Business competition sowed the seeds future match when Bozhou venture

now is the time of year employment peak, in many places in some business competition held a variety of like a raging fire, in Anhui this year in Bozhou held a youth entrepreneurship contest open up a fresh outlook.

"organized by the youth entrepreneurship competition, in order to meet the trend of the times, the public business innovation, inspire the youth innovation wisdom and creativity." As the organizer of the municipal Party committee relevant responsible person said, the winning business "golden ideas" will become a "seed", obtained a series of preferential policies, and look forward to the "seeds" final "golden fruit".

, rehabilitation training robot

with the onset of aging and stroke rate increasing, more and more people who need rehabilitation to restore and maintain the athletic ability, especially the ability to walk.

The elderly

"our products can assist patients with stroke, hemiplegia or paralysis, some functions can restore the first body, then gradually restored in the body movement under the condition of some physical therapy, electroshock therapy, help patients further rehabilitation." Wang Qinghu said.

this project won the contest judges unanimously praised, and won the first prize.

let straw waste Baocheng fuel

Comprehensive utilization of

in the youth entrepreneurship competition, Wu Jiaqi and his team is bringing a biomass energy industry chain project. The project uses straw and agricultural and forestry waste as raw material, through the deep processing of high-tech, to produce a high density of biomass pellet fuel. Compared with non renewable energy, Wu Jiaqi developed this kind of particle fuel, accounting for only about 50% of the cost of fuel gas or electric heating boiler, both environmentally friendly and can be used to achieve waste.

on the contest award winning projects in the future, Wu Jiajian

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