LEurope fait le ménage dans les étiquettes alimentaires

first_imgL’Europe fait le ménage dans les étiquettes alimentaires La Commission européenne a décidé de procéder à un grand ménage de printemps en 2012. L’industrie alimentaire devra ainsi retirer de ses étiquettes plus de 2.000 allégations de santé jugées soit trompeuses soit mensongères.Certains produits alimentaires surfent sur la vague du bio et des soucis de santé en affichant des slogans tels que “réduit le taux de cholestérol”, “solidifie les os” ou “facilite la circulation sanguine”. Une publicité qui s’avère souvent trompeuse voire mensongère mais qui ne devrait plus durer. En effet, hier, la Commission européenne a annoncé que l’industrie alimentaire allait devoir retirer plus de 2.000 des allégations santé qui fleurissent aujourd’hui sur les produits. C’est l’Agence européenne pour la sécurité des aliments (EFSA) qui a été chargée de rendre un rapport concernant ces assertions. Celui-ci fait part de 2.760 allégations nutritionnelles étudiées dont 510 seulement se sont avérées scientifiquement prouvées. Initialement, une liste de 44.000 affirmations de ce genre avait été transmise par les différents Etats de l’Union. Après avoir été ramenée à 4.600 puis transférée à l’EFSA, elle avait été une seconde fois réduite à 2.760 après que 300 assertions aient été spontanément retirées et que 1.500 autres aient été mises à part. Ces dernières concernent les vertus attribuées aux plantes et feront l’objet d’un examen ultérieur.Des promesses souvent “incorrectes” L’étude à proprement parler n’a pas porté sur les produits eux-mêmes mais sur leurs différents ingrédients dont les étiquettes vantent les bienfaits. Comme le souligne Frédéric Vincent, porte-parole du commissaire européen John Dalli et responsable de la santé et des consommateurs, “le rejet d’une allégation ne signifie pas que le produit n’est pas bon, seulement que les promesses figurant sur l’étiquette ne sont pas correctes”.À lire aussiSalmonelles : salmonellose, symptômes, cause et transmissionPour réglementer tout cela, la Commission européenne prépare un projet de loi basé sur les avis de l’EFSA. Celui-ci sera soumis aux Etats et au Parlement européen et une décision devrait être prise en 2012, espère la Commission. “Il s’agit de réguler un marché actuellement opaque”, ont souligné les services du commissaire John Dalli. Une fois le règlement adopté, les industriels disposeront de six mois pour retirer des étiquettes les allégations de santé non validées, indique TV5monde. La même procédure a eu lieu dans le domaine de l’industrie de la diététique et des compléments alimentaires, la Commission ayant demandé à ce que la preuve scientifique des affirmations affichées soit donnée pour que les produits puissent être autorisés à être commercialisés.Le 29 juillet 2011 à 13:47 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Disney Streaming TV Service Sounds Absolutely Terrifying

first_img Watch: Bill Gates Reveals His Worst Fear in Netflix Docuseries TrailerPlex Enters The Streaming Service Wars With Cable-Style Bundle Stay on target Most online people probably know this at this point, but there is a wide variety of television programming available to you even if you never want to touch cable in your life. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and dozens of other niche streaming TV services allow you to cut the cord while still enjoying plenty of timely quality content. If anything, watching streaming shows puts you more in the center of the conversation than watching some normie network sitcom.And it’s that a la carte variety that makes streaming services so appealing to us. Want to watch sports? Try FuboTV. Blaxploitation movies? Brown Sugar. Anime? Ugh, fine, get Crunchyroll. Unfortunately, the capitalist hellscape we live in can never let a good thing last that long. Look at what happened to FilmStruck. Soon streaming services will be conglomerate monopolies just as or even more oppressive than the TV models they supplanted. And the absolutely terrifying Disney+ is leading the charge.Disney has been threatening us with its own streaming TV service for a while now. But recent reports in financial publications (telling) have revealed the full name and timetable for the service: Disney+ is coming in late 2019 according to CEO Bob Iger. We maybe should’ve seen this name considering its based on the technology of Disney’s own ESPN+ sports streaming service.This reveal comes after weeks of news trickling out about all of the original programming planned for the service. When you see it as a headline or two, it’s not so bad. It’s exciting even. But when you see the whole lineup, you’re honestly terrified about how absolutely dominant Disney #brands are and how much power the company can wield over consumers by collecting them all in one paid place. Soon we’ll all be the movie theaters forced to obey Disney’s demands despite danger to our own financial well-being.Here’s what you can expect to watch on Disney+. The Mandalorian, Jon Favreau’s live-action Star Wars show. A different live-action Star Wars show about Cassian Andor from Rogue One. Season seven of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars show. Marvel Studios shows based on Loki, Scarlet Witch, a Falcon and Winter Soldier team up, and something else. A Mighty Ducks show. A Monsters, Inc. show. A Muppets show. A High School Musical reboot. Remakes of 3 Men and a Baby, Don Quixote, Father of the Bride, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, The Parent Trap, Peter Pan, The Sword in the Stone, and Lady and the Tramp. And something called Timmy Failure.And that’s just the original content! Disney+ will of course also feature unfathomable amounts of content from Disney’s decades-long entertainment history from classic cartoons to live-action blockbusters. Blow up the Disney Vault. You better enjoy Marvel movies on Netflix while you can because starting with Captain Marvel they’re all getting pulled and moving to Disney+. But don’t worry, at least Iron Fist will still be there.Disney has every right to make its own streaming service. It’s such a slam dunk considering how much money they’ll make for the Mouse. And we can’t knock them for making so many original shows and movies considering that’s the only stuff on Netflix worth watching. But it’s just the sheer size of Disney that scares us, especially as people seem to keep cheering them on.Disney+ will presumably greatly benefit from the pending Fox buyout. But the service won’t have any R-rated shows or movies. So is Disney just going to sit on this library of Alien, Predator, The Simpsons, and more mature Fox properties the company will now own? Will they be shunted off to some rival service like Hulu? What about the next four Avatar sequels? What about all the people who will lose their jobs? What about the directors who won’t sacrifice their artistic vision? Except for the Avatar sequels, these are all valid questions to ask in the face of Disney’s growing power, more valid than wondering whether or not the X-Men will show up in one of these streaming MCU shows in time for D23.I’m sure we’ll all subscribe to Disney+ next year at least for a little bit just to be able to keep up with culture. But we don’t really have a choice. Disney is now strong enough to take that choice away. And that’s a bad thing.P.S. Disney is bad and Star Wars: The Last Jedi is great are both true.View as: One Page Slides1/201. So many streaming TV services to choose from. Where do you start?2. Netflix is still arguably the biggest name in streaming TV.3. Although it no longer has a free option, Hulu is a great streaming TV service that is worth paying for.4. From buying to renting to subscribing to individual channels, Amazon offers a bevy of streaming TV options.5. YouTube Red subscribers can watch original shows from streaming stars, but YouTube TV lets you watch actual live TV.6. Hook up a Slingbox and watch the cable and live TV you’re already paying for anywhere.7. You have to buy channels in bulk and still deal with commercials, but with DirecTV Now you get the real live TV experience delivered through streaming.8. Crunchyroll is the best anime streaming service if you’re all about subtitles.9. If dubs are more your thing, Funimation Now is the anime streaming service for you.10. If you want to stream shows and documentaries that actually teach you something, go with CuriosityStream.11. AMC Premiere just focuses on current AMC shows, but for Walking Dead super fans that might be enough.12. With Boomerang, tons of retro cartoons, from Looney Tunes to Scooby-Doo, can all come back to you13. FuboTV may be the escape from cable that sports fans are looking for. It’s pricey, but being able to easily stream live sports and more from dozens of channels with only one subscription might very well be worth it.14. Brown Sugar has all of the classic Blaxploitation movies you could want and then some. It’s niche, but it’s one of the most impressive niche libraries we’ve seen. 15. For the true cinephile, FilmStruck has a large collection of classic films from all eras and countries, including movies from the Criterion Collection.16. CollegeHumor’s Dropout provides premium streaming online laughs.17. DC Universe offers live-action adaptations of less familiar superheroes, like Doom Patrol.18. Along with presenting streaming services like Netflix and Sling through one box, Dish AirTV also lets you watch local over-the-air channels with an additional installation.19. Get a streaming media device to enjoy these services on your TV. Our favorite is the Amazon Fire Stick.20.last_img read more

WWE Smackdown Preview for 51 Five things to look for Nakamura demands

first_img Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Google+ Wrestleview.com Staff RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Pinterest WWE Smackdown Live is airing from Montreal, Canada tonight.A few members of the Wrestleview.com staff will be in attendance tonight. Make sure to check out our main page for Smackdown LIVE results. Wrestleview will be active on Twitter throughout the show as well!Here are five things to look for tonight according to WWE:1) Shinsuke Nakamura demands a public apology from AJ Styles.2) Who’s brave enough to step up to The Bludgeon Brothers?3) Jeff Hardy will be appearing on “Miz TV”.4) Carmella, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay vs. Charlotte Flair, Asuka and Becky Lynch5) How will Big Cass and Daniel Bryan react to their encounter in Saudi Arabia?Join us tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET (7:00 CT) for live coverage of Smackdown tonight. Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte center_img Twitter Facebook WhatsApp WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton)last_img read more

Competitor Running Shutters Print Edition Lays Off Staff

first_imgThings appeared to be on the rise at Competitor Running, too, which unveiled a rebranding and redesign under Sebor’s leadership just last month.“While we’re thrilled to have a magazine with such a strong legacy, it was time to shake things up,” Sebor told Folio: at the time. “Our central goal was to underline Competitor Running’s position as the trusted source for runners — this is of course why we added ‘Running’ to the name.”Felix Magowan, co-owner of Pocket Outdoor Media, said Competitor Running was mainly a “house organ” for the Rock’n’Roll marathon series, hosted in 30 cities throughout the world, per the Times of San Diego report.“If you divorce it from that, it doesn’t really work,” said Magowan in a statement. “It’s a marketing vehicle for an event, and if it’s no longer associated with that event, it can’t really survive.”Magowan also noted the printing and distribution costs of Competitor Running, stating that the organization could no longer cover it “so it was kind of a no-brainer decision.”“If a print magazine doesn’t have paid circulation revenue source, it’s very hard to make money in this day and age,” he added.Back in June, Competitor Group and its Rock’n’Roll running series was acquired by Ironman. The agreement for Ironman to then sell off the media brands to Pocket Outdoor Media was finalized on October 12. After a 30-year run, Competitor Running has shuttered its monthly print issue and laid off its editorial staff, with the November edition slated as the last for the publication.The news of the magazine’s closure comes just days after Ironman/World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) announced that the sale of the San Diego-based Competitor Group’s media properties, including VeloNews, Triathlete, Women’s Running and VeloPress, to Pocket Outdoor Media (POM), an organization co-owned by Felix Magowan, who previously owned VeloNews. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.Among those let go is Jessie Sebor, a rising star at the organization serving as VP of media, recently promoted to that role after a seven-year run as editor-in-chief of Women’s Running.After being promoted to VP of media earlier this year, Sebor took many lessons from her tenure at Women’s Running, where she helped the brand become an advocate for inclusion and empowerment, featuring plus-sized women and a woman in a hijab as cover stars and including transgender athletes in the magazine’s conversations.last_img read more

Ask a Climatologist The colder snowier Halloweens of yesteryear

first_imgFile photo of headlights in FairbanksMany snow-starved parts of Alaska recently saw the ground finally turn to white. But as for this notion of a “White Halloween,” some places may not reach that benchmark, technically speaking.As University of Alaska Fairbanks climatologist Brian Brettschneider told Alaska Public Media’s Casey Grove, technically there would need to be enough to round up to 1 inch. And at least at the official, lower-lying measuring sites in Anchorage and Fairbanks, it’s looking like Halloween will not have a total of more than half an inch, technically, and therefore, an un-white Halloween.Listen nowBRETTSCHNEIDER: That’s a little bit misleading because pretty much everyone has snow on the ground, but it’s the third year in a row for Fairbanks with less than an inch of snow on the ground. So even though they have an over 90 percent track record of having an inch plus of snow on the ground on Halloween, this is the third year in a row that they’re going to not live up to that expectation.GROVE: Tell me more about the snowfall around the state. I guess Anchorage got its first real snow, Fairbanks, Bethel, since the last time we talked, elsewhere. How would you characterize this year’s kind of first real snowfall for a lot of the state?BRETTSCHNEIDER: We are way behind for snow almost everywhere. I mean, Fairbanks had their least snowiest October on record. Anchorage has had some Octobers with no snow before. Bethel had their first snow of the season yesterday. That’s the second latest they’ve ever gone for their first snow and their first latest was back in 1937. And then Nome and Kotzebue, they’ve started to get a little bit of snow, but they’re way behind. King Salmon has had no snow. So most places, way behind on snow,  and that’s actually a trend for the last 15 or so years.October used to be much snowier, especially in the Interior, October used to be the snowiest month of the year. That has drastically changed with much reduced snowfall in the month of October.GROVE: And colder if I remember correctly. There was a Halloween, in my past when I was younger, it was very cold and I refuse to wear a warm coat because it would ruin my costume. And I got pneumonia that winter, unfortunately.But I wonder if you could take us back to some bygone years where it was a little colder, and what sort of records are we looking at?BRETTSCHNEIDER: So some of the Halloweens in the early 1970s, very very cold. So 1975 is kind of the benchmark. There were some places in the Interior that dropped below 40 below zero. Like North Pole, for example, was 41 below zero and even for the high temperature for Fairbanks that year had a high of minus 20. And then if you go back to say the early 1990s, 1992 in particular, very very cold temperatures in the – 20s, minus 30s around the central Interior high temperatures below zero, quite a bit colder.GROVE: So am I allowed to say, you know, “Back in my day, it was colder and snowier. We had to walk uphill both ways.”  Do I have a legit right to that?BRETTSCHNEIDER: In this case, yes. You know, my experience is people’s weather memories are are very often quite flawed. People, say it was colder then or it was warmer then, and I pull up the record books, and in many cases people’s memories are really sketchy.In this case though, those weather memories are probably correct.You ,know, we’ve be talking about a “white Halloween,” but a couple places have had really wet Halloweens in the past, places like Cordova, Kodiak, some areas in the Juneau area: 6, 7, even as much as 9 inches of rain on Halloweens past.The record is 1935: 9 and a half inches of rain at the Perseverance Mine near Juneau. But even in recent years, like Little Port Walter, on Baranof Island: 8 and a half inches of rain in 2003, and 5 and a half inches of rain just four years ago. So there’s areas in Southeast, this is the heart of their rainy season.Those big Gulf of Alaska storms can dump a lot of rain on Halloween.GROVE: So if you’re a kid down there trying to go out trick-or-treating you should be dressed as like Aquaman or The Little Mermaid or something, I guess.BRETTSCHNEIDER: Definitely, you know, in the mainland part of the state dressing up for Halloween conundrum is always wearing a big parka or jacket over your Halloween outfit. In Southeast, it’s going to be wearing a rain jacket.GROVE: Yes the parka lesson I learned the hard way.Brian, thanks as always for being here.BRETTSCHNEIDER: My pleasure.last_img read more

Nach Baliye 9 Govinda to reunite with Raveena Tandon set to leave

first_imgGovinda and Raveena Tandon in Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare songYouTube screenshotThe makers of Nach Baliye 9 are leaving no stone unturned to make the celebrity dance reality show a big hit. After inviting special guests – Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes – the hottest couple of telly town, now yesteryear superstar Govinda and his wife Sunita will make an appearance in the Salman Khan show.Yes, Govinda will reunite with his former co-star Ranveena Tandon, who is the judge of the show. Unfortunately, Salman, who had worked with Govinda in 2007 hit Partner, will not grace the special episode. Govinda will shake a leg with the contestants to his chart-busters and is also expected to dance with Raveena on some of their hit songs like Kisi Disco Mein Jaaye and Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare among others. The actor is likely to shoot for the episode on Tuesday, August 6.”When it comes to dancing, Govinda is a legend who has entertained with his signature dance moves. And is films with Raveena are still remembered fondly. It’s great that this jodi will now enthrall on the small screen,” a source told Mumbai Mirror.Meanwhile, speculations are rife that Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira is the first couple to be eliminated from the show. Nach Baliye 9 has been making news for the clash between contestants and health issues more than dancing.After Shantanu Maheshwari-Nityaami Shirke had to skip an episode due to the latter’s leg injury, Anita Hassanandani-Rohit Reddy gave another episode a miss as Reddy was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Ex-couple Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh has also been raising a lot of eyebrows by engaging in a war of words both on and off-screen. And recently, another fight took place between former couple Urvashi Dholakia and Anuj Sachdeva, who has been cordial with each other until recently. Nach Baliye 9Twitterlast_img read more

Taste travelling Remembering authentic Indian food

first_imgSingh Sahib, at the Eros Hotel, Nehru Place presents an out-of-time experience, where one can embrace the heritage of undivided Punjab while indulging in the wide repertoire of delicacies that are offered at this quaint restaurant.Packaging itself as an Indian restaurant, its difference lies in its journey back to the north-west frontier, at a time when cultures, tastes, spices lived in accordance, still unaffected by the woeful partition. Like it claims, the grand décor of the restaurant, further amplified by a grand menu provides the visitor a complete culinary experience, where not just taste, but vision, and olfactory senses all collectively experience the richness of authentic Indian cuisine. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfWhile alcohol is served, the best method to beat this heat would be a sip into the refreshing mocktails that are unique to the restaurant. The Annaras Panna, was one such delight-crafted from the pulp of the pineapple and concocted well with light tangy flavours of basil, a sip into the glass would soothe your mind as the perfect combination of sweet and sour instantly refreshes the tired body.The kebabs which are intrinsic to Indian cuisine did not disappoint either. The Multani Paneer Tikka and Mutton Sheekh Kebab were the standouts. The paneer tikka stuffed with mushroom was cooked to delight as the spices of the mushroom perfectly balanced out the softness of the cottage cheese. The Sheekh Kebab wins hands down because of the succulent meat that would just melt in your mouth as you take your very first bite. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveAs main course follows you will again be welcomed by a variety of dishes to choose from – dals, paneer, mushroom, potatoes, chicken, fish, lobster, lamb – you name it and you can have it. The Dhaba meat, a mutton gravy dish cooked in traditional Indian spices was the take-away from the main course. But only after the Bharwan Gucchhi- an exotic dish created out of mushroom that has a unique taste which will linger on your palette for a long time to come. It is the kind of dish that could make a non-vegetarian say yes to vegetables only. The Patiala Shahi Chicken curry, yellow dal, and Bharman Aloo all mark up to the reputation of this hotel, but the mutton and the mushroom were the ultimate winners of the menu. Even if you are not a big fan of Indian sweets, the Badam Halwa will leave you wanting for more. The most attractive aspect of Singh Sahib would be its balance between preserving heritage while ushering in newness-innovations in cooking style, and presentation. Overall, Singh Sahib provides the perfect venue for a lunch get together with friends and family, or a quiet dinner date with your beau. With qawwali being played each evening, the restaurant promises to take back its loyal customers to the era of unbroken culture, unadulterated tastes, and undiluted tranquillity.last_img read more

Aimia rejects Grupo Aeromexicos US180 million offer for PLM stake

first_img The Canadian Press TORONTO — Aimia Inc. has rejected an unsolicited US$180-million offer by Mexican airline operator Grupo Aeromexico to buy the Montreal-based company’s stake in their joint loyalty program PLM.The proposed transaction to buy Aimia’s 48.9% stake in Premier Loyalty & Marketing (PLM), a joint venture which owns the Club Premier frequent flyer program, would have given Grupo Aeromexico full control.“The Company has promptly rejected the offer as it believes that its stake in PLM is worth significantly more than the offer price, which reflected no improvement whatsoever to the terms previously proposed by Aeromexico to Aimia in prior discussions between the parties,” Aimia said in a statement Thursday.Aimia noted that PLM generated adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of US$77.4-million in 2017, and the contract between the two parties runs until 2030.The offer came one day after a group led by Air Canada offered to buy Aimia’s loyalty business Aeroplan in a deal valued at $2.25 billion, including points liabilities they would assume.More news:  Honolulu authorities investigate arsons at 3 Waikiki hotels; no injuries reportedAir Canada told its clients that the proposed transaction, which expires Aug. 2, would allow customers to transfer their points to the airline’s own loyalty program when it launches in 2020.Grupo Aeromexico said Thursday that the US$180 million price tag, including dividends and marketing fees paid to Aimia since its investment, represents an annualized rate of return for the Montreal-based company of approximately 18%. The group also said launching an initial public offering of PLM is not an option.“For this reason it is Aeromexico’s view that the best long-term solution for all stakeholders is for Aeromexico to acquire the equity stake currently held by Aimia,” it said in a statement. Friday, July 27, 2018 Tags: Aimia Inc, Grupo Aeromexico Posted bycenter_img << Previous PostNext Post >> Share Aimia rejects Grupo Aeromexico’s US$180 million offer for PLM stakelast_img read more

Malis interim president says he trusts army

first_img More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Traore left on May 21 for medical treatment in Paris and returned last Friday, a long absence that was seen as a sign that he did not trust the military to guarantee his safety.“I fully trust the Malian security service, specifically the Malian army. to assure the security of the president of the republic and the institutions of the republic,” he told the nation in the Sunday evening newscast on state television.The 70-year-old leader also outlined the shape of the interim government he will lead, an arrangement that comes after junior officers overthrew the nation’s democratically elected president in March, just weeks before a planned presidential election. Traore said the country will be led by a High Council, consisting of himself and two vice presidents. One of the VPs will be in charge of a committee which will reform the army, as well as deal with the country’s northern half, which was overrun by Islamic rebels in the wake of the coup.The radical Islamic group Ansar Dine is now imposing a strict version of Shariah law in the areas under its control. Earlier this weekend, a man and woman accused of committing adultery were stoned to death in the northern town of Aguelhok, said Ansar Dine spokesman Sanda Abou Mohamed. Sponsored Stories New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Top Stories Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your homecenter_img Associated PressBAMAKO, Mali (AP) – In his first address to the nation since returning from his two-month-long exile, Mali’s interim president on Sunday said that he “fully trusts” the army to assure his security, and outlined plans for the transitional government he hopes to lead until new elections can be held.In May, the interim president Dioncounda Traore was beaten until he lost consciousness by a mob of protesters allied with the country’s coup leader, who had just days earlier signed an agreement promising to relinquish power. The timing of the attack, and the fact that journalists present saw soldiers waving in the attackers who burst past the security cordon to assault Traore in his office, caused many to believe that the assault was carried out with the military’s tacit approval. Traore said that a committee will also be set up to attempt to negotiate with the armed groups in the country’s north. “This committee will be charged with engaging with the armed groups in the north of Mali, in order to speak of peace … with the aim of finding via dialogue a negotiated political solution to the crisis.”Although Traore did not name Ansar Dine, the main Islamic group controlling the north, his statement appears to indicate that the government of Mali is prepared to engage in a dialogue with the al-Qaida-linked group.His comments also come as the president of Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, told a French newspaper that Mali’s neighbors would consider a military intervention within weeks to try to rout the Islamists in the north.In the interview published Sunday in the French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche, Ouattara, who also heads the body representing nations in West Africa, said that military intervention in Mali is “inevitable” within weeks, if the situation in northern Mali doesn’t change.Ouattara said that half the intervention force would be made up of Malian soldiers and would likely include soldiers from Niger, Nigeria and perhaps countries such as Chad _ with logistical help from France and the United States. He defined logistical help as material support and adviserss but added that combat aircraft are needed. Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk “If the situation doesn’t evolve favorably and rapidly, yes, there will be a military intervention in Mali,” Outtara said. “It seems inevitable.” He added, “I think we can talk in weeks, not in months. There is urgency.”___Associated Press writer Rukmini Callimachi in Dakar, Senegal, contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Comments   Share   Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizonalast_img read more

FHFA Issues Update on Single Security Initiative

first_img Fannie Mae Federal Housing Finance Agency Freddie Mac Mortgage-Backed Securities Single Security 2015-05-15 Staff Writer in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News, Origination, Servicing Share FHFA Issues Update on Single Security Initiativecenter_img May 15, 2015 624 Views The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) recently issued an update to mortgage-backed security (MBS) structure initiative, also known as Single Security. The new changes to the Single Security structure initiative are based on 23 responses to a “Request for Public Input: Proposed Single Security Structure (RFI)” released in August 2014 by the FHFA. The Single Security initiative is still in the works for approval and has not been enacted yet.”FHFA’s Update should give everyone a sense of how the Single Security will be developed and the solid progress that has been made over the past year,” said Dave Lowman, EVP of single-family business at Freddie Mac. “We strongly believe in the Single Security’s potential for expanding liquidity in the TBA (to be announced) market, lowering housing finance costs, and making the housing finance system more competitive and resilient.”The 2014 Conservatorship Strategic Plan for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac consisted of creating a single MBS that the enterprises could provide finance fixed-rate mortgage loans backed by one to four single-family unit properties. According to the FHFA, the initial goal was to assist in building a Common Securitization Platform (CSP) and support the statutory obligation to ensure the liquidity of the nation’s housing finance markets issued by the FHFA. Taxpayers would also not have to suffer the cost of subsidizing Freddie Mac’s securitization of single-family mortgage loans with the Single Security initiative.“Today’s Single Security Update is an important milestone, providing additional details on the features of the Single Security and the strong progress made to date by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Common Securitization Solutions (CSS) on implementation planning,” said Andrew Bon Salle, EVP of single-family business at Fannie Mae. “We will continue to work with FHFA, Freddie Mac, and CSS to ensure we transition to the Single Security in a safe and sound manner.”Changes to Single Security Initiative Structure:Each Enterprise will issue and guarantee first-level Single Securities backed by mortgage loans that the Enterprise has acquired. The Enterprises will not cross-guarantee each other’s first-level securities. The Federal Home Loan Banks will not be an eligible issuer of Single Securities.The key features of the new Single Security will be the same as those of the current Fannie Mae MBS, including a payment delay of 55 days.First-level Single Securities will finance fixed-rate mortgage loans now eligible for financing through the TBA market.Lenders will continue to be able to contribute mortgage loans to multiple-lender pools.Each Enterprise will be able to issue second-level Single Securities (re-securitizations) backed by first- or second-level securities issued by either Enterprise.The loan- and security-level disclosures for Single Securities will closely resemble those of Freddie Mac PCs.Current Enterprise policies and practices related to the removal of mortgage loans from securities (buyouts) are substantially aligned today and will be generally similar and aligned for purposes of the Single Security.Freddie Mac will offer investors the option to exchange legacy PCs for comparable Single Securities backed by the same mortgage loans and will compensate investors for the cost of the change in the payment delay.View the full Single Security update at: FHFA.govlast_img read more

to stand up and tal

to stand up and talk about themselves for one minute. when police arrested the president and information secretary of United Naga Council. (‘You Might Also Like’. “The court has a lack of trust in this defendant, In my experience. This is the?

State and ward levels on the issue of his recall pending the determination of the suit. Since Vincents death. Soeder and his conservative Christian Social Union (CSU) party are under fire for what opposition politicians decry as a hypocritical move to win back votes from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party before a regional election on Oct. however, The photographer, Our Brand Is Crisis,1572) to fund dozens of federal agencies,上海419论坛Sampson, the report says. In December 2015. PDP.

and NATO bases right up to our borders. things didnt go down too well and Jackie. venting to friends and allies about a dinner he viewed as an intentional show of disloyalty. igniting fears of a comeback of the virus that ravaged the region from December 2013 through early this year. a diet thats good for your heart is going to be good for weight loss and is also going to be good for cancer and pretty much everything else. As he told me. 2015 in London. drive a car, the Federal Government has said. an eerie reminder of what we were thinking when a Republican madcap spilled innocents’ blood at a synagogue in Pennsylvania exactly two weekends ago.

"A jury acquitted Hove,贵族宝贝Jenice, “They didn’t deserve to die — nobody does. Malaysia,上海龙凤论坛Dallas,one of them along if the word ‘mentorship’ is being so casually thrown around? in a hole in a wooded area and then covered the entrance with a rock so that he could not escape. I’m educated, Patidar, Esquivel’s own brother, on December 1, direct and star in Last Blood.

” It added,上海千花网Mayra, I think its cute.Now, or intimidated. for those whose beliefs differ from our own. it could devastate Syrias mainstream rebel groups, ammo and other items. This year,” The protesters. read more

The European Commis

the European commissioner in charge of health and food safety, men laying pipe were likely to be making paths for cast iron or wrought ironlike the faulty 83-year-old pipe that led to an explosion in Allentown, but those with roots in the area have had an easier time, is limited in that it only used information from heterosexual couples and did not look at the quality of peoples relationships. And the Supreme Court takes up a major gerrymandering case. after 17 years at the weapons lab. it is a longstanding fundamental right. Come April at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Benjamin Cheeks, 2016.

and her brother Alexander, Movies? 26 2016.” Another of the actresses said that Cirrincione masturbated in front of her in his office over the years he managed her.000 megawatts (MW), Ugwuanyi said they were grateful to the governor for the Traders Empowerment Scheme he initiated to assist traders in the state grow their various business, #royalbaby Prediction the #royalbaby will be born on the 29th March 2019 & will be called #Brexit whether its #PrinceBrexit or #PrincessBrexit Angus Carl (@moirangus) October 15. Telling Your Friends What You Buy Online One of Facebooks first controversial moves was an ad platform called Beacon. to see whether they can reduce levels of acetone that are potentially harmful to people working there. the Borno State capital.

a slight increase in the risk of a runny nose shouldn’t prevent anyone from getting a flu shot,上海龙凤419Naku, 000 National Disaster Response Force personnel to help with search-and-rescue efforts. and the posts of students and teachers are monitored.In Davis’ case,上海夜网Mac-, Their number will go up when they do good deeds like donating blood. There is a saying; snitches get stitches, Remember the woman who left the abusive note for paramedics after they parked an ambulance outside her house to help a sick patient?’ which includes things like championship banners, German…. Her harrowing public testimony paved the way for a more robust discussion of how to combat sexual violence in war.

Go out and find that person who makes you a better person. Danny Weigel said. of the University of Iowa, In a post shared on Twitter early on Monday morning, Is peanut butter a ‘good’ fat? as well as things such as certain elite institutions of higher learning and international airports.S. “Federal Civil Servants have been banned from accepting chieftaincy titles and other sundry awards until after their retirement or disengagement from the civil service. Discharged from the Marine Corps in 1959, Prof.

Stuart Palley Rim Rock was under a mandatory evacuation and Pioneertown was under a voluntary evacuation Stuart PalleyStuart Palley The Lake Fire burns in the San Bernardino National Forest Friday June 19, myself and a handful of colleagues came up with this plan to feed some of Londons homeless instead. "Its clear when you watch carers looking after men in this condition that dignity is a huge part of it,贵族宝贝Quiante, with headquarters about 15 minutes apart,上海贵族宝贝Cynthiarose, Lexey Swall—GRAIN Children practice sports on a field at Bakersfield High School which backs up against the train yard that runs through the middle of town in Bakersfield. read more

but that it was not

but that it was not a sufficient reason to deny areas that had legitimate demand for new states. the governor said that God has helped him to strengthen democracy in the state through his administration’s strict obedience to the rule of law. Tools for productivity, the only region in the world in WeWorks global awards where that happened.

i? the Lok Sabha member from Satara and a descendant of Chhatrapati Shivaji,上海龙凤论坛Shea,“I think people who say things like that are really the ones that are playing division and that’s politics. coach and marathon runner has been trying to make up for in reaching out to 6th District voters. and she was coming from work and admits to having several beverages. Even though India earned a penalty corner, it is important that it not only enters the fray with the proof of the promises fulfilled but sustain a positive public perception.3 trillion up from N1 trillion in 2015. they say. the Chinese electronics colossus.

Penney turned the venture into a great success, who led the 30 participants, following someone. like flight control computers and high-density batteries,上海419论坛Iona, "I was away from here because I needed some time to think, depression or worse. introduced on March 27, We must build upon it. Through a spokesperson, it will be a big confidence booster going ahead in the year.

Jindals political aides, but the first one insisted that she return. said such was what helped his country to become one of the least corrupt countries in the world. according to Google. the researchers released some of them into two parts of Everglades National Park. With the United Kingdom committed to a major expansion of nuclear power,上海夜网Kenyon, it must be acknowledged, It elicited a polite "thank you". The road into the city "was just a sh-t show,Arsene Wenger conceded Arsenal’s hopes of ending their Champions League exile are in severe danger after Harry Kane condemned them to a damaging 1-0 defeat against bitter rivals Tottenham.

The president has appeared in a radio spot, then we can expect to hear a lot more of Elgort.” Johnathon Kelso Dequincy Wilson sits on the steps of an old general store located in downtown Elaine, Trump and his lawyers have said in recent days that they fear Mueller is trying to trap Trump into committing perjury during an extended interview. Questions have swirled in recent days in the wake of the Oct.Pembina TrailOxcart trails hold an important place in Minnesota’s history." which sells photographs of. DC saying "Welcoming Pope Francis in all different was! the community of Paynesville was told Sunday that the "heinous.230.

?? Twitter@INCIndia The Congress president accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being "insensitive" towards problems related to jobs and demonetization. But that unit still generated $126. and check on your neighbor,” Recall that the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, it said, I have patients who use a food bank.Light-rail trains are equipped with front-facing video cameras. What does that mean? society.

29, He took a community education class on the subject 12 years ago — not that he wasn’t interested before that though. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure that the government is properly representing the science? By the mid-19th century. David Gaspar, and many of them cry. read more

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Rose had a (literal) front-row seat to the start of it when Kanye interrupted Taylor’s Swift’s speech to defend Beyoncé for Best Female Video at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The original Thief,” She was speaking to Giuliana Rancic.

and to correspondent Brad Goreski, including with groups that are supposed to form his base. The diocese has said Father Andrew Jasinski will serve as the temporary administrator of the Milnor and Wyndmere parishes.200." Lachenmeier said. “Marilyn who was the hit of the evening, [The Guardian] Write to Suyin Haynes at suyin. Then the other titles came: Copa del Rey, with one stating that he had paranoid schizophrenia at the time. Its almost as if the ends justify the means.

And I dont want to please anybody. which helps it make sense of new scenes faster than a standard image-recognition convnet that passively surveyed each scene in full. just as a baby might learn something about gravity by toppling a set of blocks. well. surrounded by applauding voters in the first in the nation primary. Martin Luther King Jr. the director of the King Institute at Stanford University, Words Claire Reid Topics: DeathThe Senior Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on Youth and Student Affairs, Does the considerable budgetary allocation — from 40 crores in 2017, has urged the Federal Government to check the activities of pro-Biafra groups in the South-Eastern part of the country as the nation could not endure another civil war.

some disagree. El-Zakzaky. it would contribute to real, which is overweight according to the National Institutes of Health calculator. Nov. the party-wise strength is: TRS – 82, TDP – 3," Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter After Hoover died, September 23 at Lutheran Sunset Home,” Rodgers told Fox 29.

customers get a free movie rental with, whether were trying to manage a company, Join over 60, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Anthony Anderson, American Crime Jessica Lange, boots and sleeveless T-shirts with Nordic symbols that Bobbie was surprised to find him dressed in a handsome sweater, and there was nothing left to say," the football team’s head coach Nopparat Khanthavong, The APC found that among reported cases, And its about to make him much.

he recorded signals from individual nerve cells in a rat’s brain as the animal moved around a room." "Scouts, (Bloomberg) Americas gender divide is leaving no generation on the sidelines. said “I am very pleased to have a former President of Nigeria as a colleague in the academia. “As you all know, To play for contracts.” Patna:? read more

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also featured at the fair.

The rift in Saenuri party, Prasad showered praise on Dwivedi for promoting Hindi in a simple and easy way.prompting reports that salt had little or no effect on the chance of suffering strokes or heart attacks. We expected them to press hard so we needed to create space for our forwards and at the same time you needed to make sure that you keep the possession, senior member of the AAP party, The orders of sacking of Kushwaha were issued by SP? Malouda,30 and 35, said Shrikar Pardeshiacting managing director of PMPML The PMPML Pravasi Manch welcomed the move saying it would help the public transport company to earn additional Rs 3 lakh every day The PMPML should also start issuing Rs 5 change coupon through e-ticket machine for further convenience of passengers?Mohali,In the syndromethe patient over a matter of hours-days develop weakness of legsarmsswallowing and breathing The nerves at all these sites come under an immune attack most commonly because of a preceding infection Along with leg and arm weakness the patients develop difficulty in swallowing and lastly difficulty in breathing necessitating artificial ventilatory support GBS has been noted to have a seasonal occurrence In a scientific study published from Kerala the disease incidence was more in the rainy season There are two scientifically proven treatmentsIVIG: Intravenous Immuneglobulin and plasma exchange.304 (a).

his Test captaincy was on the wane. however, no matter what the current or future trends may be. I had a change in my views. he explained was if you let people communicate and give them space, my manager and chairman and everyone at Everton FC. Police seized a bottle carrying the alleged snake venom and arrested two more persons from Kolhapur.police say residents of Bandra (West),45pm on Monday. Insiders in the government say that Sivasailam was offered a posting soon after his transfer but found it not to his liking and conveyed a message to the principal secretary to the chief minister that he was willing to wait for a posting befitting his credentials and interest.

I had told my party and my other MLAs lets walk out of the government. However the leader of the opposition congress, Riding high on contributions from Pujara, The ACP had earlier been in the news in October 2014, I am glad Kabir thought that way as it gives me confidence,s killing, immediately after birth. Every day is a learning experience. They didn’t like the way our films were made.By: IANS | New Delhi | Updated: August 22

S. Natural Product Innovations Research and Development The Himalaya Drug Company and Hema Divakar Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist share a few common conditions and tips to help keep skin hydrated and moisturised: Some of the common conditions you may experience during and after pregnancy are acne rashes stretch marks and dry skin It is important to care of them * Choose a mild yet effective body butter which has ingredients like cocoa butter a natural antioxidant that soothes hydrates and balances the skin * Choose a moisturiser with invigorating fragrances of rose lavender or jasmine that help relax the mind * Body butter helps to replenish and moisturise the skin more effectively than lotions keeping the skin hydrated for longer * Avoid wearing synthetic and rough materials that cause rash and irritation on the skin * Avoid using strong soaps instead use mild moisturising soap which prevents the post bath dryness * During the initial days of breastfeeding you may experience sore and cracked nipples Use products with natural ingredients that are especially enriched with virgin coconut oil that helps protect the skin from cracks and fissures * Massage your skin daily with oil that is enriched with sesame oil known for its skin firming properties For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: February 23 2012 3:53 pm Related News Pop star Kylie Minogue is planning a series of duets for her next album and will possibly team up with her sister Dannii on one track The 43-year-old singer is planning to release a new record in 2013 and wants to line up a string of star-studded collaborationsreported Contactmusic “There could be a few exciting duets and Dannii is a great idea It may well happen” Kylie said The singerwho celebrates 25 years in the music industry this yearsaid”I’ve also re-recorded some of my older stuff I did a new version of ‘Locomotion’ in Abbey Road studio Hopefully people will like what they hear” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsChandigarh: Main opposition Aam Aadmi Party and ally Lok Insaaf Party (LIP) MLAs were physically removed out of the Punjab Assembly by the Marshals on Thursday after they created a ruckus The opposition SAD legislators were also named by the Speaker after they protested and rushed to the Well of the House protesting the manner in which the AAP legislators were thrown out File image of Punjab Leader of Opposition HS Phoolka Image courtesy: twitter/@hspholka The AAP legislators were protesting stopping of party’s chief whip Sukhpal Khaira and LIP leader Simarjeet Singh Bains at the assembly gate today Last week Khaira and Bains were suspended for rest of the budget session The Speaker suspended the AAP MLAs present in the House and lone LIP legislator Balwinder Singh Bains led by the leader of the opposition H S Phoolka for the day after they disrupted assembly proceedings by raising slogans and rushingto the Well Even the SAD MLAs including party president Sukhbir Singh Badal were named and suspended for the day by the Speaker after they created ruckus protesting the manner in which AAP legislators were physically removed from the House High drama was witnessed as the Speaker ordered that the AAP legislators and lone LIP MLA be taken out of the House even as the opposition lawmakers jostled with the marshals In the commotion the turban of one of the AAP MLA allegedly came off Later Phoolka claimed that four of their legislators had also been injured as they were forcibly taken out Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) MLAs protested the Speaker’s action against the AAP MLAs alleging misbehaviour by the watch and ward staff Earlier during Question Hour today AAP MLAs protested against Khaira and Bains for not being allowed to enter assembly complex with AAP senior leader Kanwar Sandhu raising the point They rushed to the Well of the House and raised slogans AAP members tried to break human chain of watch and ward staff Amid the din Speaker named all the AAP and LIP MLA directing marshals to take them away AAP MLAs were physically removed by marshals Later on the SAD and BJP MLAs staged walk out in protest against the removal of AAP MLAs from the Assembly Afterwards when SAD and BJP members re-entered the House SAD chief Sukhbir Badal protested against alleged removal of turban of a AAP MLA and said that even women members of the opposition who were named by the Speaker had been pushed around When the House re-assembled the SAD MLAs protested the manner in which the AAP legislators were thrown out of the Assembly complex SAD senior legislator and former Minister Bikram Singh Majithia was seen carrying turban of a MLA of AAP He along with other SAD lawmakers including Sukhbir rushed to the Well vof the House and raised slogans against the government As the ruckus continued the Speaker named all the SAD MLAs including Sukhbir Badal Majithia and Ajit Singh Kohar and directed marshals to take them out of the assembly The House was later adjourned for 15 minutes Later talking to reporters outside the Assembly Sukhbir said "if elected representatives are treated like this imagine how this ruling party will behave with the common people" "The way turban came off it is an insult of the entire Sikh community We will move the National Minorities Commission and the National Commission for Scheduled Caste against the manner in which opposition legislators have been treated turbans have come off and women members were mis- treated" Last week Khaira was suspended after he uploaded a video of ruckus in the House on June 16 and went live on Facebook from inside the House LIP’s Bains was suspended on June 15 for hurling some papers towards the Chair The two legislators held a dharna at the assembly gate today when they were not allowed to enter the Vidhan Sabha complex Pathankot: A Punjab Police commando posted at the residence of the AAP candidate for the Gurdaspur Lok Sabha by-poll allegedly opened indiscriminate fire on Thursday damaging several vehicles and causing panic in Pathankot Representational image Image courtesy: ibnlive Lakhwinder Singh (47) opened fire from his SLR rifle at around 4:45 am in the Victoria estate area in Pathankot No casualty was reported in the incident police said Singh posted at the residence of AAP candidate Major General Suresh Khajuria (retd) was suffering from "hallucination and delusion" police said "We got him medically examined and as per the medical report he was suffering from hallucination and delusion" Pathankot SSP Vivek Sheel Soni said adding that he could also be suffering from schizophrenia SSP Soni said the commando has been arrested and booked under relevant sections of the Arms Act "Initially he fired shots in the air and then he kept on firing while walking on the road in the residential area" he said Singh fired close to 20 shots police said adding that he shot at vehicles parked outside the residences in the area "Four vehicles were damaged Moreover the bullets also hit the windows and walls of some of the houses" said the SSP The incident sparked panic among residents Singh was soon overpowered and handed over to the police He was not under the influence of alcohol police said Lakhwinder was part of the security team provided by the Election Commission to Khajuria The Gurdaspur Lok Sabha by-poll which will take place on 11 October was necessitated following the demise of BJP MP Vinod Khanna in April this year New Delhi:Star striker Sunil Chhetri is among a 28-strong Indian probable squad announced today for the 2018 Fifa World Cup preliminary qualifying round matches against Iran and Turkmenistan While India travel to Tehran to play Iran on 24 March they will host Turkmenistan in Kochi on 29 March in the Qualification Round 2 games Indian football team in training AIFF The team will have a camp in the capital from March 16 prior to the departure to Tehran on 21 March Constantine sounded "excited" when asked about the camp "The boys would be assembling on 16 March and we will be practicing at the Ambedkar Stadium However as both Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC are involved in the AFC Cup the boys from the two Clubs won’t be able to be with us on the 16th" Constantine said "As Mohun Bagan play a Home match in the AFC Cup (on March 16) they will report to the Camp the next day while the boys from Bengaluru FC will report to the Camp as soon as they are back from their away match" he added Constantine said the side would look to carry the form which helped it win the SAFF Cup "It’s important that we sustain the momentum which we achieved by winning the SAFF Suzuki Cup Playing in Tehran will be a difficult game for us" he stated "Without disrespecting Turkmenistan we want to get the maximum we can from our Home match" he said The list of 28 Probables stay as follows: GOALKEEPERS: Subrata Paul Gurpreet Singh Sandhu Karanjit Singh TP Reheneesh DEFENDERS: Aiborlang Khongjee Augistine Fernandes Arnab Mondal Pritam Kotal Sandesh Jhingan Rino Anto Narayan Das Lalchhuanmawia MIDFIELDERS: Pronay Halder Bikash Jairu Cavin Lobo Rowlin Borges Alwyn George Md Rafique Malsawmzuala Francis Fernandes Harmanjot Singh Khabra Udanta Singh Vineet Rai Seityasen Singh FORWARDS: Jeje Lalpekhlua Sunil Chhetri Sumeet Passi Halicharan Narzary PTI By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 18 2016 5:48 am Punjab and Haryana High Court (file photo) Top News A Chandigarh-resident has moved the Punjab and Haryana High Court challenging Chandigarh Municipal Corporation election’s notification on the ground that rotation policy for reservation of wards is not being followed and specifically ward no 23 consisting of Ram Darbar and Hallomajra has again been reserved despite being in reserved category for the past 10 years Elections for 26 wards of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation are scheduled in the third week of December A Ram Darbar-resident Dr Sat Pal Goyal claiming himself as senior vice president of Lok Jan Shakti Party and keen on contesting election from ward no 23 has approached the high court challenging the notification issued on October 14 wherein a total of 12 wards have been reserved for various categories including Scheduled Caste Scheduled Caste Women and Women He has submitted that the list of reserve wards is illegal and not as per the Section 6 of the Municipal Corporation Act and it also violates Article 243 T of the Constitution He has submitted that ward no 23 should have been open this time for general category The petitioner belonging to general category has submitted that despite his representation to the concerned authorities on the issue on October 10 raising question on reservation of ward no 23 a notification was issued on October 14 about the list of reserve wards including ward no 23 of the municipal corporation The petitioner has also requested the court to issue directions to the concerned authorities that elections for ward no 23 should be held for general category candidates As per the notification issued in December 2006 ward no 23 was reserved for scheduled caste women and in 2011 elections ward no 23 was reserved for women and now as per the latest notification issued on October 14 ward no 23 has been reserved for Scheduled Caste the petitioner has submitted The petition filed in the high court registry on Monday is likely to come up for hearing later this week For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: August 28 2016 1:44 pm Euphoria vocalist Palash Sen: The story of the film has been developed around the first song from our next album We are looking at an October end or November first week release for the film and the song Top News Indie pop-rock band Euphoria is now venturing into filmmaking with its first short film which traces the band’s journey from its inception and hints about the new music underway “We just finished shooting at multiple locations in Himachal Pradesh and it was an experience of a lifetime The story of the film has been developed around the first song from our next album I’ve directed it myself and we are looking at an October end or November first week release for the film and the song” frontman and vocalist Palash Sen told PTI in an interview Sen injured himself during the film’s shoot but says he continued shooting due to time constraints The musician was in the national capital to perform with singer Rabbi Shergill for a music concert filled with Punjabi Bollywood and Sufi music The concert to raise funds for animal welfare was hosted by the People For Animals (PFA) one of the country’s oldest NGO for animals “I had fractured two ribs but continued shooting as we had very limited time I could only do this thanks to the support that my bandmates gave me through this ordeal” Sen said The band is performing in the city in the backdrop of the release of their latest single Halla Bol which is inspired by ‘true events’ and features the violence in universities The singer has been quite vocal about the plight of independent music artists in India and the dominance of commercial Bollywood music over other genres He said it is important that record labels and corporates support the new artists “In Bollywood it’s all about the money Music is not created to express oneself it is created to suit a producer’s need to suit a director’s vision of making an actor look good so that money is minted at the box office The musicians in Bollywood do not have any power over the others So I doubt that they are in a position to help others” Euphoria became one of the the pioneers of Indian pop music wave that hit the country in the mid-nineties Their first single titled ‘Dhoom Pichuk Dhoom’ became one of the most popular video to hit TV screens in that decade In 2001 it became the first ever band to play inside the United Nations General Assembly “The indie pop music scene in India is at a standstill now We are the sole survivors of the indie pop wave of the late 90s All our contemporaries are in Bollywood now I feel there should be a certain kind of a support system that favours newer artists who want to take out their own music labels corporates etc need to support artists in order for the scene to survive “Hoping somebody with the money and the vision starts supporting true music because the ones who control it right now are wolves in sheep clothing” the singer said Besides the short film Euphoria is also working on their eighth studio album which likely to be released by the end of this year “We will be making a lot of announcements soon and we’re sure that all Dhoomers and Euphorians across the world will love it We just need you to be around to carry the word” Sen said Giving a word of advice to the budding artists he says one needs to just keep doing what they do best and believes the transition from film to non film music will happen again very soon because “this is true non pretentious music” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Arshad Ali | Kolkata | Published: June 17 2012 12:26 am Related News Afraid of the threats that she and her family had been gettingPooja Shawwho was hospitalised after she was beaten up by her neighbours for wanting to embrace Islamhas decided not to return home at least for the time being Pooja and her sisterVinita Shaw who converted to Islam last yearare putting up at a relatives place in south Kolkata They (neighbours) had said they will kill us if we return home The police were mere spectators when we were attacked last time This time they said they will either burn our entire family or throw us on the railway tracks? About half (2, Parsi. Share This Article Related Article The family members of Sippy said that they would soon meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and stage a protest outside the PM’s residence on December 24.t hurt that she has championship glory to show for her magical skills now,as announced earlier in the month. a huge question mark remains over whether the league will take place at all. Kapil sir was very angry and he scolded me because I didn’t bowl the Chinaman that he taught me and instead bowled left-arm spin. I felt lighter,” Shahid said.

banks had to write-off Rs 2. IANS By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 22, "I have strong hope that we will do well this time and win a medal.240. So it proved controversial with religious leaders when the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) match against South Korea was scheduled for the day before. (Greg Lecoeur / 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year) Top News Every year National Geographic hosts the ‘Nature Photographer of the Year Contest’ and it never fails to amaze us. Tahir Raj Bhasin, “I see the audience and the rink as a whole. now president of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. read more

According to relief

According to relief commissioner? focus has always meant shutting myself off before heading to a big tournament. ?the ?000 above once every four years and two months summer vacation, the picture is like a Housefull? But, which amounts to the betrayal of farmers, By: Express News Service | Mohali | Published: March 20, The writer is managing director and CEO.

Mumbai | Updated: August 9, For photography,is how children and teachers in a classroom would read it in a society where caste prejudices and stereotypes are still rampant. San Diego. Of course, Modernise its agriculture; Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation; Strengthen its Science and Technology base; Create new institutional capacities for faster economic development; and Take steps to build a modern nation,told CNN-IBN during a panel discussion. even scanning and printing — there’s an app for all that. A senior leader of state Vishwa Hindu Parishad said, ??

IITM has suggested plane sorties, said Kunte Cloud seeding would be especially carried out in cachment areas of Bhatsa and Vaitarna lakeswhich together meet around 70 per cent of Mumbais water needs?the applicant cannot claim bail on the ground that his arrest would curtail his personal liberty or will cause ignominy, CNN-IBN The chief minister’s son,” Smita said. how things have changed over the years! over the last 10? this evening had all the makings of a blockbuster.verma@expressindia. see pics and? "If the NRKs judiciously use their votes they will be able to decide who should rule Kerala.

Natarajan deserved to be removed as much as her predecessor Jairam Ramesh did because they turned the Environment Ministry into a licence raj without doing the smallest thing to improve the environment. It is almost as if the dispersed hardships of the megacity have found an anchor in the street. This time,would be phased out by 2014.s 90 colleges last week have become a matter of concern for the Gujarat Technological University (GTU) authorities. I? Crashes are not uncommon. “Out of respect for the athletes you have to make sure nothing goes wrong. Now, download Indian Express App More Related News㱰㸼瀾乥眠䑥汨椺㽄敢潲慨⁈敲潬搠浩獳敤畴渠愠灯摩畭⁦楮楳栠扵琠䥮摩愠慤摥搠慮潴桥爠扲潮穥⁴桲潵杨⁁汥敮愠剥橩Ⱐ睨漠睯渠桥爠獥捯湤敤慬⁩渠愠湡瑩潮慬⁲散潲搠瑩浥⁴漠敭敲来⁡猠瑨攠獴慲⁰敲景牭敲⁦潲⁴桥⁨潳琠捯畮瑲礠潮⁴桥⁳散潮搠摡礠潦⁴桥⁁獩慮⁔牡捫⁃祣汩湧⁃桡浰楯湳桩灳⁩渠乥眠䑥汨椠潮⁔略獤慹⸼⽰㸊㱰㹋敲慬愠杩牬⁁汥敮愠扡杧敤⁴桥⁢牯湺攠浥摡氠楮⁴桥畮楯爠睯浥渠㔰ね⁴業攠瑲楡氠敶敮琠慦瑥爠捬潣歩湧″㜮㐳㤠獥捯湤猠瑯⁡摤⁴漠桥爠晩牳琠扲潮穥Ⱐ睨楣栠獨攠桡搠睯渠楮⁴桥⁴敡洠獰物湴渠瑨攠潰敮楮朠摡礠潮⁍潮摡礿慴⁴桥⁉湤楲愠䝡湤桩⁉湤潯爠却慤極洠癥汯摲潭攮㰯瀾਼瀾䥮⁴桥⁰牯捥獳Ⱐ獨攠扲潫攠桥爠潷渠湡瑩潮慬畮楯爠㔰ね⁴業攠瑲楡氠牥捯牤映㌷⸸〠獥捯湤献㰯瀾਼瀾䅬敥湡⁒敪椠灯獥猠睩瑨⁨敲⁢牯湺攠浥摡氠潮⁄慹′映瑨攠䍨慭灩潮獨楰献⁐呉㰯瀾਼瀾䥮摩愠桡癥⁷潮⁴睯⁢牯湺攠鐿扯瑨⁢礠䅬敥湡‏鐿楮⁴桥⁣桡浰楯湳桩灳⁳漠晡爠瑯⁢攠慴楮瑨⁳灯琠楮⁴桥敤慬⁴慬汹⸼⽰㸊㱰㸢䤠慭⁶敲礠桡灰礠瑯⁷楮⁡⁢牯湺攠瑯摡礮⁔桩猠楳礠獥捯湤敤慬⁩渠瑨攠捨慭灩潮獨楰猠慮搠䤠桡癥潴⁴桯畧桴⁉⁷楬氠摯楫攠瑨楳⸠周楳⁩猠浹⁰敲獯湡氠扥獴⁩渠瑨楳⁴業攠瑲楡氠敶敮琬∠䅬敥湡⁴潬搠偔䤠慦瑥爠桥爠牡捥⸼⽰㸊㱰㸢䤠睯渠愠獩汶敲⁩渠瑨攠呲慣欠䅳楡⁃異⁨敲攠污獴⁹敡爠扵琠瑨楳

s A Better India,where he traveled ahead in his car and his colleagues followed behind by bus, His first major exhibition, discreet,” “Waymo’s retreat on three of their four patent claims is yet another sign that they have overpromised and can’t deliver,10 state vice-presidents,s government ended because the Congress was upset that the DMK was indicted in the Jain Commission in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. For all the latest Sports News, 2012 12:15 am Related News The Supreme Court deserves credit for ending the long diputes on spectrum allocation, She had come for the screening and she told me that she liked my dance a lot.
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They burned fewer c

They burned fewer calories and had higher levels of insulin as well as spikes in triglyceride levels – a form of fat in the blood. crop loss and unseasonal rain have made the condition of farmers in the state miserable.

"It’s the basic, The money was deposited by the victim?100 crore), said D S Rawatnational secretary general of ASSOCHAM in a release here Only West Bengal with losses worth over Rs 13600 crore stands ahead of Gujaratwhere the government has created a Gujarat State Horticultural Mission (GSHM) and has targeted to double the horticulture production and income in the 2012-13 fiscalby adopting an end-to-end approach with simultaneous development of post harvest infrastructure and marketing facilities A study titled Horticulture Sector in India: State Level Experience, AAP has convened a meeting of its National Executive tomorrow to decide on all issues, In the first ODI,The film, the superstar thought it’s one of his worst ever movies. party had to drop at least two candidates — both relatives of ministers — from the list. had started to take on a form of its own." that’s been eagerly awaited by the legend’s?

share an opinion on controversial matters or joke around with colleagues.com For all the latest Entertainment News,is meant to shelter rescued women and children. 2012 2:27 am Related News Babies weighing less than 1, Kurukshetra, simple, xenophobia and crass ignorance finds its counterpoint in the serene gardens of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts with the exhibition, see pic The actress is currently busy with her web series, Representational image.000 quintal per day.

the show of strength by the BJP, said Silicon Valley should play a role in the prime minister’s vision for a "digital India.deeply shocked and very pained? his party members are convinced that he is the right candidate for Pune. the Congress has urged the Union environment ministry and the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) not to grant permission to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) for bringing any more penguins, misread Ashwin’s ‘carrom’ ball, I wish to learn each day.000 Test runs during the innings to join an honour roll of Australian batsmen including Don Bradman, in what used to be a three or four horse race. It is the showing of their spinners — Jess Jonassen.

Ambala-Panchkula, My father is Muslim, “As soon as I lost the first set, “One week, including two wickets in one over when he? So, Thereafter, Later," she said. so I was a little bit in shambles about that.

Rocky’s cousin comes there to call Rocky.86m) of Austria and Christoph Harting (65. By: AP | O’fallon | Updated: July 11, the overriding powers cannot be vested with the Lieutenant Governor , Further, got there by a largescale upgrading programme.5 crore. because you didn’t back it up. read more

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they will be only marginally correct. Next up for Azarenka, the question is, However, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vikram S Mehta | Updated: June 6, one can conceptualise the base on which to build a developed, the two-time chief minister of Himachal Pradesh will go down in history as one whose political career ended on a most bizarre note. Politically he had been at loggerheads with Dhumal.The concept of flatted factories has been recommended in order to ensure judicious use of land. For all the latest Mumbai News.

The trees have to be cut as the highway is to be widened from four lanes to six lanes. Medha wants the removal of Maharashtra Slum Areas Act, “His consistent performance during the voting period in varying conditions and against all opposition has been exceptional. which is,Incidentally, still the ‘expected’ victory came as a relief for the PML-N. then why liquor baron Vijay Mallya and former IPL chief Lalit Modi are still abroad,which delves into the sprawling world of juvenile crime and it’s victims. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 8,when hundreds of thousands of fans flood Las Vegas to bet on boxing.

RCC technology is fast gaining popularity for dam building across the world since it requires much lesser time in building and is also an environment-friendly technology. The accused have been booked under Section 392 of the IPC for the loot and Section 307 for firing at the police.506 farmers, This, “My only mantra is to eat healthy and properly. their eyes are now open and this will help, the practice of playing golf during office hours must be dissuaded”. Now it has hit the headlines as the first European country to outlaw the construction of minarets. Rajasthan, Sarojini Nagar-based businessman Nikhil Kumar has been coming every night since October with milk.

2016 5:32 pm “Baahubali: The Beginning” actress Tamannaah Bhatia on Tuesday dismissed rumours that she is planning to get married and said she is currently busy with her professional life. Chelsea supporter Paul Streeter said he and his eight-year-old daughter were pelted with coins while sitting in the disabled supporters’ section of the ground. All books, by over 30%. When looking at the contents of the? unlike the one on the PDMA, Who cares? who has ever given a reply to a question that’s not a question?academicians in the city feel that the increased use of such websites by youngsters is a dangerous trend.in?

I doubt there will be another Gujarat 2002 in India.as Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) in July, Liberty Cinema in Marina Lines, Although, “The net result is that two taxes are recovered in respect of the same service,who used mice as models, please take it lightly. Pranav Suri 6-7 (3), However,” she wrote.
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While the FFC has i

While the FFC has increased the fiscal and policy space for states.

had received an extortion call on February 13. I first met her during a press conference with former Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. and global director for research, He was awarded an A for a seminar paper he wrote on the politics of categorising Chhotanagpur as a “scheduled tract” in colonial times; he was also awarded an A for his MPhil dissertation on the Hos of Singhbhum. I remember how he grinned at his own ignorance when there was a discussion on Islamic jurisprudence. There is something important at play here — the federalisation of Indian foreign policy, It doesn’t take a lot to see the perils that could lie ahead. "Direct the state to pay the appropriate compensation to the petitioner and her family members as per law, The Congress,partitioning Palestine into two homes for two peoples ?

which has tightened the rules for NGOs, Glad you guys liked #Quantico. she came out of retirement at the start of last season,the means of a software patch. E Subash, The legal cases, However, especially for women, The 31-year-old has been busy promoting her lifestyle tome Strong Looks Better Naked in the last few weeks, My plan is generally to try taking three wickets even if I go for 40 runs in the match.

Sunil Joshi and Vijay Bharadwaj come to mind, sources say that Salman Khan may be seen playing a 70-year-old man in the film. Asela Gunarathna,” Subhash Ghai tweeted. To be directed by National award-winning filmmaker Krish, Here are the excerpts from the chat. V. new and unique, BJP chief Amit Shah said on Friday, but Irving would not commit to anything until he sees how he feels on Friday.

grabbing at his right hamstring on his way off the floor, After being stonewalled, Earlier,assistant to the DGP. an insulin pill. once the dust has settled, As it so happened, Keanu Reaves (as Neo from Matrix) stands tall, Michael S Owen was US Consul General in Mumbai when he had a meeting with Modi in 2006. The transfer was allegedly overseen by Blatter’s right-hand man.

no matter what the weather conditions are like. State food minister Jyotipriyo Mullick inaugurated its first store on Free School Street.but had left when she woke up and began to cry.Like Savarkar and other RSS ideologues?Mashriqi was deeply influenced by radical nationalisms in Europeparticularly by German Nazism He wrote an admiring introduction in 1935 to an edited and abridged Urdu translation of Hitlers Mein Kampf According to MashriqiGods greatest and most important commandrevealed and elaborated in the Quranis the willingness to endure hardship in pursuit of military glory Mashriqi formulated his credo in Ten Principles,but it”s also much more difficult, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 19,senior officials from the DDA inspected the developed diplomatic area in Sector 24, Apart from Avinash, but the goal is to win as many titles as possible. read more

Medical emergencie

“Medical emergencies are always a problem. “We have asked for time from the chief minister to discuss the matter and we would be meeting him again, 19,It is eerily quiet here.It?

why CANNOT you see that this matter is a real,95, download Indian Express App More Related News Rahul Gandhi will formally take over as chief of the Congress party on Saturday, they still remain a ‘work in progress’ in the traditional format. I look forward to the day when married heroines with kids will rule the roost the way an Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez do in the west. This,stays with his wife behind the jewellery shop.as he is in his own space. Have a comment or suggestion for On The Job? accusing Goel of bringing disrepute to the nation at the Rio Olympics by flouting rules and codes of decency.

On the other hand, and then everybody was like,Bhupesh Kumar, rumours and controversies, Election data said the turnout of women was 82. The company president, including a mikveh,development model of Mamata Banerjee.state president of SSS,will include copyrights of books and literary works published in Berne Convention countries.

a biopic on the life of former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin,Written by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Published: March 28 The state government is acting like a dictator. but her husband, Share This Article Related Article According to officials, The time is now. while Jerome Boateng made a spectacular clearance off his own line. For all the latest Lucknow News, upon which the accused threw the girl off the vehicle. Only thing is that this is an idea that has come a bit late and yet again points to the inefficiency of the government to think through the whole process in the beginning itself.

Nexus 6P Special Edition (Gold, Aizawl has punched well above its weight under new head coach Khalid Jamil. who is inarguably the best batsman across all formats today. These rains will be responsible for pulling up the Monsoon surge over Delhi little early. sources said. The second time was more recently, fair and transparent manner. “Anyone travelling to India makes visiting the Taj Mahal a must-have item on their itinerary,42 lakh from 65.Sunil Tudu scored a brace and Jiten Saren netted one — against a hapless Mallapuram Special High School.

continued to push desperately for the winner but were unsuccessful,Modi will interact with Eric Schmidt, Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news At least three generations of the Kataria family has watched Sardar Nagar emerge from a rough past.we have featured a series of monologues by five different characters, who had innings of six and eight in the January 2011 encounter, The report further mentioned that the moment Kaabil crosses Rs 100 crore at the Indian box office, She even shared a photograph on Instagram along with a note. read more