What are the barriers to Uber’s success in China

China drops taxi software is of concern, and market a wide range of applications, can be said to be a big success, a time Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River Uber company launched Uber, and car rental software intended to China has captured market, did not think the result is far not as good as expected.

however, global expansion plan of Uber company is in China aspiring frequently cold, Chinese government pursued by local protectionism and well funded competitors will fear into the industry’s "edge game player".

Uber is no doubt the first competitor in China is fast, which in the last week after a round of up to $3 billion of financing, the total market capitalization of $12 billion. Drops behind the fast moving hands, including Tencent, Alibaba and other companies, in the car rental market share of about 60%-80% floating. At present, the fast drops in the field of Chinese cars occupy the undisputed supremacy.

drops fast with a strong backing, the power behind the scenes are also included in the China as sovereign wealth fund investment company (CIC). "Obviously drops fast from the local market for better protection," CrossPacific capital management partnership Greg · tal (GregTarr) said, "from the local government support for investment in China business is very necessary."

"" you can win, but you can’t win. " This is what I’ve always wanted to tell the people who came to china. Uber politically shrewd enough and ambitious, I very much respect in their current Chinese development plan, "he said" but when you have the powerful technology and great business model, but just a little confusing to the local business "unspoken rule", even from the west coast of the United States ambition can only make you come so far."

Starr said, local protectionism is mainly embodied in two forms: one is the face of competitors to bias in the law enforcement level, two is to cut the further expansion of commercial territory channels you required (Uber and drops fast have suspicion of "operating license" in the spring of this year the government Chinese day become the object of sanctions).

however, recommended by the state

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