Shop business integrity can only be based on the market the whole

how to operate a store can be based on the market, which is a shop owner who are constantly thinking about the problem. 3 years ago, my husband and I decided to take out their savings to start a business in the vicinity of a small village rented a storefront, opened a small supermarket.

After the opening of the

supermarket, the business is not warm not fire, in addition to the monthly payment of rent and normal expenses, the remaining. The husband is very depressed, once shake one’s head at the same time in front of me whisper: "this kind of income than before work to earn less, also talk about what to get rich?" It does not help me, had to continue to give its support, and encourage him: "everything is hard in the beginning, after all, we are just to shop!"

listen to me, do not blame the husband, but trying to looking for business. Once, he went to a colleague to ask for advice, but when he came back, he was silent. Originally, the company is actually a way of earning money by using inferior materials or imitation goods as genuine profit. For example, some high-grade tobacco, because the price is expensive, if the small traders into some fake products, some customers are difficult to distinguish……

so "operation", at first glance very tempting, but contrary to our principles of life and business. My husband and I decided to not agree, and that the peers do not. In our view, as a store, must be honest and trustworthy. At the same time, we believe that as long as the work hard, God helps those who help themselves, will be harvested.

later, my husband and I open up a new path for most people love the convenience of psychological, increase the door-to-door service: those who live near the community residents, regardless of how much is the quantity of the goods purchased, we are free door-to-door. In this way over a long period of time, relying on warm and thoughtful, real service, we are gradually recognized by the small supermarket everyone, the business is also booming unknowingly.

if in order to facilitate the destruction of the store’s reputation, such a store even if short-term profitability, I am afraid that can not be long-term development. Integrity, is a bridge between our stores and customers to build mutual trust between the hub. In my opinion, it is more like a mirror, not only can illuminate a person’s quality, but also reflects a person’s quality, but also to remind us: only the integrity of the business, is the key to the market.

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