Ji’nan veteran high tech zone to the two venture to seek new development

is not only the innovation of emerging regional events, Ji’nan high tech Zone has experienced 25 years of development is also very valued the double opportunity to seize this opportunity and realize the two innovation of high-tech zones "".

25 year old Ji’nan hi tech Zone once again ignited passion and dreams. In 10, the high-tech zone held a mobilization meeting again, high-tech zone sounded a new round of development of the assembly, embarked on a new journey of entrepreneurship again.

the venue, consensus on condensation; outside, action has been started. High tech Zone will focus on building four centers, the construction of modern city of the central task, in order to "create a national independent innovation demonstration zone, the construction of the domestic first-class science and Technology Park" for the development goals, and strive to be a good main force in the construction of "four centers", and write a new chapter in the development of economy and society.

A new understanding of

1991, Ji’nan hi tech Zone has become one of the first state-level high-tech zones approved by the state council. In the process of developing from scratch, gradually expanding, as well as the realization of economic and social development over the next 25 years, with the re establishment of the foundation and conditions.

Fourth, Hi Tech Holding Group operating ability basically formed, played a strong financing, investment, development, maturation and land protection ability.

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