Samsung, Meet Icarus: Galaxy S4 Features Aim High, Risk Melting Waxy Disappointment

first_imgYou remember Icarus, right? Greek boy with wax wings takes errant flight path, meets watery death. A classic metaphor for reach exceeding your grasp.Samsung: Meet IcarusSamsung threw so much at us during the keynote launch of its flagship Galaxy S4 that it’s difficult to unpack all of it.  So what are some of these mind-blowing features that you’re going to hear so very much about? Let’s take a closer look.(See also: Samsung Galaxy S4 First Impressions: Beautiful But Bloated)Dual Camera: A feature that allows you to use both the front and back cameras of the Galaxy S4 at the same time. Also allows for Dual Video Call where you can show people what you are looking at during a video call with the front facing camera.Takeaway: OK Samsung, you got me here. This is a cool and innovative use of the dual-camera concept… that was introduced a couple of years ago with FaceTime on the iPhone. This basically taking FaceTime and stretching it to the extreme.  Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Group Play & Share Music: Allows users to share music, photos, documents and games with people around them (at least those also toting Samsung devices) without a data connection. Share Music allows users to play the same song on multiple phones, basically creating multiple mobile speakers.Takeaway: Group Play and Share Music are basically extensions of previous Samsung features that allowed users to share photos with other Samsung users. Samsung has turned this to other types of media and music.S Translator: Instant translation using voice or text for apps like email, text message and ChatOn (a feature in Dual Video Call that allows you to share your screen).Takeaway: Google already has a fairly robust translator in Android. Samsung’s own translator will only be a great feature if it cooperates with Google’s apps like Gmail, Talk and Voice. If not, it’s just another redundant Samsung app.Smart Pause & Smart Scroll: Pause enables the users to control the screen by where they look. For instance, if you’re watching a video, the phone will pause it if you look away. Smart Scroll allows you to scroll up and down emails or a browser without touching the screen.Takeaway: We didn’t get a lot of hands on time with the Galaxy S4, so it is hard to say if this is cool or annoying. It will definitely be a different type of experience. Hopefully Samsung gives users the option to toggle it on and off. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Samsung is big on naming things. Every new function or feature in the Galaxy S4 comes with a snazzy title and, undoubtedly, a huge marketing campaign for convincing us how remarkable it is. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S4 is not exactly reinventing the smartphone. Samsung may need to brace itself for some blowback, given its over-the-top approach. There’s something to be said for understatement, as Apple so frequently demonstrates and as Google has done with its Nexus series. Samsung wants to be everything to everybody. It’s a fool’s errand. Keep trying and ultimately you become the fool. The same principal applies to the Galaxy S4 as to the Galaxy S3 when we reviewed it last year: more is not always better. Sometimes more is just more. Taken individually, each of these functions is fine and good. Some are more impressive than others, but none (outside of Smart Scroll, perhaps) are really groundbreaking. More is what Samsung does, and generally speaking, it does more very well. If that’s the type of experience you’re looking for in a smartphone, you’ll probably love the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you want something simpler but still powerful, the HTC One or an iPhone 5 may be the way to go.  Air Gesture & Air View: Gesture allows a user to interact with the screen without actually touching the screen. Just hover your finger over the screen and swipe between apps or pages. View lets you preview an app, email or page by hovering your finger over it.Takeaway: If you have ever played with the Galaxy Note II and its S Pen, you are well aware of the Air features. Functional and useful at times but perhaps superfluous features.WatchOn: Allows you to control your various home utilities (TV, DVD player) by turning your Galaxy S4 into a remote.Takeaway: So, Samsung basically just put infrared into the Galaxy S4 and turned it into a remote. Just like a universal TV remote. Hey, why the hell not.Tired Yet?The primary problem with Samsung’s last two flagship smartphones is that it was very easy to get lost in all of the various features that Samsung threw at us. Add in Android apps that do basically the same thing and your phone can start getting confusing very quickly. center_img Drama Shot, Sound & Shot And Story Album: Samsung is stretching out its camera functions. Drama shot allows you to see all the action in a photo in one continuous loop while Sound & Shoot allows you to capture the sound and voice happening during the photograph. Story Album organizes your photos by metadata — time, geo-tag, people etc. specific to that event. Takeaway: None of this is really groundbreaking, as companies like HTC, Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia all have very similar features. Sound & Shoot is creative but, ultimately, probably not terribly useful. Tags:#Android#Galaxy S4#Samsung dan rowinski What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Related Posts The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

How to Make Event Footage More Cinematic

first_imgMost of us are capable of capturing cinematic looks on narrative productions. But what about event footage? Here’s how to get great results at your next videographer gig.Top image from ShutterstockShooting events like weddings, bar mitzvahs, and corporate functions may be not always be the most exciting type of work, but many filmmakers moonlight as event videographers to pay the bills. Naturally, they still want their work to shine. That said, many of these same individuals run into issues when shooting on the fly, as their usual approach to working on set doesn’t always translate well to a live environment.Compared to capturing narrative material, event coverage is a very different beast. Things move extremely quickly, quantity is often preferred over quality (by the client at least), and the shooting schedule can be much less predictable. Unfortunately, many shooters with a narrative background try to directly translate over their style of shooting. They end up missing shots, not getting enough coverage, and ultimately delivering a poor end result.The good news is that there are ways to still capture beautiful footage even when working in less than optimal shooting conditions. Many of the tips and techniques that will help you accomplish this will likely go against what you’re used to doing for narrative work. But that’s all part of the process. As long as you as you are well-prepared and still bring your creative A-Game to the table, you’ll end up with a solid final product.1. Shoot on Fast ZoomsImage from B&H PhotoLike many DPs, I prefer shooting on prime lenses for many reasons. They’re usually faster, sharper, and more detailed than their zoom lens counterparts, and in a narrative environment you always want the best of the best.When shooting events, however, everything changes. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to get away with shooting on primes (and if you can, you really should), but in most cases they simply aren’t practical.Ideally, you will want to have some relatively fast zoom lenses in your kit, like the Sigma 18 – 35 F1.8 or the Canon 24 – 70 F 2.8. These lenses will still deliver beautiful results while allowing you to work on your feet more quickly and swap your lenses far less often.2. Get a Low-Light CameraImage from PetaPixelUsually with event coverage you have little or no control over the lighting. This is obviously problematic for a number of reasons — the worst of them being under-lit shooting situations.It is very common to walk into a wedding, corporate event, etc. and realize that even at 800 ISO and F1.4 you don’t have bright enough exposure. For this reason, low-light cameras are a must. I would suggest looking into cameras like the Canon C100, a7S, or other DSLRs that can record cleanly at ISO 3200 or above. You don’t necessarily need the best low-light camera on the market, but you definitely need one that can produce great results above ISO 800 or 1600, which is where many cameras top out.3. Bring a Second Shooter or AssistantImage from Almoe AVOne of the most common mistakes that first-time event shooters make is going at it alone. 99% of the time, you absolutely need another shooter or at least an assistant to help you capture live events. This matters for a few reasons… Firstly, you can’t be two places at once. There will be at least one time during any event that you need to be covering two things simultaneously (let’s say a speech and crowd reaction) and have to choose between the two.Secondly, and most importantly, a huge part of being an effective event shooter involves moving very quickly. With an assistant you can pack up gear, change lenses, ask for assistance, and move around far more quickly and efficiently.4. Rethink Your AudioImage from VideomakerWe all know that audio quality is just as important as video quality, and this notion applies to events just as much as narrative projects. That said, the way in which you capture the audio will vary significantly between those two types of productions. Unlike narrative films where you have the luxury of working with a boom operator and likely also have lav mics on your talent, during an event that will not typically be possible.You will want to look for other ways to get great audio without being too invasive by asking guests to put on a lav mic to be interviewed, or have a boom op walking around with lots of gear. I always suggest only using lavs on guests that you know you will be featuring throughout the video (for example someone doing a main speech at a corporate event), but then also looking for alternate solutions.You may be able to plant a Zoom recorder on a podium, record a live feed off of the house mixer, or have your assistant hold a mic during interviews. This approach will change drastically depending on the event you are shooting, but always be prepared for any type of situation.5. Avoid Event-Style LightingImage from ShutterstockOne of the most obvioussigns of event videography is flat lighting. Typically videographers will have a small LED light mounted directly on top of their camera which does help with exposure, but also can diminish the overall aesthetic. The reason? Placing a light directly in front of a person’s face is going to really flatten them and make the shot look very synthetic.I would highly advise anyone that needs to use LED lighting for event coverage to find a way to offset it to one side. You’re going to get more useable results if your light is set up on a 45 degree angle (as opposed to straight on), so do whatever you can to make that happen. You might need to rig up your LED on a light stand, magic arm, or even have your assistant hold it in place.As long as it isn’t directly in front, you’ll be lightyears ahead of most other event shooters.Want to read more about how to handle events, weddings, and corporate clients? Take a look at these PremiumBeat articles!Corporate Video: Getting Your Clients to Commit6 Marketing Tips for Wedding Videographers7 Tips for Shooting Awesome Wedding VideoWere these tips helpful? Got any other advice to share with your fellow videographers?last_img read more

Chhota Barda awaits its fate

first_imgTucked away near the Narmada river in Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh, the people of Chhota Barda village has just one topic of discussion — what will they do if their houses get submerged days from now?They say that they have been told by the administration to start vacating their houses a week from now. By the month-end, they say, they have been asked to shift to a site 7 km away, where many of the families have been offered alternative land.Gates closedAfter getting permission from the Narmada Control Authority to close the floodgates of the Sardar Sarovar dam, the Gujarat government has closed all the 30 gates of the dam, causing water level in the reservoir to rise to 139 metres from the earlier 122 metres. This will generate hydel power, irrigate fields and provide drinking water to parts of Gujarat. However, it will submerge many villages such as Chhota Barda.“If it rains continuously for 24 hours, much of our village will be submerged,” says Vinod Yadav, a doctor who practises in Anjad nearby.As the ongoing march by farmers’ organisations enters the village, residents serve the guests lunch in a large open space next to a temple. The Narmada is visible, flowing at a lower level at some distance. This very space — which has been submerged in floods in the past, too — will go under water, villagers say.“This is already in the submergence zone. It will go under water any day,” social activist Medha Patkar tells The Hindu.The district collector of Barwani and the Narmada Valley Development Authority Commissioner at Indore, could not be reached despite attempts over phone. Residents claim that the alternative land offered is far away from their fields, which lie close to the village and are outside the submergence zone.“There is no motorable road yet from the site to our fields. How do we sustain our livelihoods?” asks Naren Yadav.They also claim that basic facilities have not been provided at the alternative site. “There is no drinking water facility there yet. There is no drainage system there yet,” says Himanshu Chaubey, a resident of the village.Trouble on groundMr. Chaubey claims that the land he has been allotted is in a depression. He adds that officials have offered to give him just ₹ 2000 to level it.Dayaram Yadav has an additional complaint. He says that his house was not surveyed when the survey took place more than a decade back. “There are 70 such families, whose houses have not even been surveyed. What do we do? We built our houses here. Where do we go after leaving them?” he asks.Some villagers say they will not move out of their village, leaving the property on which they spent money to perish. Asked what they would do if the waters indeed come in and submerge their houses, they reply with a counter question — will they have an alternative when their houses will get submerged without a new settlement that’s anything close to what they built over decades?last_img read more

Will fight to restore J&K autonomy: NC

first_imgA meeting of the National Conference, attended by hundreds of delegates, on Sunday passed a resolution “to fight for restoration of autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir”, and asked India and Pakistan “to resume dialogue.”“We continue to strive for the restoration of autonomy, and restoration of Article 370 to its original, pristine form. We condemn those divisive voices who are opposed to the sovereign constitutional guarantees,” read the resolution passed by the delegates, who gathered at the party headquarters Nawa-e-Subh here in a show of strength. The meeting resolved to “work within the constitutional parameters that enshrine the State’s special status.” It called for a sustained dialogue with both internal and external stakeholders to address the Kashmir problem.“The recently announced initiative through a representative of the Government of India should have clarity and seriousness of purpose to ensure the sanctity of the institution of dialogue is restored and upheld,” it said.It urged both India and Pakistan “to initiate a sustained, sustainable and comprehensive dialogue process to resolve all outstanding issues.”“It is for this purpose that our party wishes to see the Shimla Agreement and the Lahore Declaration to be rejuvenated to usher the entire subcontinent, especially J&K, into an era of peace and stability,” it added.Meanwhile, the NC retains three-time chief minister Farooq Abdullah as its president and Omar Abdullah as working president.Separatists threaten agitation over Article 35(A)Meanwhile, separatist leaders — Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik on Sunday threatened “a mass agitation if the Supreme Court delivers verdict against the interests and aspiration of people of state”.“Any move to tinker with state subject law will create Palestine-like situation. Tempering with Article 35(A), which gives special rights and privileges to the natives of J&K, is a conspiracy to change the demography of the Muslim-majority state,” said a joint statement of the separatists.It said people will safeguard the integrity and special status at any cost. “People from all corners of the state will come on roads and resist such move,” it added.The Supreme Court is hearing several petitions filed against Article 35-A on Monday morning in New Delhi.A team, led by state law minister Abdul Haq Khan is in Delhi to persuade the petitioners to withdraw their petitions and take pleas for dismissal of the petitions against Article 35-A during the course of hearing in the Supreme Court.last_img read more

Pakistan Taps Expats To Avoid Bankruptcy

first_imgPakistan, seeking to stave off bankruptcy, is pleading for help from its expatriate community. The government, which has also turned to the International Monetary Fund, is urgently seeking $10 billion from its diaspora to avoid defaulting on its debts. The estimated 3 million Pakistanis working abroad remitted a record $6.45 billion to Pakistan last year. Related Itemslast_img

Amazon Recruits Indian Vendors for U.S. Buyers, But Struggles to Win Shoppers’ Trust in India is aggressively recruiting Indian vendors in a bid to offer lower prices to customers as the holiday season kicks in. The American e-commerce company is offering some of the best deals for this holiday season even as Indians are shown to prefer the domestic firm Flipkart.The secret behind Amazon offering luxury leather shoes and bedding at competitive prices is because it has roped in around 27,000 Indian sellers since it started the program outreach two years ago, the New York Times reported. For many merchants, partnering or selling at provides them the opportunity to sell their products in the American market. “Amazon handles everything in the U.S., from shipping to customer handling, so we can focus on making the best quality products and adding more products to our catalog,” Abhishek Middha, founder of The Boho Street that sells vegan tapestries, incense and handcrafted copper mugs, told NYT.The vast variety of services provided by Amazon is what makes many merchants switch from smaller e-commerce marketplaces. Abhijit Kamra, the head of Amazon’s global selling program in India, revealed that Americans buy a wide variety of products made in India, such as cotton towels, the publication reported. “What we are trying to do is compress the global supply chain and bring sellers and customers closer. Some of the 75 million Indian products on the main site, such as saris, tend to attract customers of Indian heritage. But other categories, like jewelry and health products, have wider appeal,” he was quoted as saying.Amazon has a special page,, that lists many Indian products to assist their customers in the United States in finding them. To prepare for the holiday season that started with Black Friday, the company helped sellers prepare themselves by stockpiling goods in the United States. To draw the attention of the shoppers, special “lightning deals” were programmed. The company even went a step ahead to lend money to some sellers for inventory, the report added.Shoppers in India, however, trust Flipkart more than Amazon, a recent survey conducted by e-commerce advisory firm Redseer Management Consulting showed. The survey was based on the answers of 7,500 respondents polled across 30 cities between July and September 2017.Flipkart is mostly driven by word-of-mouth branding and has a greater resonance with customers, Kanishka Mohan, a senior consultant at Redseer, said. “A clear trend from our study indicates that Flipkart enjoys greater recall with new online shoppers, who are coming primarily from tier 2 towns and lower income groups,” he said.The companies are rated on three parameters in the survey — most trusted brand, best value, and buying experience — to capture consumer perceptions (and not business performance), Redseer said.On a scale of 25, Flipkart was rated 20, while Amazon was rated 18 for the trust they enjoyed with Indian buyers. Snapdeal was rated 8, while Paytm, Shopclues and eBay were given 7, 4 and 1, respectively, by Indian buyers.Amazon, however, disagreed with the findings of the survey and said that they were poorly informed speculative reports. “We have noticed poorly informed speculative reports with irrelevant sample sizes whose numbers do not add up to what we are seeing in the industry,” said an Amazon India spokesperson, Quartz reported. “We continue to be the fastest-growing e-commerce marketplace in India,” he added.Although Indian buyers feel that Amazon offers a better shopping experience, their trust still lies with Flipkart. On a scale of 50, America e-commerce giant Amazon was rated 49 for shopping experience, while Flipkart was given 47 out of 50. Both e-commerce platforms were rated 25 out of 25 for value for money by Indians. Related ItemsAmazonE-commerceFlipkartlast_img read more

No sign of Premier League procession as Chelsea and Arsenal up their games

first_img Marina Hyde Arsenal Read more comment European club football La Liga Manchester City Chelsea, most conspicuously, have made a brilliant start considering Maurizio Sarri is new to the club and the country, although Arsenal might be attracting exactly the same sort of rave reviews had they not begun life under Unai Emery with a couple of defeats. Arsenal have put together a six-match winning run in the league since, and after eight games this season no one has won any more. If you wanted an advertisement for the competitive openness of the English top flight in fact, a snapshot of the table during the present international break would be ideal.The five teams at the top all have six victories, the top three are unbeaten, homely Bournemouth occupy sixth place ahead of more likely candidates and promoted Wolves are in seventh. With only four points separating the top six sides the picture appears to be both healthy and typical.Not quite unique, however, for in Spain at the moment only two points separate the top six sides, and in seventh place are promoted Valladolid. La Liga is commonly regarded as the ultimate two-horse race but what leaps out immediately after eight games – apart from the fact that Sevilla are top despite losing twice – is that no one in Spain is unbeaten. Fancy that. The Premier League is often billed as the competition where any team can beat any other, though if this is a desirable characteristic it seems more true of La Liga right now. It is not a case of big clubs pinching points from each other either. Real Madrid lost to lowly Alavés, while Barcelona went down last month to Leganés, currently third from bottom of the league.It is debatable whether no unbeaten sides is an indication of a stronger league than one with three unbeaten sides, and Barcelona certainly looked plenty strong enough when seen on these shores a week ago at Wembley, though there is a school of thought that the leading Spanish clubs are able to concentrate more fully on Champions League occasions because most of the time their domestic opposition is not too taxing.All that can be safely said is that the usual La Liga suspects plus Sevilla and Espanyol are within striking distance of the league leadership, which is a picture mirrored in England with five clubs on six wins and roughly the same number of points. Chelsea Share on Pinterest Sportblog When Pep Guardiola was asked whether he thought the Premier League was turning into a two-horse race last week, before Manchester City’s trip to Liverpool, he shook his head and said no. There were still Chelsea and Arsenal to be considered, he explained, not to mention Tottenham and Manchester United.This was received at the time as diplomatic headline avoidance, with Guardiola smartly sidestepping the trap of writing off rivals’ chances so early in the season, though the odd suppressed snigger could be heard at the mention of Manchester United. Looking at the Premier League table after the last round of matches though, with City and Liverpool dropping points and all the other teams picking up maximum, it is clear that the two north-west clubs cannot expect to have everything their own way. Liverpool Share on Facebookcenter_img Pep Guardiola Share via Email Share on Twitter Share on WhatsApp Read more The Fiver: the Guardian’s take on the world of football Fifa’s treatment of Women’s World Cup final keeps ‘virus’ contained Share on LinkedIn Topics Share on Messenger Only seven games have been played in the Bundesliga, and it is evident that defending champions Bayern Munich have lost ground, mainly as a result of defeats by Hertha Berlin and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Borussia Dortmund are the only side unbeaten , though there is only a four-point gap between Lucien Favre’s leaders and Bayern in sixth, so as might be expected it is too soon to draw any firm conclusions.It might be imagined that would be the case everywhere after just a handful of games, though the situations in Italy and France are vastly different. Eight games into the season Juventus have eight straight wins. They have a six-point lead over nearest challengers Napoli and there is a 10-point gap between first and Roma in sixth. It is probably not too early to say an eighth title in a row is heading for Turin, and nor would it be going out on a limb to suggest Paris Saint-Germain are on course for a sixth French title in seven seasons. The Qatari-backed club have nine wins out of nine, an eight-point lead over Lille, and the 13-point gap between first and sixth is evidence of an unhealthy imbalance within the league.Although the Premier League may not be perfect, it is in no immediate danger of turning into a procession either. Granted, Manchester City won the league last year with a record points total, though there is evidence this season that rivals such as Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal have upped their game to a significant degree. While Tottenham are still hanging in, they are missing a few injured players and some of the drive and audacity of a year ago appears to have disappeared with them. Manchester United? Who knows? With a visit to Chelsea in the offing when fixtures resume José Mourinho’s name can once more be expected to dominate discussions to a greater extent than his team’s football, though it is now a name that has been roared with hearty approval by the Stretford End.In all probability far too much has been read into Manchester United’s splendidly retro comeback against Newcastle – the visitors were and remain winless in the bottom three, after all – though you never know. Everyone was convinced Mourinho had run out of road in Manchester, but the crucial thing about turning points is that they often turn up when least expected. Reuse this contentlast_img read more

2016 Harvey Norman NYC Referee Coaches Roles and Responsibilities

first_imgThe purpose of this document is to outline the individual and collective roles and responsibilities of the Referee Coaches for the 2016 Harvey Norman National Youth Championships (NYC), to be held at Sunshine Coast Stadium, Caloundra, QLD, from Wednesday, 14 September – Saturday, 17 September 2016. Combined with this event we will also be hosting the Alliance Cup and the first Harvey Norman Schools Cup. TFA has updated the volunteer structures both at National and State levels, and in most cases have implemented the required structures. We will be seeking referee nominations for the event to drive the number of referee coaches and development referee coaches to service the predominately Youth focused and/or development Referees who will be officiating, as well as providing an opportunity for selection related to the 2017 Youth Trans Tasman, as such Australian Referee Squad Coach, Ian Matthew and Emerging Referee Squad Coach, David Field will be in attendance for the duration of the event. While NTL Referee Coordinator, Chris Dolahenty has expressed interest in also leading the NYC event.For more information, please click on the attachment below. Related Files160609_2016_nyc_referee_coach_roles_and_responsibilities-pdfRelated LinksRef Coach Roles & Responsibilitieslast_img read more

MPC Container Ships Bolsters Fleet with Boxship Duo

first_imgzoom Norwegian shipowner MPC Container Ships ASA is resuming its boxship buying spree with another second-hand purchase worth USD 21.8 million.Namely, the company said in a regulatory filing that it has inked agreements to acquire two 2,800 TEU vessels built in 2006 at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, South Korea.The two ships are AS Carolin and AS Camellia which are slated for delivery in February 2018.The latest purchase has pushed the company’s fleet to 43 ships.The purchase follows Oslo Stock Exchange’s approval for a full listing of the company’s shares on Oslo Axess.Trading of the company’s shares on Oslo Axess started on January 29 under the ticker symbol “MPCC”.In addition, the company said earlier this month that it was considering a USD 100 million senior secured tap issue of its outstanding bonds maturing in September 2022.last_img read more

Guy Ouellette accuses anticorruption unit of unprecedented intimidation

first_imgQUEBEC – The Quebec member of the legislature who was arrested by the province’s anti-corruption unit accused the organization Tuesday of trying to use “unprecedented intimidation” against him.Guy Ouellette says he was the victim of a setup by UPAC, as the unit is commonly known.Ouellette, 65, was arrested last Wednesday in connection with a UPAC investigation into an important information leak to the media last April.He was later released and has not been charged.Ouellette, who specialized in fighting biker gangs when he was a member of the Quebec provincial police, stood up in the legislature Tuesday afternoon and told his fellow elected members he has done nothing wrong.“Preventing members of the national assembly from exercising the mandate they have been given by the population is an extremely serious attack on the democratic process,” he said.“Trying to trap them in order to prevent them from doing their work must be unequivocally denounced. What I am accused of has no basis at all. My move from the police to the political world has done nothing to alter the principles that have guided my commitment in public life over the last 48 years.“I have always been, still am and always will be an ardent defender of social justice, of democratic values, of freedom of expression and of the truth.”His comments were preceded by Speaker Jacques Chagnon coming to Ouellette’s defence in an address to the national assembly.Chagnon said it is “intolerable” that police arrested a parliamentarian without any charges having been laid a week later.“Today, a member of the legislature has lost an important role and his reputation has been tarnished,” Chagnon said, referring to Ouellette no longer being the head of the legislature committee that oversees UPAC’s activities.“I think we must demand clarity in this situation,” he added, noting that either charges should be laid or a public apology should be forthcoming.Earlier in the day, Premier Philippe Couillard urged UPAC brass as he spoke to reporters to publicly release as many details as possible about the arrest.A few hours after Couillard’s request, UPAC held a news conference in Montreal where its director, Robert Lafreniere, described Ouellette’s arrest as “a step” in the investigation.“There will be others (steps),” he said. “There is a phenomenal quantity of analysis that needs to be done,” he said, referring to evidence collected during a series of police raids.“We will send our case to the Crown prosecutor’s office and I am strongly convinced there will be charges in this case.”He specified he was not talking particularly about Ouellette.Ouellette was linked to a UPAC probe called Machurer, which looked into suspected illegal financing within the Liberal party under former leader Jean Charest.The April leak to a news organization revealed the unit had been looking at the comings and goings of Charest and Liberal fundraiser Marc Bibeau up until 2016.During an interview with a Montreal radio station that was broadcast Monday, Ouellette replied, “No, absolutely not,” when asked if he were the leak of the source.Ouellette said authorities told him he was detained on suspicion of breach of trust and obstructing justice as well as conspiring to commit those two infractions.Andre Boulanger, UPAC’s operations director, told the news conference Tuesday the politician’s reaction when investigators met with him justified his detention without a warrant in order to preserve evidence.— With files from Giuseppe Valiante in Montreallast_img read more

Colombia UN official seeks improved response to Wests worst humanitarian crisis

Jan Egeland, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, is expected to meet with President Alvaro Uribe, the Ministers of the Interior and Foreign Relations, Cardinal Rubiano, the High Commissioner for Peace, the Procurator General, and the Ombudsman of the Government of Colombia. He is slated to hold talks also with diplomatic representatives and representatives of the civil society, and with the heads of the UN system in the South American country. Mr. Egeland is scheduled to visit internally displaced persons (IDPs) and victims of the conflict in Cartagena, Soacha and in the south of Bogotá. Currently, there are an estimated two million IDPs in the country. read more

Wrestling Ohio State wins 3 individual brackets team title in Cliff Keen

Ohio State junior wrestler Myles Martin faces off against Arizona State’s Kordell Norfleet. Martin won the match and the Buckeyes won the meet 31-12 on Nov. 12. Credit: Colin Hass-Hill | Sports EditorNo. 2 Ohio State wrestling left Nevada and the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational tournament with its second straight team title in the event and three individual championships won by redshirt sophomore Kollin Moore (197 pounds), junior Myles Martin (184 pounds) and sophomore Luke Pletcher (133 pounds). The Buckeyes finished with 155.5 total points. Following Ohio State was Michigan with 140 points and Arizona State with 113.5 points. The event that featured over 100 ranked wrestlers saw seven Buckeyes finish in the top four in their respective weight classes. Moore finished his tournament run with an impressive victory over Virginia Tech’s Jared Haught. The Buckeye redshirt sophomore pinned Haught in the finals to remain undefeated on the year. Moore and Haught entered the match ranked first and second in the country, respectively. In the 184-pound finals, Martin defeated Michigan’s Domenic Abounader by way of an 8-5 decision. Martin’s victory clinched the team title for Ohio State. Pletcher won the first individual title of the day for the Buckeyes at 133 pounds with his 9-3 decision triumph over Josh Terao of American in the finals. Pletcher’s record on the year now stands at 13-0 with two tournament championships. No. 3 redshirt senior Bo Jordan finished second at 174 pounds after dropping his finals match to No. 1 Zahid Valencia of Arizona State by a 9-6 decision. The loss to Valencia was Jordan’s second this season after the Sun Devils visited Columbus on Nov. 12. Redshirt junior Micah Jordan finished second as well at 157 pounds and fell in the finals to Michigan’s Alec Pantaleo by a 10-3 decision. Micah’s 8-6, sudden victory, semifinals win over Arizona State’s Josh Shields leveled the series between the two after Shields’ victory on Nov. 12 in Columbus. In the third-place match at 149 pounds, redshirt sophomore Ke-Shawn Hayes of Ohio State dispatched Max Thomsen of Northern Iowa by a 4-3 decision. Junior Buckeye Te’Shan Campbell (165 pounds) finished in fourth place in Las Vegas after losing to Nebraska’s Isaiah White in the third-place match. Also competing out west for Ohio State were redshirt freshman heavyweight Kevin Snyder, sophomore Brendan Fitzgerald (141 pounds) and freshman Brakan Mead (125 pounds). All three fell to opponents in the consolation round of 32. Ohio State was without junior Joey McKenna (rest) and senior Kyle Snyder (international competition) for the two-day meet. The Buckeyes will continue their season on Sunday, Dec. 10 with a dual meet against Indiana at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. read more

Continued progress for iron ore projects in Western Australia

first_imgAs International Mining’s September issue iron ore update nears completion, Gindalbie Metals welcomed the August 3 announcement by the WA Government that it has committed to building a major power line in the Mid West region that will help underpin the planned significant expansion of the Karara Iron Ore Project. Western Australia  Premier Colin Barnett and Energy Minister Peter Collier announced the State Government would build a 330 kV power line from Pinjar, north of Perth, to Eneabba.Gindalbie was pleased to note Collier’s comments today that following a recent review: “…there are a number of major Mid-West projects that are well under way and will require access to substantial electricity supply.  As a result, the review team proposed that the 330 kV line initially extends from Pinjar to Eneabba to encourage progress of Gindalbie’s Karara mine, six prospective wind farms and a major new power station.”While the existing 132 kV power network is suitable for Karara’s start-up capacity of 10 Mt/y, the increase in transmission capacity is required for the planned expansion of the project to a production rate of more than 30 Mt/y.Gindalbie and its joint venture partner, Ansteel, are building a 330 kV power line from Karara to Eneabba as part of the project infrastructure which will connect into the State grid. The project will draw power under a 15-year supply deal with the State Government’s power generation arm, Verve Energy. Until the new Pinjar-Eneabba line is built, Karara will tap into the existing 132 kV network at Eneabba and be able to draw sufficient power for project start-up.“The Government has shown tremendous leadership and support for the development of the resources sector in the Mid West region,” Gindalbie’s Managing Director Garret Dixon said. “The Premier has shown his commitment to Mid-West iron ore and infrastructure development, and particularly has demonstrated strong support for Karara and its long-term potential. This latest decision to ensure the region has sufficient power infrastructure, is testament to the Government’s belief that the Mid West is set to become the next resources growth centre in WA.”The initial focus of Gindalbie’s growth strategy is the Karara Iron Ore Project, located 225 km east of Geraldton, where it will deliver initial production of Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) hematite in 2010 to be followed by production of high grade magnetite concentrate and blast furnace quality pellets in 2011. Karara is being developed through a 50:50 Joint Venture with Ansteel, one of China’s leading steel and iron ore producers. Gindalbie’s longer term growth will be propelled by the exploration and development of its extensive 1,900 km2 tenement portfolio, which includes numerous prospective magnetite and hematite exploration targets expected to deliver a long-term pipeline of growth opportunities.Ansteel is currently China’s second-largest steel producer and the biggest iron ore miner. It is the major producer in the north-east region of China, with crude steel production of 35 Mt and plans to increase output to some 50 Mt/y.  Ansteel is considered to be one of the country’s key growth companies and has strong government support in securing new sources of long-term iron ore supply through international investment.Ansteel has developed a new integrated iron and steel making facility at Bayuquan, adjacent to the Port of Yingkou, approximately 100 km southwest of its current steel making facilities in the city of Anshan. The new facility has the capacity to produce 6.5 Mt/y of finished steel products. Once the Karara Project is in production, its products will be the key feed source for Bayuquan.last_img read more

Youngstar Matej Asanin to Ademar Leon

Ademar LeonC.O ZagrebHandball talentsMatej Asanin One of the most talented young Croatian goalkeepers, Matej Asanin (19) will be replacement for Venio Losert in Spanish Ademar Leon. Young Asanin signed two-year contract with the Spanish team, who has to recontruct almost 100% of team after many players left the team this summer.Asanin spent two last season as player of C.O Zagreb, but on loan at RK Split and RK Varteks.A few days ago, Leon got a new-old coach, Manolo Cadenas, who came back to the team after five years. ← Previous Story Men’s U18 ECh: Germany wins gold! Next Story → Renato Vugrinec joins Maribor Branik! read more

Heaviest snow in decades leaves 11 dead over 1000 injured in Japan

first_imgTHE HEAVIEST SNOW in decades in Tokyo and other areas of Japan has left at least 11 dead and more than 1,200 injured across the country, reports said today.As much as 27 centimetres of snow was recorded in Tokyo by late yesterday, the heaviest fall in the capital for 45 years, according to meteorologists.The storm hit Tokyo on the eve of its gubernatorial election.Observers said the weather may affect voter turnout in the city of 13 million people. As of 6pm turnout was down more than 10 percentage points from a previous poll during the last mayoral election. The government-backed candidate Yoichi Masuzoe was today announced the winner.People walk against blowing snow in Tokyo today (Image: Koji Sasahara/AP/PA).As a depression moved along the Pacific coast yesterday, the northeastern city of Sendai saw 35 centimetres of snow, the heaviest in 78 years.Local media said at least 11 people have been killed with one person also in critical condition in snow-linked accidents – mostly crashes after their cars skidded on icy roads.In central Aichi prefecture, a 50-year-old man died after his car slipped on the icy road and rammed into an advertisement steel pole, a local rescuer said.Public broadcaster NHK reported at least 1,253 people were injured across the nation, many of whom had slipped on the ground or fallen while shovelling the snow off their roofs.A child holds a ball of snow near a half buried motorcycle in Yokohama, near Tokyo (Image: Junji Kurokawa/AP/PA).More than 20,000 households were without electricity early today while airlines cancelled more than 400 domestic flights a day after over 740 flights were grounded.Nearly 5,000 people were stranded at Narita airport Saturday as traffic linking the airport to the capital was disrupted, NHK said.Further snowfall is expected today  in the northern part of the country, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.- © AFP 2014.Read: Runner suffers utterly mortifying fate on live TV report>Your pics: Yep, it’s snowing in parts of Ireland>last_img read more

Dozens of hotels on sale despite record tourism year

first_imgAlthough 2013 has been a record one for Greek tourism, a high number of hotel owners, including some on popular resort islands, put their units up for sale at the end of the season.A Kathimerini survey involving a leading online real estate agency in the November-December period found as many as 125 for sale advertisements for mostly small and medium-sized hotel units at 19 Greek island destinations.The combined price sought by the owners for the sale of those 125 hotels was 378.5 million euros, with the asking prices for most small and medium-sized units being up to 3 million euros.Bigger hotels were found for sale on islands with a higher hotel bed capacity: A hotel with 220 beds on the island of Rhodes had an asking price of 22 million euros, while on Corfu two hotels with 110 and 155 beds were for sale for 15 and 16 million euros respectively.Besides Rhodes and Corfu, the other islands where hotels have been put on the market are Milos, Santorini, Paros, Antiparos, Andros, Tinos, Serifos, Syros, Myconos, Naxos, Sifnos, Ios, Patmos, Kos, Crete, Cephalonia and Zakynthos.The islands with the highest number of hotel for sale ads during the two-month period were Corfu and Santorini. On Santorini there were 29 units on the market for a combined asking price of 64.5 million euros, while the owners of the 28 units for sale on Corfu are hoping to pocket 134.7 million euros. Paros follows with 15 hotels for sale for a total 32.7 million euros, Myconos with 11 units for 49.6 million, Crete with 10 hotels for 19.5 million, Rhodes with seven units for 29.65 million, and Zakynthos and Naxos with five hotels apiece on the market.Despite the multitude of options, transactions in the hotel sector have been few and far between in recent years. Market experts say that buyers are waiting for prices to drop further. As Greek tourism is expected to reach a new record in 2014, both in terms of arrivals and revenues, experts believe that hotel transactions will increase considerably in the next few years. They also expect banks to take ownership of indebted units ahead of their resale to the private market.As for international hotel groups, any interest they have in the Greek market is focused on undertaking the management of local hotel units. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Les 8 actus science que vous devez connaître ce 22 mars

first_imgLes 8 actus science que vous devez connaître ce 22 marsDes patients aveugles qui recouvrent la vue, un adieu à la fourrure et une étrange créature, voici votre concentré d’actualités scientifiques pour ce 22 mars.  – En Antarctique, des chercheurs ont réussi à filmer des images exceptionnelles de baleines de Minke. Leur vidéo montre au plus près ces cétacés méconnus évoluer sous la glace. Un joli coup de chance quand on sait que l’expédition visait au départ à étudier les orques de cette région. – Des patients souffrant de dégénérescence maculaire liée à l’âge ont recouvré leur vue grâce à un traitement expérimental. Il a consisté à utiliser des cellules souches pour remplacer les cellules déficientes de l’oeil. Ceci a permis à l’un des patients quasi aveugles de lire à nouveau le journal. Des résultats qui ouvrent une nouvelle piste pour soigner la DMLA.- San Francisco dit adieu à la fourrure. La ville californienne vient de voter l’interdiction de la vente de fourrures nouvelles à partir de janvier 2019. Elle est ainsi devenue la plus grande ville américaine à adopter une telle mesure pour protéger les animaux.  – Les volcans auraient favorisé la conversion des Islandais au Christianisme. Des chercheurs ont établi un lien entre une éruption massive survenue au Moyen-Âge en Islande et la conversion au monothéisme des habitants. L’explication résiderait dans un poème prédisant comment une éruption volcanique marquerait la chute des dieux païens et leur remplacement par un dieu unique.  – Il y a 70.000 ans, une étoile aurait créé du remue-ménage dans le système solaire. Une étude a permis de découvrir que cet astre, nommé étoile de Scholz, s’est approché très près de notre système. Un survol qui aurait eu pour effet de perturber la trajectoire des comètes et astéroïdes les plus proches.  À lire aussiInfection, gaspillage et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 29 août- Les glaciers ont atteint une situation critique. C’est la conclusion inquiétante d’une étude menée par des chercheurs autrichiens. Selon leurs travaux, la fonte des glaciers aurait désormais dépassé le point de non-retour. Il serait devenu inévitable que les glaciers continuent de fondre, même si les émission de gaz à effet de serre sont stoppées.- Le Sidaction s’alarme des fausses idées sur le SIDA qui semblent progresser chez les jeunes. D’après un récent sondage, 21% d’entre eux pensent désormais que le virus peut se transmettre en embrassant un séropositif. Un chiffre qui traduit un net “manque d’informations” sur le VIH, affirme l’association qui organisera le week-end prochain son évènement caritatif annuel. – Une étrange créature d’1,5 mètre s’est échouée sur une plage de Géorgie. Avec son long cou et ses nageoires, l’animal a des allures de monstre marin préhistorique voire de monstre du Loch Ness. Si de nombreuses théories circulent, on ignore aujourd’hui de quel animal il s’agit réellement.   Le 22 mars 2018 à 00:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Planet of the Apes Visionaries is Unpredictable Stunning and Wild

first_imgStay on target “Taylor is Thomas, and Ape City isn’t a crude, primitive grouping of huts, it’s a bustling and urbane metropolis filled with cars and skyscrapers and a vibrant ape culture. Apes wear modern clothes and drive modern cars, they have talk shows and nightclubs and alcohol. How does a human fit into this world, and what will his presence mean to how Apes—and humans—view themselves. Based on the original, never-before-realized Rod Serling screenplay!”PLANET OF THE APES: VISIONARIES(W): Rod Serling, Dana Gould (A): Chad Lewis (I): David Wilson (C): Darrin Moore, Miquel Muerto, Marcelo Costa (L): Ed Dukeshire (CA): Paola RiveraOne of the men that I most admire (and a high-key childhood hero) in the craft of storytelling is Rod Serling. He has a particular and diverse vision for narratives that can’t be compared to anyone else. He’s so different from the status quo and makes you marvel at his brand of storytelling. He gives you another glimpse of our world upside down. I’m also an absolute geek for anything Serling, Twilight Zone and every single thing that Rod Serling has written or injected into our universe.via BOOM! StudiosThat being said, one of the most fascinating things that have ever been produced by him (besides everything) is the original screenplay for Planet of the Apes. Before Michael Wilson took over to shift and change a few things around, Rod Serling’s Planet of the Apes was a monumentally unpredictable story that leaves you holding your breath with uncertainty. In smaller words: it’s an absolute masterpiece.Dana Gould adapts Rod Serling’s script for comics and hot damn does he do a phenomenal job. Reading the original script to seeing it in a graphic novel form is WILD. Gould embodies that vision which aligns with Serling’s original script to the T. Things such as the intricate and stellar details from Thomas, Zira, Zaius and Nova’s looks. The figuring out how to make those Serling moments pop while adapted to the page. These are some of the many things that hit you as a reader and Gould brings with such love, care, and respect. Gould and Serling’s visions are almost one in the same. They’re undeniably different from the version of Planet of the Apes we see today. With that said, I feel we have to talk about Serling’s script from it’s eventual shift to Michael Wilson.via BOOM! StudiosThere’s such a varying difference between the shot script by Wilson/Serling and the original draft by Serling alone. I have to say. I wish Serling’s script was shot just the way it was without interference. Wilson’s changes to the script are meant more in the veins of entertainment. Serling’s script is much more of a philosophical message. Slowly gaining momentum to reveal these epic moments he wants to come across. This is what he was best known for and what comes across in his original script and Gould’s adaption. It feels like there’s so much more to Serling’s script that what was on screen. The skeleton of Serling’s draft is well within the movie, but Serling’s moments and the moments in Visionaries bring such a darker, shader and more twisted kind of ApeWorld.The one thing that is one of my favorite parts about the adaption versus what we got with Planet of the Apes was how real it felt. It didn’t feel as adventure-driven or primitive, but more of it feels like something that could happen. It’s more of a modern type look at Planet of the Apes. The moments are hard-hitting. The reveals blow your mind. If this was something that was shot, no director could have done this as much justice as it should have been. Gould being able to adapt Serling’s script into a Mad Men-era styled Twilight Zone twistable narrative with a 50’s to 60’s flair. I won’t be able to get out of my mind. And, trust me, you won’t either.via BOOM! StudiosFrom the first pages of this graphic novel, you’re immediately immersed in Chad Lewis’ art like nobodies business. The one thing that’s so incredibly dope about Chad Lewis’ art is the worldbuilding. Serling and Gould set these into place. However, when Lewis gets ahold of it with his pencils, it’s on another level. With the help of David Wilson on inks, they pay attention to so many of the important details.The moments of revelation in the script to the character designs of the many infamous characters allow readers to be fully developed into this world. You’ll only find yourself falling deeper in. They carve out the words with pencil and ink that enable you to follow every facial expression, moment and more within their panels. This is only fueled by the three who put together their colors to take this even further.via BOOM! StudiosDarrin Moore, Miquel Muerto, and Marcelo Costa join forces and color pages for this graphic novel. These colorists envoke the same mood throughout while being completely different at the same time. They carry their colors to bring a realistic yet heartbreaking feel. One that brings you a feel of an alternative world but still grounds you in the hear and now. They do an incredible job in lightning. Both playing on artificial like from the lab, the time of day and other sources like flashlights and hotel rooms. (The pages when they’re down in the bunker are to die for.) They never let you pull out of this world. Their colors fan even more of the mysteries within and leave you with an uneasy yet grounded feeling the way.Ed Dukeshire’s letters catch your eye upon arrival. Dukeshire’s letters within this graphic novel are some of the best I’ve seen because it’s placed flawlessly. Dukeshire’s balloon placement swings from panel to panel that gives the script more weight as you read and as you dive into the art. He also varies between his balloon placement and in his voiceover’s as well. Letting you soak in everything it has to offer. The two places that this is brought out the most is the last six pages of the graphic novel and when Thomas speaks for the first time. It’s a brilliant combination of reaction shots from the art with warm colors, a script too legit to quit and perfectly placed letters. It’s a winning combination all around.via BOOM! StudiosPlanet of the Apes: Visionaries is another piece of a franchise begging to be told. Rod Serling and Dana Gould bring this story into the light and casts another brilliant bit of storytelling our way. Planet of the Apes: Visionaries is a brilliantly adapted graphic novel that’s unpredictable, stunning, wild and, oh so twisted. Planet of the Apes: Visionaries is now available on Comixology and your local comic shop.Want to support great indie creators, we’ve got 5 Kickstarter campaigns to kick money to. Read up on Jen Bartel’s inspiration for Blackbird before you grab the new Image book. Check out our review of creator-owned lady gamer book, Renegade Rule. But as always stay on top of all things graphic novel here. Marvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Fires put infrastructure at risk officials balance access safety

first_imgFires burning in the Columbia River Gorge are threatening infrastructure from state parks to regional transmission lines, and officials are trying to balance access with safety.Interstate 84 in Oregon is closed due to the Eagle Creek Fire. Although state Highway 14 is still open, the Washington Department of Transportation is urging people to avoid driving through the Columbia River Gorge unless it’s necessary.Trucks over 10,000 gross vehicle weight are prohibited from using the highway between Washougal and Dallesport.“We’re now fighting a wildfire on this side of the river,” said WSDOT spokeswoman Tamara Greenwell. “For safety, the less vehicles that are in the area the better it is for crews to respond to the fire.”As the Archer Mountain Fire burns less than five miles west of Beacon Rock State Park, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission took precautionary measures and closed the facility early Tuesday morning.“If an ember or spark came and landed on one of the trails, (park staff) wouldn’t want to have to worry about evacuating people hiking,” said Toni Droscher, a spokeswoman for state parks.last_img read more

Vancouver schools support staff contract talks hit snag

first_imgWhen Vancouver Public Schools staff and students left for the holiday break last month, Superintendent Steve Webb sent them off with some good news. The district and its support staff union had reached a tentative agreement, ending months of contentious negotiations.Now, nearly a month later, the two sides are at odds over a key component of that agreement: whether it exists at all.Leadership and members of the Vancouver Association of Educational Support Professionals said Tuesday that the district has backed out of the tentative agreement. District spokeswoman Pat Nuzzo, however, denied that.“There must be a misunderstanding,” Nuzzo said. “The district absolutely has not pulled out or canceled the tentative agreement.”The disagreement is the latest wrench in bargaining between the support staff union and the district. The two sides have been at odds over how much additional state money should be allocated toward staff salaries. Union leadership say they still can’t agree with the district on a salary schedule, a grid assigning staff an hourly salary based on their position and years of experience.The district offered a lump sum of money to be allocated toward salaries, but the two sides disagreed on how much of a raise any given employee could expect to see, said Lynn Davidson with the regional office of the Washington Education Association.Nuzzo, however, said bargaining was done last month.“At this point we’re going to try to find out why they think … we walked away from the table,” Nuzzo said.The exact details of the contract are still scarce. The only hint of the scale of the deal came last week in a press release announcing district budget cuts. The district pointed to VAESP’s contract among the reasons for an expected $11.4 million budget deficit in 2019-2020, noting the contract will cost about $3 million.last_img read more