China specialty Changji Museum launched successy in Xinjiang whole

The arrival of the era of the Internet

let us have a fundamental change in the way of shopping, online shopping has been more and more respected by the people, in the online shopping has become a common thing. Chinese specialty · Changji Museum "today’s successful on-line in Xinjiang County of Jimsar, Xinjiang Department of Commerce Party member and deputy director of congratulate fragrance, deputy governor of Xinjiang Changji Mo Weigang, Xinjiang Jimsar county Party Secretary Hao Yongjun, deputy secretary of Xinjiang, Changji business bureau Party Secretary Zhang Mingqing, general manager of Xinjiang western legend Li Luyu common light science and technology limited company crystal ball.

national level, autonomous district level e-commerce into a comprehensive demonstration of rural counties, autonomous district level e-commerce demonstration base, the representative of the model enterprises to witness the Chinese specialty · Changji Museum formally launched.

Jimsar County town of jiucaiyuanzi Village Ma Dezhou with 15 farmers set up professional farming cooperatives Jiuding raised 1.8 000 geese, "China specialty · Changji Museum" just an on-line, he received from Beijing, Shanghai and other places of the order: "in the past are the traditional mode, sent to Urumqi the major market distributors sales, selling price is relatively low.

this year we through the electricity supplier to sell out, the price is much higher. Now our products have been in short supply, the demand for online sales is relatively large, we want to do a little bigger cooperatives, ready to develop next year to 40-50 households, ready to raise more than 50 thousand."

"· Chinese specialty; Changji Museum" on the ceremony, Xinjiang Changji Business Bureau, Jimsar county government and the Jingdong Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Jingdong and other hundreds of home appliance business help Xinjiang Changji rural specialty line, enter thousands of households table through the electricity platform. Jimsar county government signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote the postal service express business e-commerce development in rural areas and the Changji postal authority, signed the "broadband coverage" strategic cooperation agreement with Changji Telecom company.

Jingdong group northwest public utilities department director Chen Yutao said: "let more high-quality agricultural products in Changji to the Changji Museum, the formation of polymerization effect, with 188 million Jingdong platform user group, the Changji state high quality products to the country. Through e-commerce, the development of the enterprise has a kind of drive to promote, in the supply chain to create the government, the Jingdong, the power of the enterprise, to promote the development of the brand."

Party secretary

Changji postal authority Fang Tao said, support the development of rural electricity providers not only to open up the logistics and distribution of the "last mile", to build a good agricultural products upstream of the "first one hundred meters": "to express our cooperation agreement inside the township to the village line subsidy is 500 thousand per year, up subsidies cannon the product, this is the first case in xinjiang. We recommend as industry

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