Vgirl Beauty Double Span 2016 years workshop roadshow DEDECATES staged

2015, China female entrepreneurial career has made great progress, many women in a struggle in the field of business management activities to promote. In December 30th, 2016 years across the double Vgirl Beauty Workshop roadshow held smoothly, outstanding women show their entrepreneurial achievements at this stage.

"100 investment institutions escort for you, thousands of female entrepreneurial projects, 000 women entrepreneurs, paving billion yuan of funds for you." In the upcoming 2016 annual activities, which is regarded as one of the most gold, the most value, the most wisdom of the feast of the cross.

2015 in the afternoon of December 30th, nine in the third floor of the building road embankment innovation enterprise roadshow hall, cafe, cafe, beauty investment institutions, entrepreneurs gathered together to witness the Vgirl workshop held the annual double beauty of outstanding women venture roadshow –2016Vgirl year project roadshow. The event by Vgirl Beauty Workshop double heavy build, the perfect interpretation of the work results is 2015.

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Vgirl beauty management workshop, female entrepreneurship incubator with community property, aspire for global women entrepreneurs sound, that they really can use beauty and wisdom, both creative spirit and financial freedom. Vgirl has a variety of resources docking and sharing activities, from the capital, resources,

2015 in September, Wei Hong, governor of Sichuan province Vgirl, opened a new chapter in Vgirl. November vice governor of Sichuan province Wang Ning came to Vgirl, I hope Vgirl can put up a bridge of resources, the success of the hope for female entrepreneurs. During the Vgirl held a number of domestic and foreign entrepreneurs and investors at home and abroad interaction between the activities of the project roadshow, to help hundreds of female entrepreneurs happy growth. Within two months, Vgir recommends

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