Dunhuang network in the United States launched the first virtual office website cover bridge strateg

Dunhuang DHgate.com, one of China’s largest commodity wholesale platform. Last week, the market for the United States launched a sub station, named "IntroducingSuccess.com".

yes, from the name, this seems to be an incentive to start the site.

in fact, Dunhuang cleverly designed a bridge, and the last step in the bridge to other people indirectly to the Dunhuang network, if you want to shop online, is not the first to learn how to drive, learn not to purchase, after the promotion…… And he will tell you that a message is that everything in Dunhuang. With such a logical thinking, Dunhuang network so covered so full of teaching flavor, Li Zhiwei, the taste of information Introducing Success sales website! read more

Thunderbolt Alliance as a partner to open the flow valve open

thunderbolt alliance after a series of adjustment mechanism, and finally the dog with the flow of the valve fully open to partners, the adjustment of the overall traffic will open more than ten times previously, is undoubtedly brought the gospel to download the CO owners.

thunderbolt download business alliance is thunder download tools for webmaster cooperation mode based on customized, as long as your site provides resources to download, you can add the business support, eMule download, BT download and download the traditional mode, optional full or semi thunder thunder, with the user’s download behavior and enjoy the corresponding return flow and commission cooperation is a special, exclusive download station. read more

Fresh electricity burn Wars Baidu led COFCO buy 200 million


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so far all joined BAT fresh electricity supplier war mission. Cold chain distribution cost control, the problem can only be controlled so that the major loss of fresh electricity continued to burn.

Zhao Xiaojuan

even burn and loss, fresh electricity still has a strong gold absorption capacity.

October 12th, COFCO has been relying on the support of fresh electricity supplier website I bought the food network to obtain financing, lead investor side, including Baidu and Taikang Life, investment amount of US $200 million (about 1 billion 264 million yuan). As a result, I bought the network to complete its C round of financing, the company’s goal is also set for China’s largest electricity supplier in the field of food. read more

Settled in Shenzhen after the 11 night Carnival also intends to replicate the success of Super Bowl

in addition to the soaring number of each year, Alibaba’s dual 11 what is there to look forward to?

October 10th, "2016 Tmall double 11 carnival night," the Organizing Committee and the Shenzhen municipal government officially confirmed: this year’s double 11 party will be located in Shenzhen Sports Center stadium.

in this regard, the Alibaba group chief marketing officer Dong Benhong said: "Shenzhen has a special meaning for China, represents a kind of spirit, aspiring and facing the world and the future. Double 11 has already crossed the borders, beyond the boundaries of the Internet, I believe that through cooperation with Shenzhen, "Tmall 2016 double 11 carnival night" will allow viewers to experience the global science and technology and cultural entertainment with surprise and joy." read more

The traditional retail business transformation is the battle of strangling last window is coming

accompanied by the end of this year, online retail accounted for the total retail sales of social commodities will rise to about 17%, nearly 20% of the explosive growth of the critical point, the next two years of small and micro enterprises to become the transformation of the golden period, the window of opportunity is expected to close in 2014.

warm-up half of the first half of 2013 in the first half of the electricity supplier war to enter the peak battle of 18. Tmall login page can slide the mouse cut 200 million yuan red envelope, Jingdong to borrow ten anniversary anniversary launch Liu feedback. Others such as Yi Xun, shop No. 1, almost all electricity suppliers are already eager for a fight to join the fray, tense for overtime. read more

Jingdong suppliers owed money for 13 months is refers to shop big bully

Jingdong mall once again suffered growing pains.

February 28th, an attachment to the electricity supplier network platform oil products suppliers, micro-blog platform to lead the domestic electricity supplier business Jingdong mall war. The reason to force the supplier to launch an attack of Jingdong is the mall, said the mall Jingdong owed its suppliers for up to 13 months of sales.

this is not the first time involved in the dispute Jingdong mall zero dispute. In February 2012, another supplier in the same way, blame the Jingdong mall existence "shop" big bully phenomenon. At that time, the supplier accused Jingdong mall presence 4 overlord terms. read more

Taobao mobile phone will become the future development trend

2010 Communications Exhibition, I believe that we are not only left behind 3G4G, triple play and networking, more is the future of the mobile Internet and mobile life services. In this communication exhibition, mobile shopping will be greater development.

from the store shopping to online shopping, to the mobile phone shopping, along with the popularity of 3G networks and electronic commerce, the shopping channel is first from the mall to the computer, and transferred from the computer to mobile phone, bring the evolution of the way of shopping is not only a way of shopping has become more simple and convenient, is a service to upgrade and affordable price. read more

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Guide the rapid rise of social electricity supplier profit

said, mogujie.com as the representative of the social network based on the development of shopping or shopping guide platform is in the beautiful race each other, with Taobao and VANCL, Jingdong as the representative of the traditional electricity providers have begun to layout. Based on the Taobao Taobao wow, where the customer Eslite mall, Master Jingdong Jingdong enjoy etc.. Social e-commerce and traditional business platform cooperation, mainly by the customer to transfer the traditional electronic business platform, in the commodity transaction, in accordance with the proportion returning certain acquisition proceeds, or is the use of precision advertising marketing platform. read more

Taobao shop owner to receive the first business license will be taxed

yesterday, the new policy in Guangdong province to encourage the shop for business registration was promulgated, one from Zhaoqing’s Taobao owner Su Industrial and Commercial Bureau in the province to the province’s first industry association office address. "According to a multi site for business licenses, since this is the first implementation of the new policy, the industrial and commercial registration shop.

shop tax is a trend

Deputy director of the province of

Industrial and Commercial Bureau Qian Yongcheng said that in recent years, online shopping complaints every year more than 150% of the rate increase, false advertising, trademark infringement, counterfeiting, fraud, online marketing has become a major problem of online shopping complaints reflect. Urgent need to regulate network transactions. To this end, the province Industrial and Commercial Bureau made "on a number of opinions" to encourage and support the healthy development of our province network products and related services, and by the provincial Legislative Affairs Office for examination and approval, recently issued a formal implementation. read more