The central office strengthen the government and public service for Chinese domain management

management center of the central office administrative and public institutions to strengthen the domain name registration announcement "government" and "public service" Chinese special domain name registration registration service management and standardize the behavior of Beijing

on 23 November, the central office of government affairs and public welfare agencies of domain name registration management center before the announcement, to strengthen the "government" and "public service" Chinese special domain name registration management and standardize the registration service. Announcement reads as follows: read more

How far away from the Amazon Jingdong market boundaries reverie

In February 7th

released the first "s brother Jingdong far away from the Amazon" series of articles (technology and retail companies, has been a lot of debate) feedback: most friends think this paper, there are a few friends that the two companies do not have too big contrast, some friends think it belongs to the "criticism" of Jingdong, is a haven……

on Jingdong, general brother expressed on many occasions the view is optimistic about its prospects and future prospects for the listing. Write this series of articles, only to provide a different from the perspective of pure earnings analysis to see Jingdong’s IPO. A lot of really knowledgeable people to write articles, temporarily let Pu brother published second articles, general opinion; brother from the market boundary angle compared to Amazon and Jingdong. read more

E commerce in left entertainment in the right SNS towards the vertical fine differentiation

recently, on the Internet social network (SNS) of the Sohu launched a hot and white society, launched gangs, Tencent to meet with friends happy net, even Comsenz (Comsenz) UCenter Home 2.

According to iResearch survey

, SNS applications have become the new hot spot, most netizens love, become one of the most important Internet application, these Internet Co moves frequently, also showed SNS different direction.

Alibaba launched the "network connection" and " Taobao Jianghu" is a type of e-commerce SNS, electronic commerce has obvious style, "connections" to mining business contacts, and efficient management of customer and provide personalized electronic name card, "Amoy arena" also has a strong characteristic of electronic commerce; happy net (Kaixin001) on entertainment success, from the initial "parking dispute", "friend buying and selling" to today’s "buy a house", has always insisted on walking the road of entertainment, become the representative of the entertainment SNS; campus network rely on established schoolmate relationship contacts circle, are with Facebook, continue to do the traditional SNS; Comsenz launched UCenter Home currently has more than 13 various types of websites, according to the latest UCenter Home 2 version of the test showed that the tool significantly strengthened, more favorable To build different types of SNS community. read more

Zhang Fangwen explain the importance of database marketing in the field of electronic commerce

is widely used in the field of database marketing has been foreign e-commerce, but at home or just rise, even there are many small and medium-sized e-commerce company and individual e-commerce company that database marketing is a large e-commerce companies do marketing. Small e-commerce companies do not database marketing what is really of great significance, in fact, this is a mistake, Zhang Fangwen thought of database marketing for any e-commerce company, and the database in the field of e-commerce marketing is an important marketing tool in many marketing tools. read more

What e commerce means to traditional enterprises

(fast transit network columnist: Wu Fei) is now a large number of traditional business enthusiasm for e-commerce is very high, indicating that the electricity supplier channels in the impact of traditional enterprises is also very large.

if they put electronic commerce through understanding is engaged in the third party service platform in their products or services sold online, and high hopes, if they find to sell things online and can not achieve the desired results and business day, their enthusiasm on electronic business will soon plummeted, even rejection. read more

Zhang Kai Haier 24 hours from time to time to see the development of e commerce

April 25th Haier mall official micro-blog claimed that from April 25th to 100 cities in the country launched the 24 hours of time limit in time, that is, free of charge, a single delivery service commitment to the. As long as you order at the mall Haier Haier appliances not sent to within 24 hours, you can and refused to contact them, they will give a full refund for home appliances free single, which will undoubtedly give the industry and we released a heavy bomb.

Chinese e-commerce was initially started by the auction site, and later developed into the B2B model. With the rapid development of the Internet companies and businesses are aware of e-commerce is an essential platform for their development, but also have joined the army is not very standardized e-commerce. According to the latest statistics, China has more than 4000 SMEs, accounting for 99% of the country’s total, are involved in B2B network shops as a starting point. read more

Search promotion SEM and precise positioning thinking

      search engine promotion (SEM) thinking and precise positioning (to)
      some time ago often see many and his new discussion to the question: "how to make their rankings in search engines on the front, I do with a little experience in sales for so many years, and few companies do what recent service summarizes some experiences.

    in fact, SEO after a period of time you will find that the search engine is only an access platform for real browsing is not necessarily more valuable, traffic alone is not absolute dominant frequency of transactions for you, the final purpose is not to your ranking before and after, how to obtain the mining potential customers really depends on you the website provides real and appropriate service from professional web search access, SEO is to seek how to force consumption confusion and accurate extraction of the directional access to access. read more

Two entrepreneurs to share their projects in the end of the program Zhang Xiaolong why the valuatio

this is the fifth time I’ve been back.

Zhang Xiaolong at number 28 on a small program day, our company’s valuation at least up ten times. Why, because three days after the more than and 30 investors call, opening the first sentence is to say, "you do two things, WeChat is a small program to guide the future development of this industry."."

is the last day of 2016, returned to Hangzhou from Guangzhou’s WeChat open class scene, I was Wang Dehan and Yang Wanxin two entrepreneurs took about 4 hours, listening to a known value of ten million of the actual share. read more

From the cnBeta three column debate page see the innovation of personal website

Allow users to actively participate in discussion or debate

to show their views or immediacy to show this state

will undoubtedly play a very important role in improving the enthusiasm

this form can be said to be an innovation

see address:

visually in form and color to set the position of the discussion

users may be impetuous, sometimes even the lazy look

comment on high popularity, the page bar is long

IT information website cnBeta is a personal website established in 2003

as will as the laggards webmasterPart of the

is personal website force again to help promote

here, as long as there is innovation, adhere to

Personal webmaster should remain a dream

read more

Micro video promotion online games How to plan a good video

can now see a number of online games to promote self timer video, when the length of the general is also a dozen seconds, count on the micro video marketing. This advertising model than the original text and picture more vivid, plus video content often little grass root male and sexy beauty. These are the highlights to attract the eye, although the micro video is short, but also need to have a simple story, the role of character settings, etc.. So the micro video production promotion online, first the idea of a good story. read more