n the chaos to survive China lighting market analysis

real estate market prosperity of the birth of the decoration, lighting industry also ushered in the turn. However, the current Chinese lighting market chaos chaos, flooded with a large number of low-quality low-priced goods. How to get out of the trap in the chaotic market, to obtain economic benefits, lighting enterprises need to think about the problem.

focus on brand building

in green lighting power today, some manufacturers have by the government into the spring lighting market, the whole industry is showing thousands of LED production enterprises, although the concept of LED is hot, but truly understand the enterprise LED core technology, with a handful of core talents. The majority of enterprises is to follow the trend of operation, no brand awareness, in the fierce market competition today, if only blindly copying, imitation, cottage, think this enterprise will not be long-term.

product positioning

LED was first applied to the outdoor lighting lighting, with the implementation of the national energy-saving emission reduction, enhance the awareness of green environment protection, LED lighting has been not only applicable to the outdoor, and into the area more widely, from outdoor lighting gradually toward indoor lighting in advance, especially in large hotels, shopping malls more generally.

to establish a good marketing channel

brand positioning + + product marketing channel = business success, only with certain products and brand influence is not enough, in today’s information age, also need to have a good marketing channel, good products to promote people know is limited, which requires enterprises focus on marketing channels.

market to determine the future

the above points are done, enterprises need to have a deeper understanding of the market, the future of the market, only to fully grasp the market dynamics, the enterprise will go farther and farther.

currently on the market price of LED lights, praised the phenomenon, enterprises should actively expand propaganda, let the consumer recommended

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