College graduates Li Hongfu shoes do poineering work

if you have a university degree after graduation, but chose to hold a candle, for a start this choice, you have what kind of view? After graduating from college, when the shoemaker, such a choice you can accept it? Shenyang 80 after the big boy Li Hongfu not only accepted, but also enjoy the music, the following, let us work together to understand the business case.

‘shoe not knock Chen thing, make money by their own ability, incomparable happiness now." Yesterday, shoeshine brother Li Hongfu once again with the store members to share their entrepreneurial insights.

origin   big city found shoe business opportunities

green T-shirt, waist black apron, a smile on the bench. Expertly picked up the shoe brush, while carefully with shoe polish, side and front "superior" customers chatting…… This picture, Li Hongfu do not know how many times a day to repeat.

two years ago, Li Hongfu, Shenyang, graduated from the Tianjin Institute of light industry, e-commerce, he also learned the majority of students and the students have the same dream, life will be selected in the end of the big city. From Tianjin to Hangzhou, and then to Qingdao, he was wearing a pair of professional clothes and leather shoes all over the world.

"salary is not high, pressure is great, the day dragged his exhausted body walking in the big city brilliantly illuminated, always feel that the city does not belong to me, I do not belong to this city." A serious lack of sense of belonging to Li Hongfu to start his own life seriously thinking. The reason why he left in the big city to continue that seemingly decent but painful dream, because they can not afford to go to college this fact."

an accidental opportunity, Li Hongfu found the shoe is very promising in this field. After further investigation, he found the business opportunities. "Now most of the 90 self-care ability is poor, wearing high-end shoes do not have the time or to take care of, and now the demand for luxury goods increase, the follow-up maintenance of many high-end shoes, bags, clothes are a blank." Li Hongfu said that this discovery so that he had to return home the entrepreneurial impulse, and begin to study some shoe shop around, and steal.

choice   return home to do a happy happy shoe

2012 years in December, Li Hongfu’s College fragrance wash shoe store is located in Songshan District, a low-key opening. Nearly 30 square meters of shops, he is not only shoe workers, but also the boss, busy every day. The most difficult one, is the day before New Year’s Eve, he got up from 5 when the shoe, until the time of 24.

"at the moment the shop closed, my body was as tired as

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