Economy is the most tasteful mode of production and living habits


construction of water-saving society pilot through the acceptance, is a push for the construction of the provincial capital of water-saving society, but also an evaluation of the sustainable development of water resources in Xining, is more of an experience highlights the practice of "austerity, against waste" in Xining City, a city "model city" and "innovation". Various activities to create significant.

experts pointed out that if we get rid of the bad habits of water, you can save 70% of the water; if 1/3 of the country’s use of energy-saving lighting technology, the year will save the equivalent of a Three Gorges Dam’s annual output.

"to visit the worthies country and home, a thrift is defeated by excessive." At present, the country is in austerity, against waste, proposed to vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation thrift, and vigorously promote conservation glorious, shameful waste of ideas, trying to practice strict economy and combat waste in the whole society has become common practice.

With the rapid economic growth and the increasing population, the contradiction between the shortage of fresh water, land, energy, minerals and other resources is more prominent, and the environmental pressure is increasing day by day.

. Therefore, in the whole society to establish conservation awareness, the concept of frugality, make the construction of a conservation minded society become the eternal theme, so frugal to become the most popular fashion, to save become the most tasteful production and living habits, promote conservation culture, conservation of civilization, extensive rich, diverse forms of resource conservation activities, and actively create saving city, resource efficient government, enterprise, community conservation, to save thrifty throughout our life in all aspects, the construction of a conservation oriented society has a long way to go.

saving, in the new situation has a new connotation. Is to improve the utilization rate of resources, with minimal resources to maximize economic and social benefits, in strict economy and combat waste in this new life, under the guidance of the concept of development, saving thrift to create value, promote the economic and social benefit.

savings, is the common responsibility of everyone. Let thrift become the most tasteful way of production and living habits, for themselves to create a clean, rich, healthy and civilized living space. Let us save a drop of water, saving electricity, saving a piece of paper, saving a grain of rice, to save a penny, save a small patch of land, to the family, to the unit, to the national resources, recycling and purification of the social environment needs from me to make, as from the side, from every little bit for.

saving is a manifestation of the sense of urgency, a sustainable foresight for the future generations of proactive move. (author: VIPA)

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