Shenzhen wild zoo staged Peacock

animals have been brought to the healing effect, a lot of people like to go to the zoo to play, with it, can bring more convenience to people. An interesting phenomenon occurred in a zoo in Shenzhen.

at the Shenzhen wild animal zoo rhino Park, a white rhinoceros is beside the manger eating breeder ready for its food, a bright color screen with the peacock tail rhino broke into the residence, cautiously approached the rhinos also attempt to grab a cup of soup". However, it seems that the rhinoceros is not willing to share their food with the peacock, the rhinoceros with his head on the peacock to the top of the body, not to let the peacock close.

In the face of the ferocious rhino

"huge monster," the peacock is not resigned to playing second fiddle goes around, rhino, tail screen suddenly "squeak" to expand its presence in a riot of colours rhino, also shook tail screen issued a rustling sound. At this point, a few steps forward, the peacock on the back a few steps back, then a few steps back to the rhino, the peacock will come forward a few steps…… Back and forth, staged in the animal world, slow three step dance". A few minutes later, the peacock finally pulled out the rear screen slowly out of the rhino garden.

wonderful animal world, let more optimistic, heard annually in March and April, the peacock tail will, so that people can enjoy this phenomenon. Zoo keepers, every day to feed the rhinoceros in addition to forage, but also fed carrots, potatoes, grains and other food. Granular material is also a peacock like to eat food, feed to the rhinoceros when there is a peacock into the rhino garden to find food.

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