Yuan Fengjuan university graduates entrepreneurship pie earning million net

if you graduated from college with a stable job, would you quit and go to the streets to sell cookies? I think a lot of people’s answers are negative, however, the hero of this article is not the case! Girl quit working independent small business street, the monthly income of 10000 yuan sell scones. Despite their own business is very hard, but the girl is still optimistic about the face of Yuan Fengjuan, toward the dream of their own hearts.

and eat become attached to

own business selling cake

a tricycle, a pancake machine, a bag of flour, a bottle of vegetable sauce, every day at 4 am Xu Yuan cake stalls opened. And face, roll surface, scones, on the material, a few minutes after Yuan Fengjuan opened the pancake machine, thick fragrance came, attracted a lot of people come to buy…… "I do cakes called fragrance cake, because I am also special love to eat chowhound, fragrance cake, so I start to do this." Yuan Fengjuan said that when she was studying in Chengdu, almost every day to go to the school gate of the snack stalls to buy fragrant cake, a bite in the mouth crisp and delicious, memorable.

after graduating from college, Yuan Fengjuan returned to Nanchong to work, and also the fragrance cake left, but I still miss the taste. After working for a few years, Yuan Fengjuan quit his job and decided to start his own business. But what to do? At this time, she thought of the fragrance cake, after visiting her decided to sell their own fragrance cake.

entrepreneurial hardships

went to Guangdong from

"do not want to completely copy Chengdu fragrance taste, I want to make their own characteristics, so as to Guangdong to start a journey." Yuan Fengjuan said that when she went to work in Guangdong to sell fragrance cake chain work, study the production of fragrant cake, but also to the streets, the market to sell fragrance cake vendors who ask. Gradually, Yuan Fengjuan produced fragrance cake with their own taste, got the customer’s identity, so she went back to Nanchong to start eating stalls, began her entrepreneurial path.

entrepreneurial road is very difficult to do in the fragrant cake, Yuan Fengjuan’s hand, his face is not only traces of smoke, but also by oil burns scars. Every day at 4 p.m. to stall, around 7 will be sold out home. When I get home, I’m busy cooking the vegetable sauce for the scones." Yuan Fengjuan said, the most difficult or once every two days to purchase vegetables, vegetables each need to purchase 50 kilograms, if the husband can not accompany her to go to work, so she had to be home alone vegetables with a tricycle.

future planning

to do Nanchong snacks

Yuan Fengjuan busy every day to do the natural fragrance cake is also recommended

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