Outside the meeting will see the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development

DOPA metro, as the future of Xining City sub center, high-end service base, regional trade and logistics center, vocational education and training base and ecological livable city, its planning and construction of concern. In the past three years to carry out a comprehensive infrastructure and housing construction and investment on the basis of 2016, DOPA Metro plans to invest 4 billion yuan, to open up new space city function optimization and create new urbanization demonstration area as the goal, to speed up the roads and other municipal infrastructure construction as the focus, and comprehensively promote the construction of.To promote the construction of metro metro is DOPA according to the provincial government on accelerating Xining as the center of the strategic plan of the construction of the eastern city group and the municipal government on expanding the space of city development

– Construction of towns along the metro development in 2016 is the "13th Five-Year" planning and construction of the first year. Metro will speed up the preparation of "DOPA DOPA Metro overall planning", the production integration of the city for the lead, to speed up the roads and other municipal infrastructure construction as the key to the implementation of key projects as the starting point, and comprehensively promote the construction and development of. Last year, Xining city was listed as the second batch of national pilot city of new town, as a key area of DOPA Metro Construction in Xining surrounding towns in the future, will build a pilot demonstration area in accordance with the requirements of the new town, to promote the construction of new urbanization led to the development of the Metro, actively seek funds to accelerate the Silk Road (International) logistics city construction and the tourist hub and driving camp project, launched the new Hualian · Tobago town and west natural riparian ecological landscape corridor construction and regional villages shantytowns, public rental Construction etc..

– to undertake the transfer function of metropolitan Xining not long ago, Chinese Agricultural Development Bank of China deputy governor with a line to the discussion on the investigation of DOPA metro, the project construction of the whole town. Lin said that the future will undertake the dopa Metro sports culture, living, leisure, business logistics, occupation education and other functions of the Xining metropolis, Xining city is a part of the new town construction crucial, have very good development prospects, new town development and construction is the most important function of the layout of the town, there must be industry support reasonable, Metro Construction for loan projects, the financial sector will support as in the past.