Small and medium sized enterprises should learn to abandon the whole what

now chose the path of entrepreneurship is very much, resulting in the market competition is extremely fierce. In fact, the development of SMEs may be the most difficult. Because the vast majority of them belong to small and medium scale enterprises, although the competition in the market in small boat U-turn, can choose a market segmentation using focusing strategy to get quick return, but more likely is the most unfavorable position.

abandon product oriented

it is understood that China is currently more than 80% of the development of enterprises is still a typical product business. The biggest difference between product management and brand management: product management is only based on the physical features of the product, and brand management not only includes the physical tangible product function, but also intangible brand product features.

Although the

in the development of small and medium enterprises is to obtain benefits from product management, basis and opportunities for further development, but we can not be bound by it, need to quickly turn to brand management, brand marketing stage from a focus on product sales stage to force into the brand force and image force.

abandon profit maximization

for a long time, the business objectives of the enterprise is to maximize profits – many textbooks are written so. So is this sentence correct? In fact, this sentence misled many companies. Enterprises should be concerned about short-term business and immediate interests, but for the long-term management of the enterprise is a very big mistake. Most of the foreign enterprises to pursue a sustainable operation, improve market share than the awareness of short-term profits to make a much stronger sense of the results of the business is booming.

so, although the development of small and medium enterprises is still very immature, the strength is still not enough, still lack the capital needed for development, but the view is it should look farther, do now to the future vision, always put the sustainable development strategy of the enterprise as the company’s first business objectives to treat, the enterprise can. Vigorous, so as not to kill the goose, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

abandon experience to grasp the market

has not yet made a big business, with the main staff to experience the long-term market experience to seize the market and seize the opportunity, in most cases is feasible. However, with the continuous expansion of business and business, the limitations of experience and intuition are gradually revealed. This requires the development of enterprise decision makers to adjust strategies, with professional market research forces carried out according to the specific market research, market data to study the characteristics of the new consumer psychology and consumer behavior characteristics, and rationally grasp market trends and potential opportunities. In order to minimize errors in judgment and decision making, please use professional market research to enhance the enterprise

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