Organized by the University of Yantai University entrepreneurial salon guide entrepreneurial team

graduated from college graduates have two options, first, employment, and the two is to continue to study. With the gradual transformation of the social concept, the third choice – Entrepreneurship into the eyes of the majority of students. Recently, Yantai University, Shandong to build a high-quality entrepreneurial platform to encourage students to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Two aspects of

the exchange activities mainly around the business park after work and the new and old park team communication. The enterprises in the park "beaver" team share the potential customer development and product promotion experience; broad education and social entrepreneurship founder exchange resources cooperation experience; smoke wind studio responsible person made an analysis of start-ups in the survival period problems and confusion; lan’ou network science and technology limited company representatives to share in team building business experience. Other entrepreneurial team leader in the early planning of entrepreneurial projects, the composition of the team staff and future prospects, etc..

it is reported that Yantai University will continue to carry out the "entrepreneurial Salon", held "entrepreneurship training camp", the establishment of "entrepreneurship mentor library", in order to stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of students, and gradually improve the college students’ Entrepreneurship supporting mechanism, build more high-quality business platform for College students.

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