After the store business needs good marketing

Spring Festival is over, no matter how the operation of the Spring Festival store, for the owner, the more important is the next operation. Once the Spring Festival, I will seize the time inventory. At the same time, for the college students will soon be back to school, migrant workers out of the tide, and quickly add some of the daily necessities they need to travel home, leisure food, as well as some local specialties.

After adequate preparation of

goods, I would have to rearrange the store of goods, some characteristics of the home goods, be arranged neatly placed, and the Spring Festival, the backlog of unmarketable and seasonal very strong commodity out, or price, or other goods as promotional gifts to consumers.

some of the work outside the car owners, will come to my shop to buy some gifts to bring to the field of colleagues, I would recommend to him some of the local packaging exquisite local specialty. For example, barley wine, pickles, fish cake, etc., these goods and large profit margins have a strong local characteristics, they are easy to accept goods.

such as those who want to take the bus and train, plane to the field of customers, I will generally introduce small size, light weight and other relatively easy to carry local specialties, such as "Ma cake" and the Soviet Union produced cigarettes.

in addition, for those who pay attention to travel caitou customers, I would recommend them to buy open to see the hi meaning of goods.

now many shopkeepers for the Spring Festival is still operating. As with, however, in any case, this is the past things, only do a good job in the future business ready, will let the store get better development prospects. And the facts show that this marketing approach has produced twice the result with half the effort, customers are happy, happy to buy.

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