Joy and peace over the Spring Festival warm breastfeeding space

please "blue ticket passenger passenger ticket automatic ticket machines, artificial wicket."

"don’t worry, uncle," I asked the little red hat to help carry the luggage."

2016 Spring Festival railway entered the eleventh day of February 3rd 9 in the morning, the reporters follow the footsteps of spring force to enter the Xining Railway Station waiting hall, see the "90" Han Rui is passenger who patiently guide passengers on the train ticket.

as a transport hub in the Xining Railway Station passenger travel peak, even the day to carry bags of migrant workers, carrying a shoulder bag, the student passenger hand luggage visit passenger shuttle service station crowds, passenger volume has remained at around 18 thousand people every day.

this year, 26 year old Han Rui, Xining Railway Station is a passenger, but also a beautiful Sala girl. During the Spring Festival, she is mainly responsible for the general speed train ticket.


start from 8:40 distribution of the first trip to Chengdu car, to 23 when the last trip to Shanghai car, our class a day to receive 56 trains. Fast to the Spring Festival, the post is particularly busy, we do not even dare to drink more water, afraid to work on the toilet delay." While the ticket clearance, Han Rui said.

‘s son, Mustafa, was born to be a great man. This year only 7 months old, because he is not accustomed to eating milk powder, so has not been weaned. In order to let the Korean heart on duty during the Spring Festival, every day her family will be 17 to 19 in the afternoon, in her free time in the work, the little Mustafa to the station nursing.

"Han Rui, your husband holding little Mustafa to find you." 17 in the afternoon, just the end of the ticket work Han Rui, heard the class passenger Luo Haiting propaganda, trot all the way straight to the great beauty Qinghai service desk.

busy during the Spring Festival, while feeding the child, this time my colleagues are taking care of me. When I go to lactation, the business of the king, Liu Jie, they will help me stare at the post, really appreciate everyone." Han Rui side took the child, told reporters.

just started to leave home to feed the baby, but it will have to spend more than 1 hours, plus breast-feeding time, time is very tight. In order to make her feel at ease, the family decided to hold the child every day to the unit breast-feeding. You see, my son has become a frequent visitor!" Han Rui’s husband Han Shenghua quipped.

during the Spring Festival, considering with the baby’s mother passenger will increase, and this year the Xining Railway Station "80" and "90" passenger who mostly became a mother, in order to lactating mothers and mother passenger workers to create a safe, convenient, warm environment, the Spring Festival this year, the Xining Railway Station in union special make the passenger waiting hall of 3 closed room, set to "lactation space", which is equipped with a baby bed, lockers, small kits, coat racks, water dispensers and other equipment, is also preparing to set up a small bench, mothers can foot in nursing;

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