How should the mobile phone shop decoration

due to various popular communication tools in the current market, a mobile phone shop to get out of the way many investors became the dream. Even if the shop really opened up, but if the decoration work is not in place, will affect the entire store in the latter stages of development. However, for many investors, is not a problem of funds, but the lack of knowledge of the decoration. So, how should the mobile phone shop decoration?

mobile phone industry is developing very fast, the requirements of the mobile phone shop decoration is also getting higher and higher. Decoration is not only a technical activity, but also the need for creativity and taste, we must pay attention to grasp the trend of the development of their own times. Now let Xiaobian take you to see how the mobile phone shop should be renovated, so as to bring more benefits to their mobile phone shop.

wall design

The design of

mobile phone shop in the wall is mainly manifested in the wall decoration and the choice of colors, in the mobile phone shop decoration should grasp the style and color theme selection, the wall is an important part of mobile phone shop space show, store plane show a good platform, at this point should be used.

first of all, from the cost point of view, we only need to consider the use of wallpaper, paint and then painted with the manufacturers of the backplane, etc.. Another is the luxury decoration can use modern multimedia technology, changing color screen, LCD screen electronic dynamic backplane, and other equipment, the increase of three-dimensional multidimensional space shop, mobile phone shop decoration effect diagram is a kind of ideal.

lighting design

in the mobile phone shop decoration, decoration design should pay attention to the light is too bright, if feel dazzling, will make people unable to stop; if too dark will make people feel depressed, low; therefore, indoor lighting can directly affect the atmosphere of the shop, the shop lights the strength to let consumers feel relaxed and lively; not too bright, not too dark to properly store lighting can not only render the atmosphere of the shop, highlighting the goods, enhance the display effect, can also work to improve the sales environment, improve work efficiency. Remember, the phone shop decoration lighting is an important point.

pay attention to security

security, no matter what is the most important, mobile phone shop decoration should pay attention to safety. Refractory materials should be used to decorate. In the decoration design, in order to meet the technical requirements of the fire water supply design, economic type, only to consider the overall design of the building beautiful, reasonable. Mobile phone shop decoration should pay attention to consider the overall effect diagram, grasp every detail of the deal, only the security, high-end, the atmosphere is the main factor that people often go.

the decoration of a shop involves a lot of factors, in short, we only pay attention to recommend

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