China Volkswagen index released in Sichuan

is now at every place there are many different entrepreneurs, at the same time, each region’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is very high, recently a country entrepreneurship index reports also attracted the eyeball.

by Southwest Jiao Tong University research "Chinese public entrepreneurship index (MEI)", "provincial", first released in Chengdu on 9. The report shows that the provinces of mainland China, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, the highest ranking of the three business index, Tibet entrepreneurial demand index ranked more than Zhejiang, Guangdong.

in the public business demand index, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin ranked the top three, is a gathering place for the country to absorb elements of innovation and entrepreneurship. But Inner Mongolia, Hainan, Tibet also has a huge demand for innovation and entrepreneurship, even more than Guangdong, Zhejiang.

"Tibet provincial space for future development potential, entrepreneurial opportunities, the provincial public business demand index will be even more than the provincial economy is relatively developed." Chen Guang, director of innovation and entrepreneurship research center of Southwest Jiao Tong University, the current mainland provinces in China are relatively strong entrepreneurial needs, the highest score of 97 points and the lowest score of only a difference of 20 points between the scores of 77.

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