To recover the original simplicity more attractive Shanghai dragon website

to recover the original simplicity?

in recent years rapidly, new variety of Shanghai dragon website dizzying, whether you are young or experienced in Shanghai dragon ER Shanghai dragon website optimization is even more painstaking, has brought great benefits to the operation of the site, site traffic was increasing. It is very popular for a web site. But as a webmaster, holds the lifeblood of the site, only to rely on short-term revenue is as true pleased with oneself, is very wrong. As a Shanghai dragon ER should have deep eyes, you know you do look far ahead from a high plane, a website is not because of a momentary or fresh impulse was done, your goal is to run a good Shanghai dragon website, the success of the operation and to earn interest, this long time cause you to understand the bait, this is the most attractive in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. So, what should you do to make Shanghai Longfeng site more attractive in the Internet, farther down the road? Xiaobian that recover the original simplicity is the kingly way, following several aspects and colleagues discuss a. read more

The three stage of the website ranking

a lot of friends like my advice, said a few months, no ranking is why such problems, it is the site of your work is not good, because a hot industry, as long as you are a good basis for the website in the top 100 is no problem, in Fig. that very clearly, these basic things to do, do so carefully, not as long as the garbage station, the line on the website will have a good record and ranked first.

believes that reading the mind map, for ranking basic knowledge, then the detail about the key.

In fact, read more

And thinking about the influence on the medical profession love Shanghai No 25 after the upgrade al

I do Shanghai dragon in a hospital, the site keywords ranking is good, there are more than 10 key words on the front page, recording and snapshot are good. The 6.28 event, love Shanghai for the medical industry to start once, but the time of our hospital station, not affected to the. Because of this policy, in 18 this month to re adjust the site keywords and title, just 22 space server problems, that day can not access, also announced the same day the upgrade algorithm meets the love of Shanghai, after a few days, check in the morning of 25, opened the website keywords all dropped to 500. Pictures are as follows: read more

A head of the Shanghai dragon experience sharing

with the search engine algorithm is more and more perfect, for the quality of the website also have higher requirements, which is good for users, but for those of us owners said five undoubtedly increased the workload. The search engine has put the user experience first, the past opportunistic method does not play a role, in order to ensure that the site’s ranking, the only honest and modify your website, make it more in line with the viewer’s taste, I share with you some of my own experience to optimize the site, I hope all of you help. read more

nterpretation of Shanghai dragon myth how much impact on multi site outbound links

, network links and sharing, a huge "link on the Internet, if there is no link, then into a separate space, has lost the meaning of Internet sharing. This not only the spirit of the Internet itself is recognized by people, but also by the search engine recognition. So, in this sense, the export link is meaningful to the user, is also in line with the user experience. A consistent user experience of the website, search engines will also get love.

finally, pointing to the authority of the website is ranked one of the factors. If your site has derived links to authoritative website, then this is one of the factors the search engine itself ranking. Before this factor proportion is very weak, then this factor has been improved, although the search engine doesn’t mention it, but you can see from some examples. For example, many web site navigation, many Chinese categories, these sites have many outbound links, but these links will not affect the site since. read more

How to improve the weight value of love Shanghai

forum 4. soft reprint content: This is a pretty good. With the soft almost.

now has a lot of links to purchase the trading site, we want to buy 3-5 high quality links can be about PR3-5, then we want to optimize the keywords to link, this should adhere to 3-6 months. Must have the effect.

2. high quality blog blog: the use of high quality construction, to increase the content of correlation. This to insist for a long time.

second: increase in page website weight

fifth: the development of the two level domain to increase website weight read more

Google launched a new tool news source web site can modify the Google news content directly

is a Google news network news aggregator, collect news content from major news website. If Google news information error source website is difficult to have the means to correct. This is not a problem that picked up the phone and call on behalf of Google will be able to solve.

however, the "Google News Center" was launched in the United States, but Google said that this tool will soon spread to other countries, and with the passage of time, it will add more features.

News Publisher Center read more

Different display formats on the novice webmaster search results two

eighth, using the RDfa format label refers to the page the rich, noble and love Shanghai baby may also be under the heading line to add a grey text prompt of the text, sometimes the suggestive text includes the number of pages in the article, the number of Posts and the number of authors, update date etc.. This plate will also increase the user’s click rate and attention, easier to convince users to click on these results, if the price of the product, the number of user reviews and comments, will attract more user attention. read more

Do you know about the chain you do

, a chain which has several forms, their role in

with super chain chain We usually send the chain

pure text outside the chain, we do is in the soft, left comments like "web site, the information from Whampoa  stock School: 贵族宝贝ihuangpu贵族宝贝, please indicate the relevant domain such as pure text outside the chain can increase the site, in the fall in love with the sea with domain: instructions to identify these links are included. If a soft Wen wrote enough to attract, resulting in a large number of outlets, can bring good correlation domain for the site, which can improve the site weight and ranking. read more

From the master at the firm dunk Sakuragi Shanghai dragon heart practitioners

, a cherry without any confidence according to. Read the "master" dunk that Sakuragi is a rookie, a most dishes. In addition to the body is nothing. Is a rebellious boy this day is howling "I’m a genius", who are not as good as their own, anything can do better than others! This self-confidence, I until now no can want to understand. Why could he is really a genius. Speaking of which, focus on the ready – Shanghai dragon is the most important thing is the overweening self-confidence, self-confidence, self. We have a lot of so-called novice rookie, including the author himself every day, ask others what to do in Shanghai Longfeng, how to become a master, right now, I want to start and so on. I think its so asked, rather than point to their own confidence, not in the hands of business, not too high to be reached. Apply the sentences celebrity words is, as long as there is confidence, perseverance will prevail! The optimization work of the trust their own ability, can optimize the site. I can be stationmaster often said, regardless of oneself. read more

Analysis of foreign trade website how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

The design of

second, the choice of keywords and distribution optimization

search engine for the foreign trade site is better than other types of sites, especially in the speed of the above, I suggest that you can choose a foreign server, because the type of foreign trade website customers relatively some more foreigners, naturally foreign in this regard host advantage is obviously a lot, and can improve the user experience, so if you want to do, do it the best foreign trade website is to choose the foreign host. read more

How do Zhang Wei blog a week to be included

this screenshot shows the love for the first time to Shanghai time snapshot of this blog and love Shanghai, Google, included soso. Next, Zhang Wei talk which is what reason, what have you done work.

this screenshot shows the site for the record by the time of June 26, 2012, the day before the normal visit.

D, platform resources. {after built at the same time in the blog, Sina blog, love Shanghai space, A5 station network, Chinaz, Shanghai dragon why platform in the application of blog, and then update the space often, in order to get love in Shanghai included the point, when love in Shanghai after these articles included, just in time for the end of June, that is by the time domain name for the record. } read more

Adaptive search will be launched on

, for example, if I see a new carpet in the market, then I am in the search on the search engine revolves around such as "new" carpet carpet "buy" and "carpet", when I use the search engine to search other information, my search results will show some of the most recent the carpet and related information. Adaptive search is based on the idea of evolution.

brand may also be innocence. According to the user’s search records provide a unique page may result when the relevant information of users to search for the brand, the results can not be displayed. To the example above me, if I had to search the word "Armstrong" is to study the moon, then if I want to find the relevant brand floor, when I enter the keywords, it would not have the relevant information of the brand. read more

Discussion how to improve the brand keywords heat

is the boss or tuiguangyuan will cluster industry keywords to get ranked, arguably should be made in order to obtain the keywords ranking industry cluster flow, but the secondary index, the most important thing is your brand keywords is the most important, we look at the key words on the billboard heat or why never see industry keywords on the list, because the industry keywords does not produce heat, as long as the brand keywords will produce heat, in the search engine industry is not calculated in the inside of the key words. read more

Five key points of B2C mall website

, a catalogue of design

(1), catalogue clear: horizontal and vertical navigation, navigation, to distinguish between horizontal navigation as the main theme, the main products classification of vertical navigation.

(4) and the correlation between the priority list display users, improve the user experience.

(1) and no path search page, page processing, landing pages and the registration page are required for robots shielding.

(product catalog navigation: vertical navigation)

(1) at the bottom of this optimization: add a list of recommended products and add to cart button. read more

5 factors to tell you what is the user experience


1. website loading speed

needless to say what, who is not willing to take a longer time to wait for a haven’t visited websites. This is the first step that the user experience, then this factor told us owners in the choice of the space, we must consider the long-term, not in order to save a little money, but in the fall, not worth it.

what is the user experience of the website? Love Shanghai encyclopedia is explained: the user experience is that a user visits a website to the website user experience effect, want to see whether the content and give the user some valuable content. There are two points in this sentence: users want to see content and gives the user a valuable content. So when we fill the site’s content is from the two aspects to do. Now you still feel the chain daily daily, the pseudo original of no great importance can give your website much improved user experience? What’s more, some owners are not to write the pseudo original. read more

Yiqifa panelower member registration activities on lineLeague administrator National League nformat

February 20, 2008,

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

Product Description: panelpower market research firm, online survey system, recruiting members in china.

network marketing,

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


welcome everyone to launch,

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

panelower member registration activities on-line, read more

Pulsing old code has completely stopped functioning since todayAdvise small and medium sized website

actually do the webmaster want to earn some money, the secretarial chowder network rrrwm is no exception, after making friends, according to the results of adding billing advertising, tested more than two months, we will experience up to the webmaster, and study decision:

more League information goes on:

‘s old code, originally scheduled for January 15th, was terminated early in January 9th in order to ensure code security problems for members of the community there was a major loophole in the old program code. Currently, the pulse server is being upgraded, and members can still query the old system data, but the old ad code will no longer run. Please update the code in time to avoid your delay. read more

Apply for shlf1314 Adsense money making guidelinesThe new board outlet everything is money

      are you above ADsense, you can earn advertising dollars, much of the day can be thousands, there are a few dollars, this is a good thing, but when you do Goolge AdSense some criteria must be observed, or how much money you earn is the following is good, others see the wise remark of an experienced person there is no harm!


      7; register your account with a clean web site; shlf1314 doesn’t care if you put your ad on this site.

      6; each other must die. read more

Count the key details of how Taobao customers make moneyMobile nternet era how to upgrade the tran

O2O: now, O2O model is very suitable for small and medium-sized website development in the mobile Internet platform, small and medium-sized site is mostly local station, according to local people understand, can be combined with their own advantages, the introduction of local service platform, from food delicacy >


Qingdao SEO in Amoy also a year more time, this year also summed up some experience, personal feeling good in the promotion at the same time there are some other details need attention, especially the novice friends, just enter this line, a long time not to earn money should seek to find a cause, see I summarize the following points if you noticed. read more