2016 is suitable for individual shop items

is now in 2016, we must also be in the new year in the plan, right? Do you want to start a business in 2016? What are the entrepreneurial projects that are suitable for individuals? Today, we sorted out a number of individual shops for the entrepreneurial projects, come and see.

puzzle shop

for nowadays a lot of people in pursuit of both personality and can bring fun leisure, can open a can make consumers for entertainment, but also can decorate the Home Furnishing gift shop, puzzle. Shopping malls in the large shopping center rent more than and 10 square meters of shops, plus decoration, personnel wages and cost of goods, the initial investment of about $50 thousand. It is worth noting that, at the time of purchase should pay attention to control the quantity, choose the varieties, each variety to purchase less quantity, to pull the consumption level, different levels to meet customer requirements.

breakfast shop

2016 what are suitable for individual shop start-up projects? With the improvement of people’s living standard and the quickening pace of life, people who eat breakfast outside are quite large. Breakfast market has a lot of consumer space, unlimited business opportunities.

DIY toy

2016 what are suitable for individual shop start-up projects? Under the financial crisis, people’s pressure is increasing, but also the novelty of the toy accompanied by decompression to become a relaxed and happy little thing. Funny shit shit face knock hammer sounding doll, a variety of facial expressions, shut up, greedy, funny. A hard knock, lovely hammer will be issued with a "dang~dang" sound, and can continue to shock, which can be used as a fun, funny, knock back, eliminate fatigue, very comfortable.

personal shop is not easy to do business for the project must be cautious when I believe you want to know what suits the individual shop, 2016 venture? The above items

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