Fujian to the real estate market effective land regulation and control strategy

prices this year is a runaway horse, to lead the way in the market, facing the crazy growth phenomenon of housing prices, many buyers have been unable to bear. 9, governor Yu Weiguo chaired the executive meeting of the provincial government. The meeting through the "opinions" on the strengthening of rural left-behind children care protection work, create a whole society to care for left-behind children good atmosphere and working mechanism; through the "Fujian province fitness implementation plan (2016-2020)", expand the fitness service and products effective supply, enhance the people’s physique, improve health.

through five measures to strengthen the real estate market regulation and control of land, and promote the healthy development of the real estate market; through the "Fujian province government data management measures", to promote the convergence of data sharing and open development, accelerate the construction of "digital Fujian"; through the implementation of "natural resources of Jinjiang city unified registration pilot program", supporting the natural resources strictly the protection and effective supervision. The meeting also studied other matters.

by the strengthening of rural left behind children care and protection of the implementation of views, to create a good atmosphere for the whole community care and care for left behind children and working mechanism

by the Fujian National Fitness Program (2016-2020), effectively improve the people’s health level

by strengthening the real estate market regulation five measures to promote the healthy development of the real estate market

by the Fujian provincial government data management approach to promote the sharing of government data sharing and open development, accelerate the digital Fujian construction

by the natural resources of Jinjiang is indeed the right to register the pilot implementation of the program to support strict protection and effective supervision of natural resources

meeting pointed out that do a good job in the care of children left behind in rural areas to protect the legitimate rights and interests of minors, is an important responsibility of governments at all levels, but also the common responsibility of the family and the whole society. To strengthen the main responsibility of family care, clear responsibilities of government and departments, establish and improve the mechanism of protection and assistance, strengthen care for the protection of security measures, make the rural left-behind children take proper care of care and better protection.

meeting pointed out that the national fitness is an important way to achieve universal health and means. To enhance the people’s physique, improve health as the goal, to speed up the public sports products supply side structural reform, improve the public service system of the national fitness, expand the effective supply of fitness products and services, for the masses to bring health and happiness sharing sports. By 2020, the national fitness atmosphere is more intense, the general health of the general public to enhance the national sports consumption reached 50 billion yuan.

meeting requirements, municipalities should recognize

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