20 thousand 5 square meters of small stalls a year 600 thousand group

as everyone knows, the trend of delicacy is the source of wealth, and by the end of 2014, the popularity of desktop burning rice and vegetable roll assembly, selling king! Desktop grill is soaked in rice and vegetable roll pork sauce, wrapped in white meat and other high quality Steamed Rice stuffing into a cylinder, into the oven and bake until golden brown baked edible snack.

burning rice and vegetable roll Market Analysis

in China catering market, catering industry development is the fastest in the fast-food industry, fast food industry in the development of the most favorable characteristics of fast food, fast food and the characteristics of good development prospects, the survival rate of the project is the western fast food. At present, the domestic market is limited to American style fast food, it is difficult to break.

Desktop Project in leisure snacks, traditional delicacy mainly because of the high cost of buying machine, low degree of standardization, and the operation is complex, has become the regional market fast food field ignored, so it is widely popular for desktop catering impression stay is more common in the noodles, chicken row, octopus balls and other products.

golden rice and vegetable roll round shape burning personality, taste rich and distinct, it is across the field of leisure snacks and fast food business in line with today’s dual core, the demand for consumer groups, as a representative of the new burning rice and vegetable roll table delicacy, will become a new starting point of Taiwan catering cultural innovation.

group flavor meatloaf burn   Xiaoxian project features of

rice and vegetable roll;

1. features with sauce burning rice and vegetable roll crisp, fragrant.

Desktop burn snack items selected Southeast Asian rice and vegetable roll and high-quality rice, green organic pork, the exclusive secret recipe from Taipei. Burn used for filling the 6 flavors from rich 10 flavors of rice and vegetable roll, nutrition reasonable collocation. The use of unique sauce add meat roll skin taste, make wonderful taste more attractive, delicious fragrance overflowing. Meat rolls, seafood, fruits, grains and other elements, mouth floating! Mission flavor, cartoon Bento, baked potato, sand ice, ice cream, product line rich, hot season!

2. quick start, low threshold.

variety store type diamond! More than 5 square meters of +2 million, kuangzhuan! Flexible operation, open which fire which, a shop earn top N shop! Strength VS reputation   get rich dream sponsor! Mature catering operations experience, thousands of professional corps, so you hot hey earn 0 burden! Desktop desktop adhering to the traditional diet cooked rice and vegetable roll, and the manufacturers of new technology upgrade, using the core material package and mini operation process simplify the tedious process, the implementation of standardized operation. The production process is burning rice and vegetable roll through simple cooking Western food, two minutes to the meal, modern environmental kitchen and the production without fire operation, can be excluded because of.

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