ntegrity management to win customers favor

what kind of business strategy for the operation of the store, which will have a great impact on the store’s operating results. For retail stores, the business is good or not, and cigarette sales will have a great relationship. After all, as the saying goes, "no smoking". Thus, cigarette sales in a store occupies a very important position. Cigarette is a leading department store, is the cornerstone of other commodities sales". Due to the huge profits of cigarette sales, many retail customers pay great attention to the store’s cigarette sales, but also make great efforts to learn the marketing skills of cigarettes.

, however, cigarette management seems to be simple, but there are many inherent rules and techniques. Facts have proved that mastered a certain amount of cigarette management skills, you can make cigarette sales to achieve a multiplier effect, so that cigarette sales to a new level. Do not attach importance to cigarette business skills, there will be sales, business is bleak predicament. Therefore, to learn the skills of cigarette management is the proper meaning of cigarette sales.

as a cigarette sales to households, from their own reasons, to find deficiencies, it is open-minded to peers and customers of the tobacco companies managers to consult, grasp the cigarette business skills, can put the cigarette business done, achieved good sales performance. So, in today’s increasingly fierce competition in the market, how to win the consumer in the cigarette retail, win the market, so that customers choose your shop to buy rather than other businesses? Xiao Bian introduced here, this is the integrity of the business, which will play a very important role in the management of the store.


image of the shop to rely on long-term accumulation, the customer said a store of "good" or "bad", is not a matter of impression, but his observation and knowledge of HP infiltration after a considerable period of time. So, the owner of the shop is and the reputation of the store’s merchandise is the image of the store, the sale of fake, private, non – "cigarette for personal gain is temporary interests in the consumer mind in mind a good reputation is the long-term interests.

therefore, I am very formal in terms of the purchase of cigarettes, all from the tobacco sector to purchase, will not be into the gift of cigarettes, reflux smoke, high imitation smoke, which is conducive to further establish the integrity of the image. I will be in the store to sell the whole cigarette, I will leave a special mark on the cigarette, the problem is well documented. Over time, these marks have become a symbol of consumer confidence in mind, but also a symbol of my shop integrity.

in cigarette business, I also do Friendliness is conducive to business success. customer convenience. Hospitality warm, kind and pro, but also to establish a store image and credibility of an important part. I often go out with old customers, take the initiative to ask for advice, ask them to advise me on my services. For new customers, I will take the initiative to introduce the cigarette brand, to create a sense of intimacy, to make friends with them, to establish a positive relationship of trust, and actively understand the customer’s purchase needs >

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