Di Marzio: “Messi is Barça; where do you want me to go?”

first_imgAnd why didn’t the negotiation come to fruition?Ferlaino did not want to, he said that I was infatuated with the young people and lost that occasion. It would have only cost 240,000 dollars.Something similar happened with Cristiano.I discovered it. I hardly had three games in Sporting, I worked for Juve, Moggi asked me to go see Quaresma and, instead, I noticed Ronaldo. I wrote that I was going to be one of the best in the world.And later?I took him to Turin for medical examination, but the operation did not close because Salas did not accept bartering, he wanted to return to South America.He was also close to Messi.In 2005, in the U20 Argentina he didn’t play, Barrientos occupied his place … I met him, I started talking to him and his father. He liked the idea of ​​coming to Juve, but his link with Barça was already very strong, they were too grateful to the club. It could not be.This summer you can get rid for free.Messi is Barça. Where do you want me to go? If I were younger, maybe … But it’s already the soul of the club. I would advise you to stay. He needs human warmth, he wouldn’t see him well in the Premier, or in France or Germany.There was tension with the directive.He did well to respond to Abidal, you cannot say certain things in public.Can this club, reduced by injuries, suffer in Naples?The losses of Luis Suárez and Dembélé are heavy, but the ‘Barça B’ that played against Inter impressed me more than Barça. They have amazing players. They give equal moment and absences. And then there is Messi.That according to many, it is better than Maradona.Diego is a God, he has nothing to do. God there is only one. Barça returns to San Paolo, where it has never disputed an official confrontation. The only time that the blaugranas appeared on the lawn of Fuorigrotta was in 1978, for a friendly He finished 1-1 with goals from Esteban and Ferrario. It was the Barça of Michels and Cruyff, while on the Azzurro bench was a young Gianni Di Marzio. The former coach recalls that afternoon and his relationship with Maradona, Messi and Cristiano …Mister, what do you remember of that Naples-Barça?More than the game itself, the manor of Cruyff has been recorded. We did an interview together, when yours was over he said goodbye to everyone present with a handshake. Everybody! It was one of those acts of humility that I have only seen the greatest do, like him, Pele, Beckenbauer …His team got a draw to one, a good result against so many stars.We played in the zone, with a man-to-man defense we would have gotten six. I was already inspired by the Dutch model.And a few months later, he found Maradona …I went to see the World Cup in Argentina and by chance a taxi driver, those are the ones who know the most, he advised me to go see a boy. The president of the Argentinos Juniors was originally from Calabria, he knew me because I trained Catanzaro, and organized a meeting. But Diego was very angry …What happened to him?Menotti had put it on the list of 40 of the albiceleste, but left it out of the final. He already had character. I went to see him, I spent 15 days with him and we agreed to take him to Naples. I even sent him an azzurra shirt, 10.His passion for partenopeiThen, it was born thanks to you.I don’t say it, he declared it. There are several videos of Diego saying that he chose Naples thanks to everything I told him.last_img read more