How about steak sir

steak is the main meal of Western food, western style restaurants are mainly based on the steak restaurant group. Living conditions have changed, has always been the high-end atmosphere of Western restaurants gradually into the lives of ordinary people. We will have nothing to eat into the western restaurant habits. Of course, if you have a certain investment costs may wish to consider the western restaurant to join the project. Today Xiaobian recommended for you steak steak shop.


steak franchise development, from the consumer’s point of view, is the shop diversified products, the company headquarters according to market development, timely update of the new market, and continuously improve the quality of the product, the price of popular jazz is delicious steak franchise products. From the point of view of the franchisee, the Jazz steak has its own factory, can provide low-cost, quality assurance, the purchase price has the advantage, good profit margins.

how about Sir steak?

Jazz steak project features:

1, the United States steak steak industry has a special processing plant, the only one of China’s domestic processing enterprises in the quality of beef steak;

2, business data query, the company was founded in 1993, is the western food industry to do the first western restaurant brand;

3, after the author found that the current number of steak steak 325, distributed in the country’s 1, 2, 3 line city;

4, jazz steak is a Taiwan holding company in China to set up the JAZZ BEEFSTEAK group’s western food business system;

5, the country’s first stationed in the western restaurant steak brand;

6, beef steak steak from foreign 3 bull meat producing areas, imported beef.

Jazz steak joining process:

1, the United States to join the steak steak consulting, online inquiries and telephone counseling, read the Jazz steak join manual;

2, join the interview at headquarters, and to communicate and exchange;

3, submit relevant information to headquarters;

4, headquarters review franchisee qualification;

5, signed a contract to negotiate, and signed a contract;

6, field trips and proposed programs, headquarters sent to the store site to conduct on-site visits, according to local conditions design store >

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