Love Shanghai remediation PPC effect gradually highlights the advantages of Shanghai Longfeng brand

breakout success!So

love Shanghai bidding competition is CCTV exposure, love Shanghai has started to lose weight, beauty and other industries were concentrated remediation, love Shanghai from the beginning of August 18th, on the termination of slimming products included the soft, while the weight loss products were screened by PPC! This round of screening, after a lot of weight loss website optimization ranking long time have been greatly promoted, which naturally reflected from a side to do now, Shanghai dragon optimization, build brand has become more and more obvious, so Shanghai Longfeng optimization is how to build the brand of read more

On my website PR to experience 6

4, I think it is a critical moment. This time we can exchange with PR5. But the PR5 webmaster. Unless it is garbage station. If it is normal station are arrogant. They rarely exchange with you. However, we can choose some major sites of the two level domain name. So I had to engage in, for the more than 30 PR5. and PR updates naturally to 5.

is now in fact many owners do not PR this thing too rare. After all is the webmaster hand itself has a high N PR website. This is something like PR. Your site is higher, more, more extensive network, it is. Hard as I am. From just entering the Internet is single-handed. What resources are not. Then the one or two sites at hand. How to go up, in fact, is the most difficult. Because you PR0 basic is not trade with you,. Rely on friends, and I don’t have any friends. No money to buy links. Go to the forum what, to improve the PR help is really small. read more

Operation of RSS a new direction for website promotion

RSS is a way of sharing content between sites, usually we also known as the "polymerization", usually used in news and blog. This order if the site provides RSS output, then the user can directly see the latest updates and dynamic in the client. That is not in the open reading support RSS output website content website content pages. It is a kind of marketing means, now a lot of mainstream support RSS subion blog.

add RSS to your website, the best familiar with the following several of its basic elements, such as mandatory attribute version, is used to specify the current version; the only child elements of the channel, it mainly contains information content websites or columns; and title, the title of the page; link, the website or the column URL and Description: a brief description of the site; or column. There are some other, here is not introduced one by one. Simple in structure and usage we know RSS, you can manually edit RSS in the most commonly used Notepad, here first said adding ideas under static, in the process of adding each line to one correspondence, the focus is part of the text, especially URL, can not be wrong, otherwise mistakes. In addition it is finished, you can keep the file, the suffix for the.Xml format, we will add to the file link on the website, on the obvious position of the head. This website will have your RSS output. read more

Website optimization five elements you do which of the following items

now has a lot of website program have the initiative to generate a sitemap utility. But there are also programs for the safety of the site, the dbya directory file to appearance, this will not be able to generate the site map. Do. The essence of the site map is the official website optimization master. A whole web page all links. If the search engine can’t find a page, the search engine will come to the site map. How to optimize the site. So the site map is of great help to the search engine optimization. Compare the site speed optimization. When building a site map, see the website optimization there are a lot of people are basically two do website optimization. We must ensure that all links are true and useful. In fact, the website speed optimization. The map is too large to be easily understood, rather than map. When the website content update, optimize the master’s official website. It is necessary to map the site and > read more

How to design both the user experience and search engine friendly website

At the same time when the

2, JS script, CSS script external call processing.


search engine does not love a lot of redundant code, as far as possible with the amount of streamlining the code to accomplish the same function as the guiding criteria, such as table DIV to change the layout, refinement of CSS code, using DIV layout is as little as possible to reduce the DIV layer nesting these conforms to Web2.0 standard.

navigation is important in the search engine, the main site navigation and navigation station is universal, so the navigation to try to clear, clear really play the role of navigation. read more

The official site optimization techniques

!If the

million a month is not so simple, because do not see a monthly income of 10000 yuan, a see someone sales so well, under orders, many shop sales of Taobao are out of the brush, a day to sell dozens of sets, you look at his sales history, the same person repeated purchase, these.

believe that many friends will rack agency, has its own set of rack website, perhaps many beginners do not care about this website, a lot of people do not get the site to optimize the

first, send this set of official website, certainly has its reasons, some people will say that money to do promotion, do the bidding, are in the advertising for the official, let them better software to sell, this is just part of the reason, the novice can see, at present Taobao software sell good shops, they the website is not Google ranked high, is the love of Shanghai ranked high, if you rely on the train to promote the software that your daily click costs will be a very large amount of money, you may sell a set of software to earn enough money to promote others point out, Ali’s mother, basically what role did not, so few clicks every 1 months, Ali mother invested 200 yuan, may also sell a set of read more

To solve the site is down right reincluding noble baby baby poor ranking noble practical tips

sites are noble baby drop right even K station, there are many possible reasons, such as the typical acquisition station, space is not stable, or before the noble baby ranking is also good, one day suddenly disappeared in the ranking of nobility baby inside, but also included in the noble baby. To solve these problems, can be adjusted by the following techniques.

is the first to consider the site itself a commonplace talk of an old scholar from the point of view, the optimal place for excessive dilution, continue to upload original content value, check the website Links whether the guide is K station, whether the site is linked to the malicious code and so on, in fact, this is also applicable to other search engines, looks simple, a lot of Shanghai dragon er know, but it is not so easy. read more

Love love Shanghai cigarette ranking mechanism analysis on the website

For the record,

4. The record in the China is inevitable, love can not love against Shanghai, Shanghai to conform to this view of the government, it is impossible to make a no record rank too close, he would not offend the government. So to get the first domain name record, and the record number in your own website, or if you will not be recognized by Shanghai love record.

for ranking mechanism love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon believe learning optimization techniques simply will understand one or two, today I will talk about love Shanghai ranking mechanism for Internet users to click. Can be said to be anti cheating mechanism. read more

n my eyes what are the symbol of Shanghai Dragon

industry is the inevitable result of Shanghai Longfeng change rapidly which not only benefited from the popularity of the network, and will also be mature to search the crowd, using traditional thinking about their own site approach is obviously pedantic and in such a case, so in the eye in the future of Shanghai Dragon Industry what will become. Or what are the dynamic

with more and more people join the Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai dragon internal environment of competition at the same time, the industry will also usher in development. read more

How to reasonable and effective disposal site to temporarily stop the phenomenon

content quality must be reasonable and lawful

no matter what kind of website of the framework in every hour and moment changes, such as the part of the site did not repeat the program code in the early site, but when the site of too much data will change the code, it will affect the entire site, in the face of this situation as a webmaster must ensure that their website frame is simple and coherent standard. A simple frame structure to love Shanghai and included spider crawling, so the author suggests that the general website the best open source program, then do simple to modify their own. The website frame coherence told us the URL must affect each other, and can not appear dead links or repetitive links. The standardization of the website framework is mainly aimed at the code of the website, the Internet now popular variety of code, many free programs using the code are not standardized, a webmaster to avoid. read more

Domain is not in the first home page causes and Solutions

for personal reasons causing this situation that is not right down or is punished, always feel these words too scary. Update speed is just love Shanghai slowly or not caused. Of course, this is the new station or low weight station, if the site is relatively large, such as stations such as Tmall, Jingdong, that basically love Shanghai for them is "24 hours care".

[domain is not the first home page

domain is not the first home page

why did this happen? We found in domian in the first home page also don’t be anxious Xunyiwenyao everywhere. Because domain is not in the home for the first love in Shanghai did not publicly must be right down, so don’t worry. Look at yourself recently is not what "sorry" about the site read more

Free let users listen to your command of the Post Bar drainage techniques one year weight 4

love Shanghai Post Bar drainage step

this is a very important step, the final step is to guide the user operation is an important step, the method is very simple, want to see all the articles, you can search into the site to watch the Moumou Moumou, this update is slow, I believe you read in front of the story, you will definitely want to keep going, because the story is attractive very powerful, see the comments that readers not fun, look, is not to let users.

Shanghai Post Bar for love, we are not familiar, even most of them are playing Post Bar master, before the editor is to leave a link and pains in the Post Bar today, boring when Post Bar around, only to find the link with out has been in Post Bar, true master will not only do a show link. But let the user enter the site of the drainage way obediently, enough domineering most probably don’t know it, oh, also included a November 4 of the weight of the website for reference. read more

The effect of the neighbors Links from the perspective of three

These include

we are looking for high quality Links will need to be more careful. We are looking for a hard-working neighbors, not lazy neighbors. We want to see its love Shanghai snapshot update is frequent, how many original content website, etc..

then, if we are interested in yourself links have doubts, we can conduct a simple search, I believe we all know each other’s site: website address query collection. If the domain name of the page will not be displayed in the search results, probably because the site has a problem has been K, we do not link to the website. We want to ensure that you want to link the site clean background. The insurance is the link to our website even Links the other friendship check. read more

The enterprise network marketing road in Shanghai Longfeng and bidding

concluded: Shanghai dragon is not a panacea, not bidding and Shanghai Longfeng opposite. A lot of enterprises the best mode is Shanghai dragon and the auction are done, let the two to achieve the purpose of complementary, so as to realize the network marketing success!

we know that Shanghai dragon is very slow, but there is another drawback is that the degree of competition, a lot of long tail keywords Shanghai dragon is very easy to do search engine home page, but some of the fierce competition in the tail word or the main keywords, using Shanghai Dragon technology is difficult to achieve the home page, so for this part of key words, we have no need to waste too much energy in the Shanghai dragon, which we use to make up for auction. read more

Shanghai dragon how to use short URL

is currently the most mainstream, 301 redirect URL shortening service

short URL (URL compression, URL shortening) originated in the micro blog, to solve the limitation of micro-blog’s popular 140 words, because of the convenient and easy to remember, but also the mainstream short URL service providers provide click detailed statistics functions, widely used. This is an old article, some people asked about the short URL problem recently, so wood today Shanghai dragon to take out this article analyse. read more

Search engine drop right ranking down the 10 factors

There are many reasons for the

search engine drop right, especially for the love of Shanghai, it is impossible to predict (the reason we all understand, not to say). So the search engine right down the problem, sesame also can only here lists 10 reasons under normal conditions to be right down, let the webmaster friends detours, hope to help everyone.

site frequent revision, contains many aspects, generally speaking is for the website in a range of modifications, can also be called revision. The website sometimes it might be for a better user experience, but remember not to be revised several times within a short time. Especially the title of the website, page layout, program changes. First of all, the title of the website in general, modify the time within 3 months, as well. More number of changes, is likely to influence the weight of the site itself. As for page layout changes and changes in procedure, where sesame is not recommended you change. Because the former will affect all aspects of the site keywords ranking, the latter will affect the whole site included, for the most unfavorable site. read more

Six noble baby Webmaster Tools

is perhaps the Chinese translation of terminology, not difficult to understand, many webmaster friends love with third party tools, but on the evaluation, optimization speed of nobility baby tools are good today, Lou loose and would recommend it to everyone to provide six noble baby’s tools, these tools I have been in use.

noble baby?

tool three: noble baby website optimization tool


tools: once your site is noble baby plucking, aristocratic baby webmaster tools will be the first time to notify you by reason of Mao’s website. read more

The design of the navigation of the web site optimization

From the viewpoint of

3, deputy navigation.

The structure of

2, breadcrumb navigation structure.

said the site map, many personnel website optimization may directly relate to submitted to the search engine sitemap map file, making this type of map file submitted to the search engine spiders more in-depth crawl to your site. But here want to say is that the map navigation for visitors made intuitive website. When the site columns or too much content, can with the site map navigation user access. At the same time it will be more conducive to the search engine to crawl and grab, more conducive to the website optimization. read more

The guard enterprise website down right innovation risk operation thinking is the key

Then the

with the Internet thinking has become the current hot words, it seems that the traditional industry with the Internet thinking will change the traditional industries of the play, so many companies started a website, with the electricity supplier, but turned to have a look, all these so-called enterprise website is only ten years ago, the enterprise website reprint, the only change is there is a more gorgeous coat, and looks useless all kinds of interactive pop and interactive contact, so the enterprise website after a brief brilliant, quickly become silent, and loved Shanghai right down. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization must pay attention to several problems in the

today put the problem and share with you, hoping to help other novice friends. What is the problem?

The main reason of The

Links is very important, and Links, delete Links is to be cautious, one day, the Commissioner of the chain we suddenly deleted 10 several links on the site for the reason, there is no other site I site, and then collected and ranking sites would stop for a few days I don’t know, this is accidental or inevitable.

2, for Links cautious

website ranking problems in this domain, because there is no record, there is no way to use domestic space, so I bought a Hongkong xirang for the space station! Originally all development is very good, but one day after more than a month, found a snapshot of the site stop, is even more exaggerated included page display is extremely unusual, the title of the site was originally a terminal machine, even stripping with a terminal machine, speed 7000 / automatic terminal machine – hour Huambo automation ", but the site website is in the terminal machine display love Shanghai, see description also, the page from the original 88 dropped to 25, obviously, the site of a big problem. read more