What money can not get early financing

early in the capital generally appear sleepy, many investors tend to look for investors to finance. But is financing really a 100 percent reliable way? Of course not, it is necessary to know that some money is not an early start financing. Specific what money, we can see from the following specific.

1, unequal terms

the early start can not finance what money? If in the investment agreement, the emergence of excessive shares, abnormal gambling, all kinds of strict supervision and other terms, or is to negotiate with investors, or may be considered appropriate for investors.

this inequality in terms may result in the late very fatal damage to the enterprise.

2., by the name of cheap

the early start can not finance what money? Some investors may promise all sorts of resources before investment, such as’ xxx ‘, very familiar with the leadership’ company CEO very well ‘,’ the XXX traffic will certainly help you guide "and so on,   and hope the valuation discount, even a very low price to enter.

these sources may be very reliable, the company really need these resources,   but in these bandits the proposal would rather cash to give discount resources.

3, the identity of minority shareholders, the rights of major shareholders

some investors small shareholder, but in corporate decision-making, the use of funds, personnel and other aspects are large shareholder rights, even one vote veto.

the entrepreneur may be a similar role for the company to work, no benefit.

4, strategic intent is too obvious

this decision is difficult, mainly to consider or their own business whether you really need such a "Godfather".

but the bandits think, in early entrepreneurial enterprises is not recommended for strategic investment, in need of some strategic resources rather use the cash to buy, may be more cost-effective:


5, bureaucracy

the company name, if you want to do something big entrepreneurs proposal directly PASS, all sorts of bureaucratic process bother you dead.

the early start can not finance what money? Above the money can not be introduced, if investors do not understand the case to take the above money, then the latter will be greatly reduced entrepreneurial income. Therefore, if investors want to invest successfully, we should be more alert to unequal financing behavior >

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