Electricity supplier combined with the advent of the crisis such as beautiful and mogujie com

this year is the electricity supplier industry in the merger of the popular period, many electricity providers are in the merger, and the beautiful and said mogujie.com has no action, which is why? Look at the market analysis will have the answer.

that several of the friends with

2015 for the Internet, is absolutely worthy of the merger year. From the quick merger of the 58 to shake hands and go to the market, and then to the United States to stop the public comment on the war, the Internet industry in the capital driven gradually towards peace. I remember in the United States and the public comment on the merger, I ask questions in the circle of friends, the next one will be who? In many of the answers, there are two of the most frequently mentioned, are good margin century and Lily network, beauty and mogujie.com. Not let us wait too long, in December 7th, Lily network and Jiayuan announced the merger.

seems to be left extremely lonely beautiful said mogujie.com. And mogujie.com recently said that the merger of the United States also began to grow rumors. Will the old friends really be together? Many media have to verify the matter to the two party, the results of both strongly denied. Some people comment on this: the more it is denied, the more likely it is, because it is likely to be in contact with, and do not want to be disturbed by the outside world. Whether it is a merger or not, it is worth mentioning that this should be two of the most talked about topic this year.

mushroom with beauty in the end there is no possible?

and beautiful mogujie.com has been dubbed the twin brothers. Both parties are engaged in women’s business platform business, if you look at the two sites of the operating mode, almost impossible to find the difference, even from the course of development of the two sides, are based on Taobao shopping guide website started in Taobao under the "force" began the transition to self built platform. From these levels, with the same field, do the same business there is a very large number of merger possibilities.

from the capital side, Hillhouse capital is mogujie.com and beautiful common shareholders, if the merger of the two and the impact of the market, for Gaoling is absolutely good, therefore, Hillhouse will actively promote the merger of the two. At the same time, because there are no two Ali and Baidu figure, said the investment side of the beautiful Tencent must also be very happy to see two mergers.

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