Dessert to join the five major brands which small series to introduce

before people can choose to drink in the summer is limited, and now the market is hot, so that people can enjoy the delicious taste of cool desserts. What are the five major brands of dessert? Please see the following introduction.

1. lemon queen dessert

2. sweet wing dessert

Sweet wings of authentic delicious dessert heritage of Hong Kong and Taiwan, not the most expensive, but the most authentic. After the sweet dessert from the raw material to the process, from the idea to the finished product, all from the classic, the taste is not the taste of consumers often eat. After the sweet taste of the wings of the core team, with the most authentic way to do the most authentic dessert, completely break the mainland cottage dessert for consumers to bring surprises, consumption tide.

3. half acre sugar dessert

4. dessert party

5. old port dessert

The old port


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