Business name should be easy to read and easy to remember

a correct business name needs to be able to meet many of the principles, and investors can grasp the method is naturally much more. In the name of the principle of countless, here Xiaobian stressed that commercial name needs easy and easy to read, so it is a successful name.

business name including the enterprise name, product name and trademark name (Strategic name), and the single name in the market diversification strategy, company name, product name, brand name and market development strategy has a name. Especially in the information age, the development of the company is not a single production and sales, but a global problem. Many well-known enterprises, well-known brands are a name and a gun. Now we have to re-examine our company name culture!

enterprises to provide products and service objects are the consumers, if the logo of commercial name of the enterprise to make consumers confused, design and do a lot of advertising is consumer tastes, then the beautiful gorgeous words in vain, novel and beautiful picture. So, the first commercial name should be easy and easy to read.

if the business was loud, make people look striking refreshing, say easy to pronounce, sonorous and forceful, crisp sound. The commercial name of our country is generally composed of 1 to 4 syllables, in which the double syllable is the most common, followed by a single syllable and the name of the three syllable, less than the four syllable.

the name of the enterprise name is Kelon Corporation shares "Kelon", Founder Technology Group founder, Kim computer company Golden Lize lize".

product name has Changhong air conditioning, Haier refrigerator, Canon printer.

brand name "Li" (glasses), "Lang" (wine), "Rejoice" (Xi Fashui), "Lenovo" (computer), "Wahaha" (drink), "bully" (machine learning), "Pierre Cardin?" (suit) etc..

is a commercial name good, must call the listener to take, let people talk, read heard as far as possible in the mind. Mr. Lu Xun spoke to him, had made loud pronunciation, nice, easy to spread ideas, so is the commercial name, which requires the name to master the characteristic of Chinese speech, seize the conventional consumer psychology.

Chinese characters should choose pronunciation loud words, these words usually call for more open to. Such as "hair", "Hua", "four links", "prosperous". Secondly, should pay attention to the collocation of sound, rhyme and tone, vowel is a vowel, consonant pronunciation of vocal fold vibration, long; spread effect is poor, can be compensated by the initial and final configuration; if the initial phase Chinese characters at the same time, we should make the finals have great differences, such as "light" and "Star" etc. can be.

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