What are the reasons for taking food to attract customers

take food stores in the current market nowhere to see, but the operation is not long, speaking of business, so how to win the favor of diners? Let us know the following, what is the reason for food to attract diners?

The origin of

alternatively take food originated in the late Ming and early Qing period of Sichuan Hubei and Hunan, more than a dozen provinces due to a large number of Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangxi and other residents moved to Sichuan, in a foreign country the Hakka festivals will come together, every household to do a home dishes, including a Chinese family from Guangxi due to poor cooking, they will collect to the medicine according to the well-known TCM secret brewed into a unique variety of dishes will be cooked into soup, which we praise after eating. This practice and taste will spread from now on.

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