West five linkage easy to serve the masses

Recently, the west district government will be a matter of Yangjiazhai village resettlement land tree transplantation referrals to the provincial forestry department, received strong support from the provincial forestry department, actively carry out related work; in the West Street Office of Party members in community activities in the community, invite the Secretary of Provincial Local Taxation Bureau as a temporary community party branch secretary……

West District Education Practice Innovation ideas, extending tentacles, relying on the jurisdiction of the department or bureau level units more provinces and abundant resources, combined with the Western practice, the integration of resources, out of a "five linkage" prescription "facts, through the liaison office, party, problem solving, grasping the DAB project linkage" demolished with the masses every heart wall, let the people enjoy the party’s mass line of educational practice. The establishment of the province, city, District, town (street), village (community) five linkage mechanism to explore the long-term mechanism of contact service masses.

it is reported that the west district departments and units will continue to deepen educational practice five linkage mechanism, and actively learn from municipal enterprises and relevant departments, the next step will be the area of provincial and municipal departments by hiring units of the main leaders as "Western Development Consultant", held a "special investigation" and "guidance", "unified and coordinated" and "advance", "joint law enforcement", "common services" form, build a service platform, the integration of policy, technology, capital, human resources, breaking the relative independence, hierarchy division, scattered resources, lack of capacity limitations, to explore the formation of "Five" judgments, graded responsibility, close together cooperation and coordination to solve the problem of linkage, joint solution mechanism.  

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