Do you know your ABC’s?

first_imgWith the overwhelming number of records being exposed in data breaches (3,353,172,708 in the first half of 2018), identity theft and data security remain at the forefront of news coverage, both nationally and locally. Credit unions have historically been created to help their members. “Serve people, not profit” comes to mind.  This has been the case since November 24th, 1908 when the first credit union in the United States was formed.  The credit union ideal of serving the communities in which the exist is not new, but in some respects, they are falling short.  I speak everyday to credit unions about identity theft, and some are doing it very well, they offer full services to help their members, either at a discounted rate, or for a small nominal fee, either yearly or monthly, to be taken out of the members accounts.  Some credit unions put basic information about Identity theft, provide a few tips, maybe point them to the Federal Trade Commission website and hope the member goes there for the answers to the questions they have. These are the two answers that lie in direct contrast to one another, yet these are probably the two best answers any credit union can give. Let’s take a very elementary look as to why…Credit Union A:Has invested in a full program offering their members comprehensive identity theft protection and credit monitoring, either through the credit union’s self-directed program or with a partnership with a third party, such as True ID Pro.  The member has comprehensive coverage and has a reasonable amount of assurance that their credit union is offering the services they want (61% of people go to their primary financial institution looking for this service, before anywhere else).Credit Union B:Has no information other than a few safety tips, and a link to the Federal Trade Commission website so the member can get more information.  Although the member does not have any identity theft or credit monitoring, they also know that the credit union is not providing any services to protect them outside of those four walls of the credit union.   They know they need to go elsewhere, to get the protection they need.In both scenarios the member knows exactly where they stand and has a reasonable idea of the role their credit union will play in the unfortunate event the member is impacted by identity theft.  The problem comes somewhere in the middle.Credit Union C:This credit union offers free credit monitoring for all their members, again, either through a self-directed program, or through a partnership with a third-party service that allows a member to be notified to any changes on their credit report.At first glance this looks to be a reasonable offering.  But credit monitoring is not identity theft protectionAlthough there is some merit to that idea, which is why it is so tempting for credit unions to offer these programs, and it’s true that users of these services do have more tools to monitor and catch some identity theft.  However, utilizing these tools as the primary source of protection against identity theft has some inherent flaws. First, only about 10% of identity theft victims have a credit account opened in their name.  The most common type of fraud uses an existing account, and credit monitoring alone, may not catch a change in a balance, as there is no way to differentiate between a normal purchase, or a fraudulent one. Secondly, emphasizing only credit monitoring provides the member with a false sense of protection and security, as it won’t catch tax related fraud, benefits applied for in the members name, or medical identity theft, although the credit monitoring alone ma catch the medical debt, once it is placed for collections.  Let’s go back to the member at Credit Union C.  They have been the unfortunate victim of identity theft, they may not even know it yet.  But when they do find out they have been the victim of identity theft, that does not contain a credit account, they may end up in your office asking lots of questions, that you likely don’t have the answers they will be looking for.  An interesting statistic from a recent Javelin research report has shown that If a consumer is the victim of identity theft, and a new account is opened at a different institution, the consumers degree of confidence in their primary institution, drops 47% because there is no way for them to easily resolve the matter.Credit unions and their members can benefit from a Comprehensive Identity Theft and Credit Monitoring program, such as True ID Pro, as it can help engage members, and members can gain a valuable partner on protecting their information in their credit union.No matter which credit union you are, compliance and transparency are key to any identity theft program and it must prioritize the member, not the credit union. 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Andrew Kennelly Andrew Kennelly is president of True ID Pro.  A comprehensive Identity and Credit Monitoring solution that serves credit unions, offering a wide range of programs including White label, and Co- … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Cornwell suspends campaign for congress, announces run for Broome County Family Court Judge

first_img(WBNG) — Former Broome County District Attorney Steve Cornwell announced Friday morning that he will be running for Broome County Family Court Judge in the November 2020 election. Cornwell previously announced a run to represent New York’s 22nd Congressional District. He says he is suspending that campaign. In a press release Friday morning, Cornwell explained his decision to not run for congress saying, “The politicians in Washington can fight over who will serve in Congress – I’ve never been a politician — and my focus will remain on the children and families in Broome County.” In the release, Cornwell says he put resource officers in schools, oversaw changes to New York law for charges moved to Family Court and made strategies to aid child victims. The election for Family Court Judge is November 3, 2020.last_img read more

Istra Inspirit revived Dvigrad with an interpretive storytelling walk

first_imgTwo days ago, the first interpretive storytelling walk through Dvigrad, performed by Istra Inspirit, was successfully held, during which visitors could learn in a fun way all the interesting things related to the history of Dvigrad, but also stories and legends for which this cultural and historical site is known.  Photo: Studio11 Istra Inspirit will stage over 30 experiences during the main tourist season. All performances of Istra Inspirit are free of charge thanks to the project partners who recognized the importance of cultural and experiential tourism this year and gave confidence to Istra Inspirit as its partner for reviving history, myths and legends in order to create additional offer.  The next interpretation tour is scheduled for August 8, and then for August 22. All tours are free, in Croatian and English. Visitors were greeted at several points in Dvigrad by heritage interpreters costumed in the inhabitants of Dvigrad and characters from Dvigrad stories and legends who led all present through the mysterious history of this medieval town. At the very beginning of the walk, Fr. Domeniko welcomed everyone and through an interactive approach conveyed the most interesting sketches from the former Dvigrad Statute from the 14th century, and during the tour the audience could meet the inhabitants of the plague, the lovely Maria Krsnik who taught them how to defend themselves from oysters and the sea, but also the famous pirate Henry Morgan who, according to legend, hid his treasure in this area.   Istra Inspirit will stage over 30 experiences during the main tourist seasoncenter_img Photo: Studio11 RELATED NEWS: Istra Inspirit is implemented within the Istrian Development Tourist Agency, with the support of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the Istrian County and the Tourist Board of the Istrian County and other project partners. Dvigrad Storytelling Tour, created in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Kanfanar Municipality and the Istra Inspirit project (IRTA doo), proved to be an excellent example of bringing the cultural and historical heritage of the destination closer to domestic and foreign audiences, and this fact is confirmed by a large number . The script for the interpretive walk through Dvigrad is signed by Petra B. Blašković, and it is based on real historical facts, primarily the Dvigrad Statute, which describes in detail the customs of life and the rules and laws that were valid in Dvigrad in the past.  last_img read more

Call for expressions of interest for the implementation of the project “Sports Croatia” 2020 published

first_imgAt the last 56th session of the Tourist Council, decisions were made on announcing a public call for the project “Sports Croatia” for 2020, and now a public call for expressions of interest for the implementation of the project “Sports Croatia” for marketing and PR cooperation has been published. internationally significant sports projects in 2020. The application deadline is until 25.11.2019. Find out more information about the public call in the attachment. In accordance with the public call, the CNTB plans to establish and implement cooperation with organizers of top sporting events in Croatia and top Croatian athletes in order to further promote in emitting markets. The project “Sports Croatia” implies special forms of marketing and PR cooperation within top sports projects and events that positively affect the positioning of Croatia as an attractive year-round tourist destination, as well as strengthening the national tourist brand. Attachment: INVITATION to express interest in the implementation of the project “Sports Croatia” for marketing and PR cooperation on internationally important sports projects in 2019  Through the Sportska Hrvatska program for 2019, the CNTB has approved cooperation at the following sports events: MITAS 4 Islands, MTB Sage RaceCE 2019, Ultratrail race 100 Miles of Istria, Adventure Race Croatia, ATP tournament – Plava Laguna Croatia Open Umag, CRO Race 2019. , Dalmatia Ultra Trail 2019, Mountain Bike Lošinj UCI European Cup – CLASS 1, GOOD World Cup Osijek 2019, IJF World Judo Tour – Grand Prix Zagreb, Lipik 3 × 3 Challenger 2019, Pannonian Challenge, WTA Croatia Bol Open, Zadar Basketball Tournament 2019.  Also, cooperation was approved with the following athletes and sports teams: Croatian Basketball Association, Croatian Tennis Association, Croatian water polo team, Šime and Mihovil Fantela, Sandra Perković, Ivica Kostelić, Dina Levačić, Enrico Marotti, Barbara Matić and Dominik Družeta and Marin Ranteš.last_img read more

Chinese investment in Australia plunges as tensions mount

first_imgIt was the third consecutive year that Chinese investment in Australia dropped since peaking at Aus$15.8 billion in 2016.The steep fall far outpaced a global decline in China’s overseas ventures of 9.8 percent last year, reflecting the bilateral political tensions, Drysdale said.”(In) the last few years, clearly Chinese investors have found the investment environment in Australia less certain and have been more cautious about undertaking investment in Australia,” he told AFP.In June, Australia announced tougher measures to block or overturn new foreign investments deemed to compromise national security – a move widely viewed as an effort to limit growing Chinese influence. The country has barred Chinese telecoms giant Huawei from being a major player in its 5G rollout owing to concerns about its relationship with state security agencies, a decision that riled Beijing.Drysdale said structural changes were also partly to blame, with Chinese investors retreating from mining and resources as the commodity boom weakened.While Chinese investment in Australian real estate and agriculture also fell in 2019, the ANU researchers found some “modest gains” in the construction, education and finance sectors.Drysdale said it was important for Australia to consider how to reverse the “continuing downward trend” due to the key role of foreign investment in supporting economic growth and trade.”Whether that can be changed quickly or not is another question altogether because it very much depends on how purposeful (an) approach there is to mending the relationship between the two countries,” he said.Sino-Australian relations have nosedived in recent months after a series of diplomatic clashes.Beijing was particularly infuriated by Canberra’s role in international calls for a probe into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, which emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan.China – Australia’s biggest trade partner – has since imposed tariffs on Australian products from beef to barley and has discouraged Chinese students and tourists from heading Down Under.Topics : Chinese investment in Australia almost halved in 2019, new data released Monday showed, as relations between the two countries deteriorated.Researchers from the Australian National University said Chinese investment Down Under plunged from Aus$4.8 billion (US$3.5 billion) to just Aus$2.5 billion last year.Professor Peter Drysdale, who led the data research, said the Aus$1.43 billion purchase of infant formula producer Bellamy’s Australia by China’s Mengniu Dairy accounted for more than half of that investment.last_img read more

Landlords from hell

first_imgHealth hazard homes and landlords without boundaries are just some of the problems these tenants have to deal with.Leasing property is a two-sided affair and while nightmare tenants have received plenty of column inches, maniacal landlords are overstepping the mark as well.Anthony Ziebell, founder of, started the site after he was unable to get a landlord to fix his oven for six-months, despite all efforts.“I couldn’t cook any food,” he said.Anthony Ziebell created to help tenants avoid problem landlords.When it came time to move he realised that, unlike landlords and property managers who had access to tenant “blacklists”, there were no resources for renters to identify a bad owner.“I thought that if it’s good for them to have this and they’ve already got it — and fair enough, they need it — then it’s good for tenants too.”Mr Ziebell said his site allowed landlords a right of reply, and if they could show a review was false, it was taken down.“There are thousands of reviews on there and maybe only about 20 of them have been removed.“We want truthful reviews on the site. We want its integrity for the tenants … so they can believe what they find on the site and find it useful themselves.”Mr Ziebell said most tenant complaints revolved around three areas — maintenance, bond disputes and unlawful access.UNBELIEVABLEMr Ziebell said his most memorable bad landlord story was from Newtown, Sydney.A gentleman was working in the garden shed when he suddenly heard screams from his wife who was having a shower.“He rushes inside to find her covering herself with a towel and the landlord standing there in the bathroom,” he said.“Basically, he let himself into the house because he thought nobody was home.”Renting from this landlord was like starring in a Hitchcock filmMr Ziebell also came across a tenant who was dealing with an open sewer pipe that would back up whenever the WC was used.The landlord gave the tenant some advice on how to overcome the problem.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home4 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor4 hours ago“‘Well … don’t use toilet paper.’ That was his solution — don’t use toilet paper and it won’t back up!”Mr Ziebell was so shocked, he filmed the horror house and interviewed the tenant for posting online.Some of the other head-turning, bad-landlord complaints on Dontrentme include:“Mould everywhere. Black mould too, that just grows on everything. I had to throw away almost all of my furniture, books, shoes and towels/linen. Spiders everywhere. And possums! Possums that live in the roof cavity between the house and the unit, Possums that chew through the roof, leaving big holes. You know that feeling when you *know* someone’s watching you? So you turn around from the tv to find a pair of beedy possum eyes staring at you from a roof hole. Unnerving. The possums like to chew through the electrical wiring in the place, so you’d have power outtages and arcing from time to time. The guy from Energex said it was a death trap. Especially for those poor possums. Occasionally one would electrocute himself chewing a tasty wire, and the place would reek for months (sic).”Can we change channel now? “The house is split in half with your landlord on the back half of your flat, but please be warned the landlord basically lives with you, every day, all day and at all times of day that she deems necessary. she will be knocking, tapping and yelling on door and at your windows for you to complete chores for her or simply give her attention and listen to her rant. Unfortunately due to the fact that she has your bond you feel obliged to do whatever is requested and within my first two weeks living with her, she became my second job that I had to tend to every night when I got home. If you do not comply or get back to her multiple messages on phone and handwritten abusive notes left at your front door she acts like an ex girlfriend from hell, only because you haven’t responded to such abuse within a few hours (sic).”“*** privately rents her home out to individual people. It seems like a good deal at first — 160pw for a room with all utilities included, even Internet, but that’s until you move in and she brings you “the contract”. No alcohol, no swearing, no scary movies or movies that involve witchcraft or any form of supernatural activity, no significant others to be in the house without being introduced to her first, and certainly not there late at night or for sleepovers. She also likes to let herself into the property (with her children) whenever she feels like. She once snuck in and stole my computer while I was in the shower because my rent payment didn’t clear on time, before even telling me she hadn’t received the payment … (sic).”“the landlord dropped off a occupancy agreement which if we had signed would of meant he held the rights to enter any room of the house without notice, he could request us to leave our room at any time without notice. even had a point using the term “undesirable person” in terms of reason for eviction. and it said if we had someone stay a single night we could be evicted without notice and our bond (sic).”“My family and i became very sick very quickly and were living with a foul smell coming from ensuite. Upon further investigation in the subfloor our friend found waste pipe with no connection to sewer, a huge swamp and rotted wet timber. We paid for a building inspector, toxicologist and hygenist all to investigate. All 3 took samples and ran air tests the results were unbelievable. House contains very high levels of toxic mould (penicillian) and settled spores all of which has permeated through floor and walls resulting in continuing illnesses inc hospital for pneumonia, cysts, migraines, blistered skin and lots more. Sadly We have also lost everything we own due to contamination (sic).”HOAX REVEALED ON LANDLORD-INSTALLED COIN-OPERATED TOILETFollow Kieran Clair on Twitter here @kieranclairlast_img read more

Luxembourg reserve fund names green bond, impact managers

first_imgFDC also awarded a €750m global equities “sustainable approach” mandate, which was secured by Robeco with AQR Capital Management as the standby manager.The first investments under the new mandates are planned for the first quarter of next year, according to FDC.The mandates are the outcome of FDC’s revised investment strategy of 2017, which included a decision to “intensify and expand the consideration of sustainable and socially responsible investment criteria”.The fund has adopted a policy of requiring asset managers applying to run an actively managed mandate to provide evidence that they implement a sustainable or socially responsible approach in their investment strategy and decision-making processes. This could be by way of positive or negative screening, thematic investments, engagement, or other means.The “sustainable approach” wording for the mandate awarded to Robeco captures this revised approach to manager selection. Investment managers’ approach to sustainability is understood to have counted for 10% of the overall selection decision. Luxembourg’s €18bn pension reserve fund has announced the winners of a tender for its first mandates dedicated to seeking a positive social or environmental impact.The Fonds de Compensation (FDC) awarded a €200m mandate for “sustainable impact” global equities to BNP Paribas Asset Management in Paris, while Allianz Global Investors’ branch in the French capital won a €100m euro-denominated green bonds mandate.FDC said the equity impact mandate was exclusively for investments in listed companies “that intend to generate” a financial return as well as a “social or environmental impact”. The investments must cover at least five of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.Mirova and NN Investment Partners are on standby for the respective mandates.last_img read more

Cricket News IPL 2019: RCB eyeing Sam Curran’s signature as young Englishman continues to impress

first_imgNew Delhi: English all-rounder Sam Curran, who has impressed with both the bat and ball in the ongoing series against Virat Kohli-led India, is being hunted by several Indian Premier League (IPL) teams, especially Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) for the 2019 edition of IPL, as per reports. RCB, who signed Tymal Mills (another English pacer) in 2017, is eyeing the Surrey all-rounder and are extremely interested in his services, as per a leading British daily.ALSO READ: Asia Cup 2018: Know complete schedule, date, timings, match detailsCurran has enjoyed a fruitful series against India having picked up a total of eight wickets and is just behind Virat Kohli and Jos Buttler for the highest run-getter. Curran has scored 251 runs in five innings and was a game changer in two Test matches that England won.Interestingly, the skipper of India Virat Kohli is also the captain of RCB, who are interested in the services of Sam Curran.The 20-year old’s elder brother Tom Curran had made his IPL debut for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in 2018 and picked up six wickets in five games.ALSO READ: ‘I will be back playing all three formats,’ says Ravindra JadejaThe 2019 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is slated to start from March 29 to May 19, just before the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup. RCB have recently made changes to their backend team as they acquired the services of World Cup-winning coach Gary Kirsten and added former Indian pacer Ashish Nehra to the coaching team. Kirsten will replace Daniel Vettori as the head coach of RCB. For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

Term limits to be addressed soon in Wehby report — Skerritt

first_imgPORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) — Cricket West Indies (CWI) chief Ricky Skerritt has assured the region that presidential term limits are still on the cards and will be addressed once the Wehby Governance report is submitted within the next month.Skerritt, who assumed the top CWI post exactly a year ago along with vice-president Dr Kishore Shallow had proposed a six-year term limit on the presidency as part of their recommendation for governance reform.And the CWI president said he expected that issue to be dealt with shortly when Jamaican businessman Don Wehby completed his report.“You will be hearing, hopefully in another month or so, of the Wehby Governance report,” Skerritt told CNC3’s The Morning Shot programme.“There have been many governance reports in the past but this one, being led by Don Wehby and four other wise colleagues of his, should be coming forward to Cricket West Indies, at least in its first part, within the next month.“By the time that makes its rounds and gets accepted either in whole or in part, we will have an element in there that speaks to term limits.”Wehby was last April named to lead a Task Force on Corporate Governance Reform, charged with the responsibility of examining the CWI structure in order “to achieve greater transparency and accountability to shareholders” in the regional governing body.The task force includes The University of West Indies vice-chancellor, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, Charles Wilkin, QC of St Kitts and Nevis, Jamaican businessman OK Melhado and former West Indies Vice-Captain Deryck Murray.Skerritt and Shallow have contended that term limits to the presidency removed “uncertainty and anxiety caused by the cricket politics and excesses that too often surround the office of president”.The area of governance is the latest to be tackled by the new administration following a year which saw an overhaul of the selection process and a change of men’s white ball captain and management team.Skerritt, a former St Kitts and Nevis cabinet minister, said his administration was focussed squarely on continuing to implement its agenda over the next several months.“We’re very focussed, very committed to making progress on all fronts, trying everything we could to bring improvement in the way we do business,” he stressed.“We’re trying to make it a more productive and efficient organisation and trying to get some financial sustainability, and trying to get enthusiasm and optimism up in the stakeholder groups and especially the players.”While the Skerritt administration has come under fire for several of its decisions, he said he was still enjoying the role as president.“I always enjoy cricket. I enjoy doing whatever I can and whatever I can to bring support and resources to cricket,” he pointed out.“Cricket has been my life as a hobby and now in a very responsible position as chairman. The stress has been there but we’ve managed it fairly well.”last_img read more

Kaufman student group teaches dance at local schools

first_imgThe program, which debuted Fall 2018, received funding from the USC’s Good Neighbors Campaign and USC’s Arts in Action program. (Cecile Oreste/Daily Trojan)Not every elementary and middle school student knows how to do the Floss, but a new USC community program is hoping to change that. For one hour a week, students from the Kaufman School of Dance teach hip-hop to classrooms of local elementary and middle school students.Kaufman Connections, a program that launched at the beginning of Fall 2018, brings Kaufman students to 32nd Street Elementary School, which previously lacked a dance program. USC students coach classes of students throughout the semester and produce a performance at the end.Kaufman part-time lecturer Tiffany Bong created the program to allow young students to see the impact of performing arts programs. Bong said she was heavily influenced by similar programs she participated in when she was younger.“My whole life changed basically when I saw a hip-hop performance at my school in the fifth grade,” Bong said. “I started dancing that weekend and dancing on my own … so I understand the impact.” Twelve USC students, ranging from sophomores to seniors, participated in the pilot program. New and returning students will teach this semester’s program, according to Bong.Alvaro Montelongo Ali Modad, a senior majoring in dance, instructed a class of fourth graders last semester. He said that while working with the students, he felt their confidence increase over the course of the class.“At the beginning of course, they [were] so shy,’” Montelongo Ali Modad said. “Throughout the semester, as they acquired more dance moves and more skills and they created their own handshakes and dance moves, they were more confident to go in the [dance] circle.” Whenever Montelongo Ali Modad’s class had extra time, he would invite kids to teach each other dance moves, so they could learn through demonstrations.“[There was this one kid who] did the Floss … He was so good and I was like, ‘teach it to us,’”  Montelongo Ali Modad said. “He got super nervous inside of the circle, and I was pushing him because I knew he could get it and I wanted him to get it.” “His face just brightened and after that, he was able to explain the movement very clearly,”  Montelongo Ali Modad said. “And I just thought, ‘Oh my God, this is the power of community.’” USC alumna and liaison Nelly Cristales, a second-grade teacher at 32nd Street Elementary, said the program was beneficial on both sides. “Each third- through fifth-grade teacher enjoyed not only the support but also learned the language of hip-hop dancing,” Cristales said. “Through the professional development, [kindergarten] through fifth grade teachers received a very enriching and learning experience.” The program is funded by the USC’s Good Neighbors Campaign and USC’s Arts in Action program.“We really believe that young people in the South L.A. area in school deserve an opportunity to be connected with the arts,” said William Warrener, a USC consultant who works with the Arts in Action program. “Exposure to dance … has such an amazing impact on a person’s well-being.” Because funding is limited, the Arts in Action program does not plan on financially supporting Kaufman Connections next year, Warrener said. However, he said Arts in Action will be looking for other resources in the community to fund Kaufman Connections.“Knowing that there are now a number of faculty across the art schools at USC [that are] doing this sort of school work, we’re really interested in developing the conversation … to help them stay there,” Warrener said.Bong said she is actively looking for other resources to help with funding in the future. She also said that this year is a pilot year for the program and hopes to replicate the experience with other schools. Kaufman Connections might create an after-school program for middle schoolers or integrate performing arts throughout elementary, middle and high school. “We don’t just want to come in and leave,” Bong said. “We want to build alongside them.”last_img read more