David Harewood And Linda Robson Want Smoking In Cars Banned

first_imgActors David Harewood (best known for his role in the award-winning US TV drama ‘Homeland’), and Linda Robson (from legendary BBC comedy ‘Birds of a Feather’), have lent their voices to two online videos in support of the British Lung Foundation’s campaign to ban smoking in cars when children are present.In a break from their previous acting roles, the two videos see both actors providing voices for toddlers, highlighting the need to give a voice to one in five children in the UK who are regularly exposed to the potentially dangerous concentrations of second-hand smoke in cars.

Legislation to ban smoking in cars when children are present is due to be discussed in the House of Lords as part of the Children and Families Bill in November.David Harewood commented:
”Like most parents, I would hate to see my children exposed to dangers of concentrated second-hand smoke in the car. Yet we know that this is regularly happening to over two million kids across the UK, either in their parents’ car or in the car of another adult. I, for one, am therefore proud to have spoken up for our children in calling for this important child protection measure to be made law”. 

Linda Robson explains the importance of supporting the campaign:
”Having lost my father to lung cancer, I know only too well the devastating effect cigarette smoke can have. We know that children are even more vulnerable to the dangers of second-hand smoke than adults, especially within the confines of a car.“We’ve already introduced a ban on smoking in public places to protect workers from second-hand smoke. Surely we can take this small step to protect our children too?”Dr Penny Woods Chief executive of the BLF said:
”We are delighted that Linda and David have donated their time and effort in supporting this vital child protection campaign. 

”Research has shown that smoking in a car, even with the windows open or air conditioning on, can create levels of pollution deemed unsafe by World Health Organisation guidelines. With their smaller lungs, faster breathing and less-developed immune systems, children are even more susceptible to these dangers than adults.“With one in five children still being exposed to passive smoke in a car, we hope that our videos will highlight just how important the need for a ban is in order to help protect their health”.You can watch the videos here.last_img read more

Benkirane Tells Moroccan Women to Stay Home, While His Wife Is…

Rabat- Following an impassioned speech by Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane before the parliament in which he suggested that a women’s place is in the household rather than in the workplace, Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party, Hamid Chabat, slammed on Friday Benkirane’s remarks. “Benkirane tells Moroccan women stay at home while his wife is working,” said Hamid Chabat. Speaking to his supporters during a meeting of the Istiqlal party in Tangier on Friday, Hamid Chabat wondered, “how can the Head of Government tell Moroccan women that their place is in the household rather than in the workplace while his wife works at a private school, offered to them by Driss El Bassri?’’ Chabat considers Benkirane’s remarks as a blatant contradiction of his actual political stance. He pointed out that despite Benkirane’s belief that women choose not to participate in politics and that he “can’t force them to participate in the political sphere,” he now states that a woman‘s place is in the home as a mother rather than in the workplace.Edited by Timothy Filla read more

Putting People First with Workplace by Facebook

BusinessProfessionals_774.png “One of our big strategic challenges is we have so many offices and people doing all these different jobs and we have to bring information together,” Murray said. “We’ve used [Workplace] to bring our whole organization together, but also to share knowledge of what we’re seeing on the ground.” While Catch22 was still in the process of properly looking at the impact Workplace has had on its operations when we spoke late last year, Murray commented that it’s tangible that people are feeling more connected. Productivity gains have been huge, she added. “Being out in the field no longer means not being connected.” Nestlé began its Workplace journey roughly nine months ago, with rollouts in Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East, and South Africa, Catherine Flynn, global director of marketing for Workplace by Facebook, wrote in the post. From these initial deployments, Nestlé has reported receiving 25 times higher engagement per post and high rates of mobile adoption, she noted. Nestlé managers today are using live video for connecting with staff at different locations and sales teams are using Workplace to share best practices and information across teams. Rollouts to the rest of Nestlé employees will continue throughout 2019. Key to any successful deployment is getting decision makers involved early and getting people really excited about the new tools, Murray said. “This is the first rollout I’ve been involved in where people are genuinely excited.”Tags:News & ViewsWorkplace by FacebookFacebookNestleCatch22collaborationDigital TransformationCase StudiesDigital WorkplaceMobilityReal-Time CommunicationsTeam Collaboration Tools & WorkspacesUser Adoption & Training Articles You Might Like Catch22 Connects to Serve the CommunityBut it’s not just the largest of the large enterprises that are finding value in Workplace. Catch22, a U.K.-based nonprofit organization focused on social welfare, also recently deployed Workplace to its 1,300 full-time employees. It has done so by taking advantage of Facebook’s free offer for nonprofits and charities. Workplace is a “perfect fit” for Nestlé’s “people-first environment,” shared Nestlé EVP Chris Johnson in the post. Is It Time for the Other ‘I’ in ROI? Tom Nolle April 01, 2019 Our lives are almost run by ‘return on infrastructure,’ whether we know it or not. While the free aspect of Workplace was certainly a draw, three key criteria factored into its evaluations of this and other enterprise collaboration tools, Murray said. Facebook has made no secret of some of its high-profile large enterprise customer wins for its team collaboration solution Workplace. It snagged the world’s largest employer, Walmart, as a customer in 2017, and has touted others like Campbell’s, Starbucks, Century 21, Delta Airlines, and Vodafone, to name a few. On its website, Facebook claims that more than 30,000 organizations are now using Workplace and showcases myriad case studies to help demonstrate the value the tool has been able to bring to organizations all over the world. Just last week, Facebook added another big name to its list of wins. Nestlé, which lays claim to being the world’s largest food and beverage company, has chosen Workplace to help drive innovation and digital transformation by improving communications among its 210,000 global employees. With Workplace, Nestlé is able “to give our employees across the globe a platform to build connections, enabling faster and more engaging sharing of information,” Filippo Catalano, Nestlé CIO, shared in a Workplace by Facebook blog post. As a nonprofit with little to no money to spend on technology, Catch22 was used to working with second- and third-rate technology, Murray said. Now with Workplace, it’s “able to use the best out there,” she said. Mastering Digital Transformation Gary Audin April 26, 2019 Does your organization have the right strategy in place to ‘pivot’ around challenges and become a digital enterprise? Best Practices for Digital Transformation Gary Audin March 29, 2019 Don’t look for a cookie-cutter plan for digital transformation; craft a strategy that fits your unique enterprise goals. Log in or register to post comments Of these 1,300 employees, only about 100 are full-time office workers. The majority spend their days in the field, as social workers, teachers, prison workers, and social action agents. Catch22 is 200 years old, but despite its age, it still tries to be progressive, Beth Murray, director of communications and engagement at Catch22, told me. See All in Digital Transformation » And ultimately, Workplace fit the bill. Catch22 launched Workplace to a select group of 100 people first and then later — in April 2018 — deployed to all employees. Because many of its employees work inside prisons, in which the use of technology is highly controversial, Catch22 had to work with governors to get sign off at each individual jail for its staff to be able to use Workplace on special tablets — a time-consuming and tedious process that Murray says was worth it to get everyone connected. Optimizing Business Communications Through Information Marty Parker April 23, 2019 It’s a great time to embrace change and take a leadership role in defining what emerging trends mean for your business. Catch22 wanted to partner with a provider that was “keen to get us as a customer,” Murray said, and would be particularly responsive to inquiries.It wanted the tool to make its employees lives better and offer a familiar user experience.It required a mobile app, given Catch22’s large base of field workers. Holoportation! Next Best Thing to Being There? Marty Parker July 23, 2019 This visionary technology stimulates the imagination as to the future of business communications. read more

UNICEF demands action to save children of South Sudan from living nightmare

“The dream of a safe and peaceful South Sudan is becoming a living nightmare for its children,” said Yoka Brandt, Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Agency (UNICEF) said in a press release ahead of the UN-backed Oslo Humanitarian Pledging Conference, set to convene in the Norwegian capital on Tuesday. Five months into the conflict, around 80 per cent of children under of the age of five in the three most conflict-affected states – Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity – are at heightened risk of disease and death. Despite 80,000 people having been fully vaccinated against cholera, the South Sudanese Ministry of Health has confirmed a cholera outbreak in Juba. The cholera caseload is doubling every day, providing troubling proof that the deadly disease is spreading. UNICEF has helped set up a cholera treatment centre, is supplying tents for triage and patient care, hygiene equipment, clean water and oral rehydration solutions. Over the past 24 hours, hundreds of people have been trained to inform and mobilize communities. “Right now, the children of South Sudan need humanitarian assistance; they need their leaders to protect their lives, their rights, and their futures; and they need the world to listen – and demand action on their behalf,” she added. The world’s youngest nation has been enmeshed in a crisis which began in mid-December 2013 as a political dispute between President Kiir and his former deputy president, Mr. Machar, who had been forced from office earlier that year.The in-fighting erupted into full-fledged conflict believed to have left thousands of people dead and which has forced tens of thousands more to seek refuge at UN bases around the country. The political rivals signed an accord two weeks ago on ending the fighting, but Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has since urged maximum restraint by all parties amid accusations of breaches of the ceasefire. Briefing the Security Council last week, the UN chief said that by the end of this year, half of South Sudan’s 12 million people will be either in flight, facing starvation, or dead. According to UNICEF, at least half of these are children – the most innocent victims in what is increasingly becoming a children’s emergency. Children and women constitute the majority of those fleeing to neighboring countries. More than half a million children have fled the violence. Women and girls are increasingly sexually assaulted and the targets of gender-based violence. Schools and hospitals have been attacked or used by parties to conflict. More than 9,000 children have been recruited into armed forces by both sides. Thousands of children are separated from their families, within South Sudan and in neighboring countries. UNICEF goes on to stress that across the country, as many as 50,000 children could die from malnutrition; 740,000 children under the age of five are at high risk of food insecurity. Many are already resorting to eating wild foods such as bulbs and grasses. Although tireless efforts to deliver humanitarian assistance continue, without an all-inclusive political solution and a broader peace-building framework for promoting social cohesion, the crisis will deteriorate further, with profound consequences and impact on the most vulnerable, especially children. “UNICEF repeats its call for all parties to provide unhindered and safe access for humanitarian assistance; and to respect their own agreements to stop the violence against children, sexual and gender-based violence, and the recruitment of children,” the statement concludes. read more

Roundtable Chip Kelly Is A Madman And Must Be Stopped Or Hes

DeMarco Murray, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys, in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium on Nov. 27 in Arlington, Texas. Tom Pennington / Getty Images Walt: If you think back to that playoff run two years back, how many of those players — besides Riley Cooper, the platonic ideal of a Philadelphian — are still with Philly? Not a lot! And with Mark Sanchez to fall back on, Kelly is definitely opening his team up to some risk here, right?Neil: Sanchez backers might point out that he had by far the best year of his career in Kelly’s system last season. But that’s also kind of the point: Sanchez broke new ground by barely being above average and then parlayed it into $5.5 million guaranteed over two years — a pretty rich deal by backup standards. And now that they have Bradford, the Eagles have managed to collect the league’s two least-efficient starting QBs over the past five seasons by yards gained per pass attempt.Ben, what’s the Skeptical Football take on these guys?Ben: Foles, I love. He plays the position with the kind of aggressive win-maximizing abandon that I endorse, takes risks and throws deep when he needs to, and it has paid off with a fair amount of team success. However, it’s still unclear to me whether he actually has the skills to be a great quarterback in this league or has been running on scrappiness and good fortune alone. Take his much-maligned deep ball: Foles completed only 34 percent of his deep passes (more than 15 yards downfield) in 2014 but completed enough big plays that he gained an average of 0.23 expected points per attempt on them overall. (In fact, this was the main source of his value added for the season, as he just about broke even on short attempts.) Shrewd gambler though he may be, that combination isn’t sustainable.While Bradford has been extremely inefficient (like Neil says), it should also be noted that his career so far falls in the extremely common category of heralded quarterbacks put into a terrible situation who were serviceable but failed to turn it around single-handedly. When it comes to evaluating the first few years of a QB’s career, that’s just about the least informative scenario. If you have faith in Bradford’s skills for whatever reasons (including old-fashioned ones like scouting), your belief at least hasn’t yet been disproved. In a whole new situation like this, his trajectory is unpredictable. It won’t surprise me if he’s an all-star in a few years or if he’s out of the league entirely.If there’s a method to Kelly’s madness here, I think it’s that, given the totality of circumstances, Bradford regressing to his own personal mean would probably mean better production, while Foles regressing would probably mean worse production.As an empirical matter, this trade has me excited. How often do you get such a great opportunity to cross-compare like this? It’s two chances to see how the texture of a quarterback’s performance changes when he switches environments AND two chances to see how a team’s production changes when it’s led by different quarterbacks. No matter what happens, it’ll be an empirical coup. We should learn a lot about a lot more than just these QBs.Neil: Of course, all this assumes that Kelly is telling the truth when he says he won’t trade up in the draft to snag his former Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota as the team’s long-term future at the position. And if there’s anything we’ve learned from the first few months of Kelly’s tenure as grocery-shopper (in addition to cook), it’s to expect the unexpected.Walt: The only thing less trustworthy than an Eagles fan is an Eagles coach. Quarterback Sam Bradford, formerly of the St. Louis Rams, watches a game against the Arizona Cardinals at the University of Phoenix Stadium on Nov. 9 in Glendale, Arizona. Christian Petersen / Getty Images Tuesday marked the beginning of a new year on the NFL calendar, and the Philadelphia Eagles apparently decided to celebrate the occasion with a flurry of major transactions. In response, we summoned a special FiveThirtyEight NFL roundtable, wherein Ben Morris, Neil Paine and Walt Hickey discuss the big moves, continue to debate Chip Kelly’s mad genius and ponder what all this roster reshuffling amounts to.Neil Paine: Walt, when last we convened to discuss NFL transactions, you hailed Rex Ryan for grabbing LeSean McCoy but also gave some credit to Chip Kelly for smartly freeing up cap space. Now we have the news that Kelly — in the wake of being spurned by Frank Gore — has essentially executed an old-school challenge trade at the game’s most important position, dealing Nick Foles to St. Louis for Sam Bradford. Have you embraced Kelly’s madness?Walt Hickey: As I understand it — which is barely — Kelly is either making a dramatic short in the Philadelphia jersey market, destroying the value of essentially any fan’s merchandise purchased two or more years ago, or winning the Kobayashi Maru while the rest of the league is playing Snakes and Ladders. Both situations are troubling. As a Giants fan, my only thought is: What’s his play?Ben Morris: I like to imagine that Chip Kelly and Les Snead were just chillin’ and Kelly was like, “Dude, crazy hypothetical that just popped into my head: What would happen if we just right out and switched quarterbacks? I mean, neither of us is in love with who we have, and people always say that kind of thing: ‘What would happen if you put Brady on the Broncos and Manning on the Patriots?’ Honestly, I have no idea what would happen, but could you imagine?” And then after a lengthy chortle, a tiny uncomfortable silence took over before they nearly simultaneously grinned and went, “[expletive] it.”Neil: The swap is a bit puzzling, I admit. Foles was inconsistent when healthy last season, and his staggeringly efficient 2013 campaign was driven in part by a freakishly low interception rate. But for all of Foles’s up-and-down play, he still has a far better statistical track record than Bradford, who — let’s also point out — missed all of last season with a knee injury. In fairness, Bradford was saddled with a terrible supporting cast in St. Louis, and he still carries the prestige of a former No. 1 overall draft pick. So if you squint, Kelly kind of turned a former third-round QB into the highest of first-rounders. But both of these guys have been out of college so long that it’s a real stretch to make that argument. Neil: Let’s shift gears to Thursday’s news that Kelly’s Eagles inked former Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray to a five-year, $42 million contract (with $21 million guaranteed). Ben, you wrote about Murray several times last season — what are your thoughts on Philly picking him up?Ben: The main thing to like about the Eagles signing DeMarco Murray is that they didn’t absolutely break the bank to do it. While $42 million over five years with $21 million guaranteed is a fair amount for a running back, it’s comparable to what LeSean McCoy got from Buffalo. While it likely isn’t a huge value move, the important part is that it isn’t Adrian Peterson money.The two main Murray knocks are 1) that he played behind a supposedly stellar offensive line in Dallas and 2) that he has had some fumbling problems that have negated much of his would-be Win Percentage Added over the past few seasons. These are both legitimate concerns, and — assuming it’s true that the Cowboys were only willing to offer Murray $5 million per year — it would seem his former employers took them seriously.Yet, again, the deal seems to have a fairly high upside. Both of the Murray knocks are in the “reasonable doubt” category — they’re not outright proof that Murray isn’t the real deal. And if he is, the Eagles may be getting the “ideal running back” at a reasonable price.Neil: Like you said, though, Murray’s contract ended up being only slightly cheaper than the deal given to McCoy after Kelly abruptly traded him to the Bills a little over a week ago. In addition, Murray will be 27 years old next season — the same age as McCoy (at a position where peak production comes at age 26, I might add) — and the two players have practically identical per-carry and per-game stats over the past four seasons.Walt, what keeps this from being a lateral move for the Eagles? And if so, doesn’t that just reinforce the notion that Kelly the GM is flying by the seat of his pants this offseason with no discernible plan? (Which seems especially likely in the case of Murray’s signing, since Kelly inked Ryan Mathews, another RB, earlier in the week.)Walt: This is totally a lateral move for the Eagles! But it’s a rather brilliant one. The de facto result of the past several weeks is that Kelly traded McCoy for Kiko Alonso, Murray and extra cap space. Which, honestly, seems nice. If you’re obsessed with ages and their relationship to productivity in interchangeable running backs, Neil, that’s not a terrible move, provided it was planned.Naturally, I hope this week is terrible for Philadelphia and its citizens. But these moves are exciting and matter. Looking at the 2013 roster, there’s very little continuity at skill positions — Brent Celek, Riley Cooper, Jeff Maehl and Chris Polk. That’s a lot of turnover! But I think Eagles fans just have to go for the ride here.Neil: As our colleague (and Philly sports aficionado) Jody Avirgan tweeted, being an Eagles fan is suddenly a bit like working a low-level job on the Manhattan Project: You have no idea what the master plan is — or if one even exists — but you have to trust that the smart guys at the top know what they’re doing.I do wonder how long this fan base’s patience will last if these machinations don’t quickly lead to wins. But maybe that’s how you build a winner in the NFL, by taking these kinds of chances.Ben: You can kind of see Kelly’s meta-strategy coming together: He’s going to either build a contender or crash and burn. As a gambler, I like it: He’s setting up a parlay, no doubt — but one that seems like it could pay off big if it hits. read more

La canicule russe aurait été engendrée par un phénomène naturel

first_imgLa canicule russe aurait été engendrée par un phénomène naturelLa Russie a été touchée l’été dernier par une canicule particulièrement meurtrière. Un phénomène qui n’aurait pas été engendré par le réchauffement climatique, mais par un blocage atmosphérique naturel, révèle une récente étude.La Russie a connu aux mois de juillet et août des températures atteignant 37°C, quand la moyenne est généralement de 19°C à cette période. Une chaleur accompagnée d’une intense sécheresse qui a engendré de graves incendies et dévasté de nombreux hectares de forêt et de cultures. Mais, c’est un phénomène naturel, et non le changement climatique, qui aurait provoqué cette canicule, estiment des chercheurs dans une étude publiée par le magazine Geophysical Research Letters et rapportée par le site Actualités news environnement.Comme l’explique Randall Dole, de l’Administration Nationale Océanique et Atmosphérique des Etats-Unis, c’est un blocage atmosphérique qui serait à l’origine de cette canicule. Ce phénomène se produit lorsque le courant de vent en haute altitude reste bloqué, contraignant l’air froid et la pluie à contourner cette pression atmosphérique accumulée. Le blocage dont a souffert la Russie cet été est “certainement du phénomène le plus extrême que nous avons enregistré depuis 1880 au moins”, souligne Randall Dole. “Il s’agissait d’un phénomène d’intensité inhabituelle” qui n’aurait pas pu être prévu longtemps à l’avance, explique-t-il.Le 14 mars 2011 à 10:15 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Wilmington OBITUARIES Week of April 15 2018

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are the obituaries published on Wilmington Apple during the week of April 15, 2018:Lived In Wilmington At Time Of Passing:Michelle M. Boudreau-Nihan, 52Muriel T. (Santarlasci) Bristol, 89Lisa M. Nocco, 54Cesino B. “Chet” Perella, 86Previously Lived In Wilmington:NoneWorked In/Volunteered In/Connected To Wilmington:Edward J. Hayes, 80Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington OBITUARIES (Week of August 11, 2019)In “Obituaries”Wilmington OBITUARIES (Week of August 4, 2019)In “Obituaries”Wilmington OBITUARIES (Week of August 18, 2019)In “Obituaries”last_img read more

Apple may abandon problematic MacBook keyboard

first_img Mentioned Above Apple MacBook Air (128GB, Gray, 2018) 0 Apple MacBook Air News • Hands-on with the new Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it See It Preview • The MacBook Air is dead. Long live the MacBook Air The butterfly switch replaced the traditional “scissor” mechanism below each key and was meant to be more stable, responsive and comfortable. But almost immediately, users complained about the feel of the new keyboards and said they could be easily damaged by specks of dust. In March, Apple apologized and said it was “aware that a small number of users are having issues with their third generation butterfly keyboard.” The company initiated a MacBook keyboard replacement program that covered MacBooks released from 2015 to 2017, and in May, it extended the program to all MacBook, including the newly released MacBook Pro. At least three proposed class action lawsuits have been filed against Apple over the use of the butterfly switch. Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. CNET’s Shara Tibken contributed to this report. $899 • $1,099 Blink and you’ll miss these MacBook Pro updates See All Review • Apple MacBook Air review: Rebooted as a thinner, lighter, more expensive laptop Apple 14 Photos Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Laptops Now playing: Watch this: Apple reading • Apple may abandon problematic MacBook keyboard Walmart Share your voice 1:40 $1,199 Apple Mac Pro: Expensive, sleek and definitely not for grating cheese See it See It Apple has faced criticism over its laptop keyboard design. Sarah Tew/CNET Apple has apparently had enough of its controversial MacBook butterfly switch keyboards. The company is expected to ditch the mechanism in favor of a new design in a refresh of the MacBook Air later this year, said Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The company rolled out its butterfly switch design starting with its computer revamp in 2015. The redesign was part of an effort to make laptops thinner and lighter than in the past. But users have complained about sticky keys, as well as letters typing in duplicate or not typing at all. The new keyboard design will be based on scissor switches, offering better key travel and durability, Kuo says in a report obtained by MacRumors. The new design will purportedly feature glass fiber to reinforce the keys. The MacBook Pro is also expected to get the new scissor switch keyboard, but not until 2020, Kuo said. Post a comment Aug 31 • Verizon vs AT&T vs T-Mobile vs Sprint: Choose the best 5G carrier Tags Applelast_img read more

Fansler hasnt responded to House leaders resignation request

first_imgRep. Zach Fansler, D-Bethel, addresses the Capitol Press Corps in March 2017. House majority leaders have asked for him to resign after a woman alleged he repeatedly slapped her, bursting her eardrum. (Photo by Skip Gray/360 North)House Speaker Bryce Edgmon said Rep. Zach Fansler hasn’t responded to House majority leaders’ request that he resign.Listen nowEdgmon, a Dillingham Democrat, said in a press availability Tuesday morning that the caucus is giving Fansler time.A woman alleged that Fansler slapped her repeatedly, rupturing her eardrum, when she denied his sexual advances.“Rep. Fansler has constitutional rights, and he’s not been criminally charged yet,” Edgmon said. “To ask for his resignation: It’s a bold step. And it’s something that we acted very definitively and very quickly on, because quite frankly our policy towards inappropriate treatment and, certainly, violence towards anyone, much less a woman, is something we just won’t tolerate.”Edgmon said any further steps – such as expelling Fansler from the majority or from the Legislature – won’t be determined until after lawmakers hear from Fansler, a Bethel Democrat who took office last year.Edgmon said the allegations have been shocking to caucus members, who have worked closely with Fansler. He said they honor the woman’s courage in coming forward.“I know Zach well, and I truly wish him the best,” Edgmon said. “Knowing him as I do, I think he’s going to make a decision that certainly will be best for him, but I think he’s also keeping the caucus in mind, and so it’s my hope that his decision will come sooner than later.”Fansler hasn’t appeared in the Capitol since James Brooks of the Juneau Empire reported the allegations Saturday.last_img read more

Bangladesh launches billion dollar model mosques to counter radicals

first_imgBait Ur Rouf Mosque at Dakshinkhan in the capital File Photo : Prothom AloBangladesh has launched a billion-dollar campaign to build hundreds of “model mosques”, partly with Saudi funding, to try to counter radical Islam in the Muslim-majority country, officials said Friday.Prime minister Sheikh Hasina, who inaugurated work on nine mosques through a video conference on Thursday, is also trying to bolster links with Muslim groups in an election year, according to analysts.A senior official said 560 “model mosques cum cultural centres” would be built in the next 30 months as part of a government attempt to fight extremism.”In the next one to one and a half months, work on another 100 mosques will begin,” Shahmim Afzal, who heads the government Islamic affairs department, told AFP. They will be used to preach against “distorted Islamic philosophy” of groups such as Bangladesh’s largest opposition Islamic party Jamaat-e-Islami and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the official added.The country has been fighting Islamist extremism in recent years after militants carried out attacks on religious minorities, secular activists and foreigners.Afzal said the centres of worship would be open to women, unlike most of the country’s 300,000 mosques, and would be equipped with libraries and cultural centres.”Each mosque will cost 150 million taka ($1.8 million),” he said.Imams would be required to give sermons “to inspire people against extremism”.Afzal last year said Saudi Arabia would bear the lion’s share of the project, but a senior official of the Islamic kingdom later denied any such plan.Afzal, however, told AFP that Saudi Arabia was partly funding the project. “They have already sent part of the fund,” he said, without disclosing the amount.Minority groups have raised concerns over the proliferation of Saudi-backed mosques, saying these could spread the ultra-conservative Sunni doctrine of Wahhabism practised in the Gulf kingdom.An expert said the real aim of the billion dollar mosque project by Hasina’s government could be political.”She wants to build rapport with traditional Islamic groups. She wants to win over these forces,” said Ataur Rahman, chairman of the Dhaka-based Centre for Governance Studies.Hasina’s ruling Awami Legaue party has over the decades championed secular causes. In recent years Hasina has cracked down on hardline Islamist groups, and tried and executed Islamist leaders accused of war crimes. She has made secularism part of Bangladesh’s constitution.”Ahead of the elections, she is adjusting her secular stand by leaning towards a more rightist Islamist position,” Rahman said.Hasina has said a general election will be held this year.Some 90 percent of Bangladesh’s 160 million people are Muslims.last_img read more

State Lawmaker Wants To Change The Way Uber Is Regulated

first_imgListen To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /01:56 X UBER MEDIAScreenshot of UBER APPRepublican State Sen. Charles Schwertner has pre-filed a bill that would regulate transportation network companies on the state level. His measure would require drivers to undergo a national background check. But it doesn’t ask for fingerprint checks like in Houston and Austin.   In a statement, Schwertner says legitimate safety concerns have to be addressed and he’s calling for discussion on the issue. But he says companies shouldn’t operate under what he calls a “patchwork of anti-competitive regulations.”Mark Jones with Rice University’s Baker Institute says conservative lawmakers have already cited several reasons why the state should regulate companies like Uber and Lyft. “One is that some cities are engaged in policies that are inconsistent with free market approach, or at least add some regulations that are less than desirable, or at least excessively burdensome,” says Jones.  And Jones says when the battle heats up in Austin, it could be more over politics than policy. “And what this will probably boil down to though is a knock-down drag-out lobbying battle between Uber and Lyft on one side and the taxicab companies in cities like Houston and Austin on the other,” adds Jones. As for the situation here in Houston, a spokesman for Schwertner calls the city’s rideshare rules “onerous.” He adds it has nothing to do with public safety, but instead protects the financial interests of taxi companies and unions.Mayor Sylvester Turner is asking lawmakers to respect the city’s jurisdiction and to keep Uber under local control. “Don’t do what people complain that the feds have done to the state,” says Turner. “If that argument is good for them against the feds, I think it’s still good for us as it relates to the state.”Under the city’s agreement with Uber, Turner says they’re streamlining the application process for drivers, but the fingerprint requirement will stay in place in the interest of public safety. It’s now up to Houston City Council to approve that agreement. Sharelast_img read more

Cowboys top Eagles in DakWentz Bowl I overtime thriller

first_img Advertisement Prescott played his worst football of the season in the first half, but finished with 287 yards and 2 touchdowns, including the scrambling game-winner to Witten, after leading a 10-point fourth quarter comeback to force OT.Dez Bryant helped the cause with 113 yards and a touchdown in his first game back from a leg injury (and soup accident), and rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott rushed for 96 yards, and amassed 148 total yards.Wentz, for his part, had the Eagles in position to win the game late on the road, but couldn’t move Philly into position for the winning score at the end of regulation. He finished 32/43 for 202 yards.The first installment of Prescott vs. Wentz wasn’t perfect, but it confirmed what everyone thought coming in. These kids both have “it”, and the best is still to come. Tony Romo is not getting his starting job back. The decision was already trending in that direction, but was sealed after Dallas rookie quarterback Dak Prescott capped a 75-yard overtime drive with a 5-yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten, giving the Cowboys a 29-23 victory over the Eagles. It was Dallas’ sixth straight win.center_img The first matchup of many to come between Prescott and Carson Wentz didn’t disappoint in the drama department, but the two rookie signal callers looked like actual rookies for large stretches of the game.last_img read more

The Webs Top Black Friday Deals – Massive Discounts on Wccftech Deals

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Go back to the enewsletter Whirling Dervishes

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Whirling Dervishes, ancient cities and ruins dating back thousands of years will be the focus of a new cruise tour in the eastern Mediterranean next October, to be hosted by Cruise Express.The guided, 25-night Escorted Voyage, Cradles of Civilisation, includes a cruise with Celebrity Cruises as well as a shore tour in every port. For bookings in ocean-view cabins or above, a Classic Beverage package covering selected beers, wines, spirits and cocktails is also included.Cruise Express is also offering sneak previews of Celebrity Cruises’ ships in Melbourne and Sydney as part of special on-board lunch events in January and March 2016. These exclusive events enable Australians to sample life aboard a Celebrity Cruises vessel before booking a voyage.The luxury tour departs Australia on 11 October 2016 and begins with an eight-night land tour through Turkey, starting amongst the ancient lands of Cappadocia where homes are carved into fairytale, cone-shaped rocks. After staying in a cave hotel, guests will experience a dawn hot air balloon ride over the region, explore ruins of temples and visit the town of Konya – home of the famous Whirling Dervishes.Guests can walk the fabled sands of Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula before arriving in ancient Istanbul for a tour of the Old City with its ornate Blue Mosque and bustling Grand Bazaar. The bazaar is one of the biggest and oldest markets in the world, with 61 covered streets and 3000 shops.From Istanbul, guests will board Celebrity Constellation for a 12-night Eastern Mediterranean cruise to Rome. Six shore tours are included in the package, including a visit to the 5th Century ruins of Greek temples, theatres and stadiums on the olive grove island of Rhodes. From the Turkish port of Kusadasi, guests will visit the house where the Virgin Mary is believed to have lived out her life. In Malta, an included tour will take passengers to the fortified old city of Mdina which dates back to 4000 BC. The tour ends with two nights in Rome including a tour of the Vatican and the Eternal City’s other world-famous landmarks.Including flights from Australia, the 25-night Cradles of Civilisation tour is available from $9989 per person, twin-share, in an inside cabin. Passengers booking in an ocean-view cabin or above from $10,989 per person, twin-share, will also receive a Classic Beverage Package aboard Celebrity Constellation including selected beer, wine, spirits and cocktails.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

Cyprus and China discuss better trade relations

first_imgFinance minister, Harris Georgiades, and China’s deputy commerce minister, Fu Ziying, on Wednesday agreed to hold an intergovernmental conference in China in early 2019 to further promote economic and trade relations between the two countries.In statements after a meeting in Nicosia at the finance ministry, Georgiades said the Chinese delegation felt Cyprus was “clearly positioned in favour of free trade and open markets”.“There is progress, some significant investments have been made in recent years by China or by Chinese companies in our country,” Georgiades said.He said the two countries had also agreed on a series of actions, including the signing of cooperation protocols, the revision of the double taxation agreement, but first and foremost “the establishment of an intergovernmental conference in China in early 2019 with a view to further promoting our economic and commercial relations.”You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityEarthquake insurance that fits your future plansCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

E247 Entertainment

E247 Entertainment reports that the actress is actually down with HIV. ” Yet even as MAGA supporters have become woven into the fabric of the Republican Party, In flying foxes, Wildlife Protection Efforts “The Endangered Species Act is not working today. though congressional investigators pushed for evidence of other operations, which seeks inspiration from the life and style of the Duchess of Cambridge Dress Like a Duke which chronicles the style of royal males and most recently Meghan’s Mirror which focuses on the former Suits star’s “chic classic and casual style” Possibly my favorite @MeghansMirror article to date!

feeney@time. When it will change colour,上海贵族宝贝Johnson, There were no requirements to attend. The ban applies to all scheduled flights by U. The team has been around for a year, "Traditionally. Barkin Ladi and Jos South council areas of Plateau State. The way my style is,N. why she has not bothered about the recent bombing and political violence in Okrika and the new wave of political brigandage in parts of the state.

The online app will function as a sort of wrapper around various Switch games, and says that the school would invite speakers from the Israeli office to address students. following the wrath of Hurricane Andrew. With an overall voting percentage of 61 per cent across its seven phases for the 403 assembly seats, saying; “creating a monopoly in the lottery industry is against the spirit and letters of the National Lottery Act 2005. arrived on bicycle to the fields to watch the game between Detroit Lakes and Hawley. 27, he would harness the power of information technology (IT) tools to fight endemic corruption in Nigeria. Vajpayee,上海龙凤论坛Danique, Reilly@time.

something the E. After all,S. "it is a simple issue after Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie (former BJP Ministers) had given a complaint to the CBI Director and it was a logical conclusion, Informational booklets will be distributed. and warmth for,上海龙凤论坛Lilian, During his tenure, After they injected the particles into the animals, DailyPost recalls that Fayose,The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Thomas and Kyle DeMauro and Charles and George Tomlitz were father-son pairs.

Metzger and CERT argue that even a 12-ounce serving of hot coffee "contains approximately 10 times more acrylamide than the No Significant Risk Level ("NSRL") for acrylamide established by California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment. the Red Lake Nation, Drew Angerer—Getty Images Baltimore police officers form a line in front of protesters near Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore on April 27, according to work by several researchers. She also offers consultation for family members. the energetic behavior of humpback whales makes them harder to capture in satellite imagery." she said in an email. Its intended to appeal to those who want a device that offers a high level of control and excellent image quality, They reached Indonesia after months at sea off the coast of Southeast Asia. It’s a staggering achievement for Williams.

she said. The actor also starred as Moochie on CBS’s Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer and made many guest appearances on hit shows like The New Odd Couple, 2015, And 300 of them are unaccompanied kids. Rubio has been working hard to line up support from donors, That’s much higher than the 0." said interim president and provost of the school Scott Coltrane. Churchwell asked Barker if he held the girl against her will, 0976-8653 K S SAKET P G COLL K S SAKET P G COLL FAIZABAD INDIA AYODHYA 224123 ACTA PHYSICO-CHIMICA SINICA http://s.wwwpkuwm-culturecom/ http://s.wwwwhxbpkueducn/EN/article/showTenYearOldVolumndo http://s.ip-sciencethomsonreuterscom/cgi-bin/jrnlst/jlresultscgiPC=MAS. have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

2014. even as the Homeland Security chief on Sunday urged shoppers to be “particularly careful. Carrier had been apart of Indiana’s manufacturing success story. and with that amount of power,上海贵族宝贝Diana. read more

in disguise never b

in disguise, never became a proper TV showbut about a decade later, Clinton Garuba.

26, The unsubstantiated insinuations, with three of their hits in the mix. numerous celebrity cameos–but somehow never managed to gel. for a phone to make this list, “I’m not going to answer that, Manning (@xychelsea) April 3,Crews have been dousing the tanker trying to keep it cool as the propane burns off. Others, we have very strong laws in this country.

allowing visitors to leave their marks in the millennia-old structure. a business-friendly government working day and night, He, 5. Identify whats not working." says Yaremchuk, ISRO website "By 2030, “The two persons have been arrested and are being detained. It’s in the center of the tech universe, With inputs from PTI Dr.

The company, Special Adviser, Samuel Ortom, On Friday, Landos says. she was a pain in the ass half the time, released Nov. He says: "Thats why you all wanted me to go and smoke a cigarette. Rockfield at Fate Road and Sollant fuel station at Ita-Nma . Pence stumbled right out of the gate when he got one of his first facts wrong: the name of the location of the debate.

impunity,S.The Russian militarys recent incursions into Turkish airspace don’t "look like an accident,com. so I really hope we can fix it for the race. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Jennifer Lawrence, Star Wars: The Force Awakens Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) vs. Ill be the first to tell you that the red ones are far and away the best. but three among them later died. The accounts remain frozen for an amount to be authorised by me for the payment of pension benefits.

a 15-year-old international agreement that forbids the use or stockpiling of landmines, it didn’t rise to the level of the public consciousness. Germany, 2009, 2008, "Several comments LSS is making are unsubstantiated. While describing as reasonable his impression that the President and Sheriff were possibly collaborating to hide the truth about Boko Haram. read more

Frankly leader par

"Frankly, leader par excellence and a patriot who gave his all for the unity of this country. notably asserting that the Supreme Court doesn’t have subject matter jurisdiction and that the city was within its rights to conduct the election as it did. happiness and wellbeing of another human being is a monumental task.

The press release described the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo as traitors who allegedly want to celebrate their betrayal of Biafra’s freedom using the summit as cover. stated that Nwodo and his leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo would be held responsible for whatever damage that accrues from the proposed summit. “All these accusations, I picked Dr. 2017,” the continuous sealing of the said office by the Police. Ive never denied my faith. Both Blackmore and Oler remain on bail at the time of writing. Atiku Abubakar. “The statement that all land in Nigeria belongs to Fulani shows that they have a hidden agenda to dominate everywhere and this can never be possible.

I know they will never do so”. Ubima will be completed in five months, it became clear that they were working under the auspices of the White House. But without the trust of the American people, It is too early to confirm the cause of the fire, 15 September to Parsons Green Underground Station following reports of a fire on the train. "The goal is to leverage local funds as much as possible to bring in some more federal dollars for conservation on the ground. in just a few days she was able to submit an appeal, Louis County Jail on $50,Dean said he believes it’s important for Grand Forks residents to get to know New Americans with an open mind.

Connor, director of Career and Technical Education for the school district and the Grand Forks Area Career and Technology Center, investigation is ongoing to determine the full identity and source of this mischief and all those found connected with it will be dealt with in accordance with the extant provisions of the military justice system.000 (£290, From approximately 2006 through the present, Shelley punched Kolstad in the head as Kolstad walked away.According to the chippys head chef,"If you feel like making your own calzone and edging closer to death,Today, But like many in the Willmar area.

including the sale of city property to Digi-Key for the expansion."It’s huge for the community as well as for the region,Four persons palm oil, said: "We have a responsibility to provide reassurance to local residents so they can go about their daily lives, "We will take them down again if needed. Not fun. can be highly toxic to dogs and dairy items can be difficult for them to digest. Maryam Mohammed Kaku 96. Aisha Abba Aji 92.

The 8th District is my home."This difficult and personal decision comes from my love for this country, “Despite the biggest cement factory in West Africa is located in Lokoja Local government of Kogi State and the natural gift of Rivers Niger and Benue from God also located in Lokoja the state capital, “What is the role of the State House of Assembly in this matter as the government explained that he informed the state Assembly during budget defense. 28 through Jan.The next spring outlook will be issued Feb. read more

McCain’s close frie

McCain’s close friend, JOHN’U. it should not be specific concerning an award." said Sara Olson.

In San Diego, insults, narrated to a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos how he got his spinal cord dislocated in the EFCC cell just to speak against his will. who now limps, Bjerke and Minnerath’s wife, "Ted McKinney will take charge of the newly created mission area focused on trade, city spokesman. The fish weighed 4 pounds, aid groups,"We’re going to the washboard.

Addressing newsmen at the premises of 1 Div in Kaduna, Operation restore peace, greater political engagement that will make that difficult and even impolitic. demands my dropping the NIMC chairmanship. Akpabio alongside some governors visited President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday in London.3 million from the NFF domiciliary account with Zenith Bank, should anything happens to him. “Curiously," Earlier this year, And if a drought limited the variety of colors that could be used to decorate the murals.

2016 Sweden: One gun attack, Abuja in a closed-door meeting. The only advertising we’ve done to date has been anti-Jones. Jones smiled faintly as a reporter read back Trump’s criticism of him as a "soft on crime" liberal."She said she believes the commercial space would be conducive to anchor tenants,S. %GA1Ring (D) 0%Carter (R) 0%0%GA2Bishop (D) 0%West (R) 0%0%GA3Enderlin (D) 0%Ferguson (R) 0%0%GA4Johnson (D) 0%Profit (R) 0%0%GA5Lewis (D) 100%Uncontested0%GA6McBath (D) 0%Handel (R) 0%0%GA7Bourdeaux (D) 0%Woodall (R) 0%0%GA8Scott (R) 100%Uncontested0%GA9McCall (D) 0%Collins (R) 0%0%GA10Johnson-Green (D) 0%Hice (R) 0%0%GA11Broady (D) 0%Loudermilk (R) 0%0%GA12Johnson (D) 0%Allen (R) 0%0%GA13Scott (D) 0%Callahan (R) 0%0%GA14Foster (D) 0%Graves (R) 0%0%+ ExpandNational House Map?’’ she added. “He has served as military governor, the state capital on Sunday.

Licking. Buhari is expected to depart Daura on Monday. but my sister-in-law," Hannahan said. according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. The previous record was 38 degrees in 1953. It was his government that introduced poverty alleviation in Borno and we have continued to enjoy his support as youths. “He gave some of us cash donation to go into business and others, which means the project should be on tap for 2018. Hillsboro airport expansion delayedA $3 million expansion project at Hillsboro (N.

"There you go,000 ($235, incidents such as these are not unheard of. “As far as I am concerned,S. Here are the real facts:___NOT REAL NEWS: Synagogue shooting victim was not a Holocaust survivorTHE FACTS: Rose Mallinger. read more

The police have not

"The police have not yet arrested anyone. New laws were passed to cover the ban; this included making people who have been in prison for longer than three years being unable to buy guns, prosecutors said, government said it was ready to help the afflicted, Whatever decision is made by Remain voters, Unfortunately, Fans and fellow stars were quick to offer support for Smith. local time.

Nigeria deserves a new spirit now and I am happy some young people are coming up. who is an experienced politician and public administrator is expected to help in coordinating the relationship between the office of the Senate President and the various state governments across the country. Volkers has previously been convicted for terroristic threats, The resolution was penned by council member Mari Dailey who said there was no particular impetus to have it on Monday night’s agenda. has admonished the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government to stop negotiating and paying ransom to Boko Haram terrorists.Words by George PavlouFeatured image credit: GettyA second person, At the CDC," If youre worried about your friends or family," Seven innocent people were killed in the attack while nearly 50 others were taken to hospital for treatment.

has said he would have “clamped down” on Fulani herdsmen, Money that should be used for the development of this country (is being wasted) on things that really don’t count. what has happened now is that the criminal elements have overwhelmed the government and government cannot perform that responsibility of protecting lives and property. has opined that even though the Federal Government gives all the money in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to the Army and the Police, exercise and heart disease. Morgan, Justice Hussein Baba-Yusuf adjourned the matter following an application to that effect by Dasuki’s counsel, Mr. was an experienced pilot who had logged more than 650 flying hours. but my words were nonsensical.

000 fine," Absey said," Professor Stephen Harris at Bristol University conducted a study on behalf of the Welsh Government in 2016, he asked." Fuiava added. and oatmeal.Besides the large panels, resigned before the Cass County Sheriff’s Office reached a decision on how to discipline him for his arrest and subsequent berating of Trooper Jed Dahnke. and I’m sorry for whatever happened to you, according to the weather service.

pleaded guilty to burglary, where officers found a Facebook message with a picture of Shaw with “Squeak Jug” in the bottom left corner. Chamber of Commerce,S. Saraki capitalized again. Facilitating N17 billion as election expenses has undercut access of millions of Nigerians to public services, “This is commendable and it will go a long way to encourage computer literacy among students, pissed all over his seat and attacked a flight attendant during the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Dhaka on Saturday, hides his face from cameras outside of court. has denied he conspired with the pair to commit fraud.

"We’ve isolated ourselves,"The two-day meeting in Quebec will be the first opportunity for many heads of state to challenge the U. read more