Chu Jie graduated from the university to establish rural success home Jinbang

after graduating from college, we will choose what kind of way to go? Some people are looking for a job, no great achievement, but it is very stable. While others have chosen to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, the greater the risk, but it may be even greater achievements. For Chu Jie, such a path for entrepreneurship is undoubtedly a right choice.

a family, every family music, a bamboo forest, mountains…… Walk along a winding country road, came to Wei Ling Jia He Cun, Chu Jie home business founded by students of "Jinbang village" the eye-catching signs. In recent years, Yuexi Wei Ling vigorously promote ecological tourism industry, the development of "rural vacation + B & B" driven by the income of poor households out of poverty. In support of the township party committee, government, Chu Jie founded the village Jinbang resort complex, a summer, "Bang village" the room almost every day in a state.

Chu Jie after graduating from college in 2015 chose to return home to start their hometown, relaxed and beautiful natural scenery and unique leisure health environment, so that the store saw an unlimited opportunity to see. Decide to start a business, Chu Jie began to establish their own website and WeChat public, created Internet plus rural vacation mode. In May 1, 2015, the Dabie Mountains Jinbang farmhouse officially opened, due to the early online publicity accurately and effectively, and a number of visitors, tourists and the media to share, to achieve a good effect to promote the consumption of the object.

has opened, "Jinbang village resort complex have been received from Nanjing, Hefei, Wuhan, Guangdong, Beijing and other first-tier cities 5000 tourists, business income is 40 yuan, while the surrounding poor households are the income of 10000 yuan. In addition, 1 pairs of tourists poverty alleviation, private entrepreneurs from Hefei Chen Jie and poor households twinning help, assistance of $1000 in cash, and promised to help his family after the cost of the 2 children to school.

through the development of more than a year, "Bang village" to take the company + farmers, to a village as the center, driven 12 farmers joined the poor households filing riser 5 households, the total number of rooms to 50 rooms, can accommodate 100 people accommodation, 200 people dining at the same time, to standardize the operation assist the team around 18 well-known business development alliance. Direct employment 18 people, indirect employment of 49 people. Poor households do not leave their homes, do not leave, at home job enrichment, to avoid land waste, industrial hollow, separation etc..

"Jinbang village" to drive the effect of people out of poverty is very obvious, in order to promote the "Jinbang village" in holiday life quality, accelerate the pace of poverty reduction, Wei Ling invested 360 thousand yuan, the implementation of rural tourism groups, households road hardening, improve traffic conditions in rural tourism, finally to farmers doorstep 2 kilometers of road hardening project can be completed within.

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