Taobao female shoe store purchase method

is now open in the Taobao online female shoe shop is very much, if you want to get a very good store operations, not only need to have a variety of business skills, first need to be clear about the store purchase mode. So, Taobao shoe store way of purchase? Let Xiaobian for you to resolve.


shop can not only kill time but also earn money, so there are a lot of people to follow the trend set up Taobao female shoe, but want to open shop, we must first solve Taobao shoes purchase, but because the new shop owners do not have the purchase experience, what to do? The following small series from the current situation for the shop owners who analyze the way Taobao shoes purchase.

1. Shop consignment

is now the most popular Taobao female shoe purchase, shop dealers refers to the online supply website or supplier do online consignment shop owners to provide a source of information and data, pictures and so on a series of service purchase mode. When the network only need to use it, in order to purchase the site, then the goods can directly reach the hands of consumers from the supplier, although the shop owners can not see the actual supply of goods, but this method does not need to purchase Taobao female shoe shop owners to hoard goods, basic can do zero cost sales, and even customer service service also by the website or supplier to solve.

2. wholesale purchase

is equivalent to the new Taobao shoe store stock way, the wholesale purchase is more conservative to the wholesale market purchase method. But the purchase to the wholesale market can see the actual supply of goods, shop owners personally selected can effectively avoid the defective goods appear probability, and Taobao shoes wholesale market wholesalers purchase choice because many goods are so relatively complete, it has also become a wholesale market advantage exists. But the Taobao shoes purchase relatively has a greater risk, especially for those who lack of experience of the main shop, because it needs to buy the goods if the goods stockpile of obsolete words is easy to cause the slow-moving situation.

3. shoes manufacturer

this Taobao female shoe store purchase way has been accumulated a certain amount of experience and the strength of the shop owner to try, because the manufacturers from the purchase of the chamber of commerce requires a one-time purchase of a large number of store owners. This purchase from the shoes production source can reduce turnover links, the purchase price will be down to a minimum, convenient shop owners in the shop when puerile, in order to occupy a space for one person in the competition, but the purchase of Taobao shoes, because manufacturers are generally in a suburban traffic is not very convenient, it will increase the purchase cost in virtually.

since the Taobao platform for the sale of a variety of women’s shoes, first of all, it is necessary to have a natural right to purchase channels, >

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