Cheap and cheap sources where to find it

the purchase price is low, reserved for entrepreneurs greater profit margins, so for entrepreneurs, it is important to have high quality and inexpensive goods, the key is the source where you can find?

1, act as market Hunter

some cosmetics seller, and the director of high-grade cosmetic shop can be familiar, in the new market before the first to get as low as 30 percent off of the goods, and then according to the shop on the net 10 percent off sold for cosmetics price is higher, the more lucrative profits.

2, pay attention to foreign trade products

brand merchandise is one of classification of concern. And many brands, although in a certain area is a backlog of goods, but the coverage of a wide range of characteristics, can make it in other regions become popular. If you have enough bargaining skills, can at low prices to their hands in the inventory to eat, will be able to get a huge profit.

3, get foreign discount merchandise

this way of selling some of the students are concerned, Japanese students "Momotaro" stores the latest Japanese cosmetics and beauty nutrition and health care products, to domestic and other countries in the world through air transport, there are shops in Taobao. Because of its fresh cosmetics, but also faster than the domestic counter listed, cheaper

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