With a family of women the Xining women’s Federation visited condolences to poor women

in the "38" women’s day, Municipal Women’s Federation with "affection and care for her family, and visit the city poor women, poor single mothers, women with disabilities, poor female students, retired female cadres and the contact point of the village helping poor women, give them to women’s warmth. Say to them. Condolences to the activities of the city women’s Federation in a total of 50 women condolences, condolences to the king of $10 thousand, flour bag 40.

condolences activities, Municipal Women’s Federation put gifts and money to the poor women one by one hand, every one, the leaders of the women’s Federation and women are difficult to talk, greetings, a detailed understanding of the living conditions and economic sources of poor women of the family, take care of their physical condition, pay attention to their work and life, encourage they establish confidence in life, positive and optimistic in life. Municipal Women’s Federation Chairman Li Li said that as a woman’s "home", the Municipal Women’s Federation will as in the past attention and concern about their life, help them, and they work together through life’s difficulties.


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