chain

as the western region, Qinghai has lagged behind the eastern provinces and regions. This year, Xining chose to explore the future development path from the direction of public entrepreneurship, and to help young entrepreneurs to learn and access to resources, stimulate the enthusiasm of the people of entrepreneurship, and promote regional economic development.

"start looking for work, sweep the two-dimensional code," supermarket "platform of full awareness." West District human resources and Social Security Bureau, said Wei Xia, director of. In July this year, the area of employment and entrepreneurship on the WeChat platform since the line, increasing the amount of attention, more and more interactive, entrepreneurs, employees and enterprises to achieve rapid dating". read more

The starting point for the success of 10 self made entrepreneurial ideas

Now a lot of people for the

investment is very interested, but do not have a good business idea, or because of the lack of funds, in fact, all of these are not a problem, as long as want to start, there will be a good idea, let’s look at some white a good idea.

1, the logistics distribution

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What are the channels for the purchase of snacks

whether children or adults, are very love to eat snacks, healthy and delicious snacks are all very love, is a very good business, choose a snack items is not easy, but want to snack franchise business is more difficult, which for the majority of zero food franchise owner, it is important to find the appropriate purchase channels, cost and benefits always linked to natural snacks affecting the majority of practitioners heart.

open a snack shop to purchase channels which? Local can run their own wholesale market procurement, if it is the field of specialty food, can be purchased through different networks. Note that the snack shop purchase must be in the formal channels, first of all to ensure the quality of food, secondly to ensure food safety, some children’s food bag clip with toys, we must carefully check the children’s toy play will not hurt. read more

The second Dalian science and technology entrepreneurship contest officially launched a large number

is the core technology of entrepreneurial innovation and entrepreneurship, Dalian city in order to encourage more researchers to set up science and technology entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship competition, now the second officially launched, this is a very good opportunity for enterprises and entrepreneurs, let’s take a look!

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How to operate a jewelry store do not rush to shop

now the country has introduced policies to support entrepreneurship so young people to develop their own career is the primary choice, when it comes to business will have to mention joining. Now is the biggest advantage of the franchise model can reduce the risks of investment and management, but how to join the jewelry business is a problem, although the headquarters will open training, but some jewelry business skills or to master the. How to open a good jewelry store how to operate a jewelry store, we will look at some of the jewelry business skills!

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How to make the business more prosperous home fishing tackle shop

in the current entrepreneurial tide among them, open a shop is very simple, but want to let the shop business is booming, naturally we need to master the relevant skills. So, how to make the business more prosperous to open a fishing tackle shop? Let Xiaobian for your analysis.

fishing tackle shop two years we have been trying to explore the experience, in order to gradually scale. Fortunately, we start by two counter and a shelf, for now the development of the business area of 100 square meters; from the beginning don’t know what is "Xie rice", now only bait fish there are hundreds of species; from the beginning of the customer to go behind the word "fishing tackle Guinness, nothing to what" to the customer had lamented: "fishing tackle Daquan, full varieties really ah!" read more

Ji’nan veteran high tech zone to the two venture to seek new development

is not only the innovation of emerging regional events, Ji’nan high tech Zone has experienced 25 years of development is also very valued the double opportunity to seize this opportunity and realize the two innovation of high-tech zones "".

25 year old Ji’nan hi tech Zone once again ignited passion and dreams. In 10, the high-tech zone held a mobilization meeting again, high-tech zone sounded a new round of development of the assembly, embarked on a new journey of entrepreneurship again. read more

Taobao female shoe store purchase method

is now open in the Taobao online female shoe shop is very much, if you want to get a very good store operations, not only need to have a variety of business skills, first need to be clear about the store purchase mode. So, Taobao shoe store way of purchase? Let Xiaobian for you to resolve.


shop can not only kill time but also earn money, so there are a lot of people to follow the trend set up Taobao female shoe, but want to open shop, we must first solve Taobao shoes purchase, but because the new shop owners do not have the purchase experience, what to do? The following small series from the current situation for the shop owners who analyze the way Taobao shoes purchase. read more

Micro business can replace the status of Taobao

now this society, has not heard of micro business people is too OUT. In the face of the bottleneck when the Taobao shopkeepers, micro business has been explosive development, from the computer to the phone, micro business has almost replaced Taobao platform to become the first choice for young entrepreneurs.

1, the status quo comparison: Taobao is the Red Sea, micro business is blue ocean

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ntegrity management to win customers favor

what kind of business strategy for the operation of the store, which will have a great impact on the store’s operating results. For retail stores, the business is good or not, and cigarette sales will have a great relationship. After all, as the saying goes, "no smoking". Thus, cigarette sales in a store occupies a very important position. Cigarette is a leading department store, is the cornerstone of other commodities sales". Due to the huge profits of cigarette sales, many retail customers pay great attention to the store’s cigarette sales, but also make great efforts to learn the marketing skills of cigarettes. read more

Organized by the University of Yantai University entrepreneurial salon guide entrepreneurial team

graduated from college graduates have two options, first, employment, and the two is to continue to study. With the gradual transformation of the social concept, the third choice – Entrepreneurship into the eyes of the majority of students. Recently, Yantai University, Shandong to build a high-quality entrepreneurial platform to encourage students to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Two aspects of read more

3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving

      which is good? 3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving. Super energy saving – reduce the cost of kitchen 40% gas, improve the effectiveness of the chef 30%!

cost reduction, energy saving and environmental protection kitchen utensils which good? 3 1 star air defense fire system choice for energy saving. Reduce expenses, increase revenue is every enterprise, every boss think of things. Saving is to reduce costs, saving is to increase profits, why not save province? read more