40 year old entrepreneurial success stories to share

we have a lot of life in the case of husband and wife entrepreneurship, the couple arrived at the age of 40, entrepreneurship is not impossible. The couple started the textile shop, can build up the family fortunes dream, today we will introduce to share 40 entrepreneurial success stories, come and see.

5 years ago, Zhou Zhibin and his wife try holding the mentality, to 2000 yuan started, opened a textile store. Today, his home textile store turnover has reached millions of dollars.

2000 yuan started a small shop

Liantan at


"small store, the location is not good, many residents do not know this shop, I want to always wait for customers not to." Then, a free week Zhibin moved to the table near the door, the flow of local farms to stall. I did not expect the effect of the stall is good, home textile stores to increase the flow of people a lot, but to see more people, the real money to buy things are few.

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