Fun micro blog marketing she and her team has been innovative workshop valuation 1 hundred million

now, the Internet is a good platform for entrepreneurship, here, there are many opportunities. When Xiao Junli read the novel "Jie Chen wine red blue" in a bookstore, the book was deeply moved by the plot she gave my name as "wine red blue", when she was a penniless grassroots webmaster.

back, Xiao Junli should be the first batch of users Chinese. From the earliest to the forum to establish their own website, and then to do the transformation of the electricity supplier, only a high school diploma, she has a keen sense of smell in this industry. Xiao Junli said that when he was doing the webmaster has been very concerned about how to promote the content of the site, earn traffic, attract customers and other related issues, which can later be used in micro-blog marketing. There was a period of time, Xiao Junli hopes to help enterprises do network marketing to make money, but the results have little effect.

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