How to join the Maikeli Hamburg

food and beverage to join the election project on the choice of the operating system is more comprehensive, so that the latter will provide you with a strong brand support. Guangzhou food and Beverage Management Co., ltd..

Guangzhou Mai Au Catering Management Company Limited is a set of product development, logistics, warehousing, storage technology, output chain training as one of the specialized companies, enterprise development series, series of fried chicken, hamburger are cold drinks, snacks, coffee series fashion series, series of products such as tea.

How to join the

Maikeli Hamburg

Maikeli, "China new fast fashion" brand mission, with sixteen years of industry experience in the face of the current economic basis, consumption upgrade, spend money to build the brand image into the new Internet marketing model, aims to change the status of fast fashion industry, opening a new fashion fashion fast food 3 times – fast food, help more early entrepreneurs quickly entrepreneurial success. Maikeli Hamburg to join


Maikeli Hamburg joined:

1, law-abiding Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs, at least 18 years of age;

2, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, Pro Pro for their own businesses responsible

3, interested in operating hamburgers, fried chicken and other western style fast food, at least not discharged or not tired;

4, with a small venture capital necessary to undertake the project investment costs;

5, with the correct investment concept, good psychological quality and business sense;

6, determined to start a business, this life and death as a partner, determined to achieve the dream of life through entrepreneurship, change the fate of the family;

7, able to accept the company’s business and service concept, and the company’s development direction of synchronization, and consciously safeguard the brand reputation

8, can have sufficient time to guard against arrogance and rashness, and patience in the headquarters of the technology and marketing well and good;

Maikeli Hamburg joined process:

1, telephone consultation

2, visit

3, free to try to learn a few days

4, choose to join the package

5, free training package technology

6, complex practice >

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